10 Best Portland Swings To The Beat With Jazz and Blues Musical Stylings Throughout The City

Portland's Jazz and Blues music scene offers much for fans of these classic All American music genres. Several clubs devote themselves almost exclusively to Jazz or easy listening blues and they include Gingko Blue and Blue.  Here you can enjoy signature cocktails, kick back and relax as you listen to talented combos. Chances are, if you see an upright bass, you know you're in the right place for classic Jazz. Other venues cater more to aggressive, jump swing type blues. Here, you can try your latest moves on the dance floor as hard driving horn sections bring home the beat. Among the best places to indulge in such muscular music are Inn on the Blues in York (http://www.10best.com/destinations/maine/portland/york/nightlife/inn-on-the-blues/) and the Big Easy Blues Club in downtown Portland. Finally, several destinations feature Blues and Jazz on one or more nights per week with top clubs including Empire Dine and Dance, One Longfellow Square, Port City Music Hall as well as Jumpin' Jakes in Old Orchard Beach, Jonathan's Restaurant in Ogunquit, and Carmen Verandah in Bar Harbor. While not devoted exclusively to Jazz and Blues, these clubs do feature top name performers who attract loyal fans and music lovers. No matter the  type of Blues and Jazz that you prefer, chances are that you'll find what you love to hear somewhere in or near Portland. 

Jumpin' Jakes
Photo courtesy of Jumpin' Jakes


Old Orchard Beach has long been a top destination for fun on Maine's southern coast. Perhaps no where else in the Pine Tree State can you find such a high concentration of shops, restaurants, amusement park rides and night clubs. One of the...  Read More

Carmen Verandah
Photo courtesy of Carmen Verandah


Perhaps no venue has been as closely identified with its community than Carmen Verandah in nearby Bar Harbor. This nightclub/eatery has become one of the best places to enjoy nightly live entertainment in the legendary Bar Harbor region. The...  Read More

Port City Music Hall


Fans of progressive and indie-type music performances will find much to like about Port City Music Hall. This former Art Deco-designed department store was redesigned into one of the top music venue destinations in Portland. Just about any night...  Read More



One Longfellow Square has become one of the most dynamic, engaging venues for concert-friendly blues, folk and rock performances. Centrally located at the corners of Congress and State streets at the start of Portland's Arts District, this...  Read More

Empire Dine and Dance
Photo courtesy of Empire Dine and Dance


If you're looking to rub shoulders with Portland's hipster community, there is perhaps no better place to explore than Empire Dine and Dance. This venue features diverse entertainment offerings including bluegrass, jazz, blues, folk and soul...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Blue


Eclectic is the word that often comes to mind when describing Blue, one of Portland's most intimate live music venues. This subtly trendy club has a funky coffee house feel and, indeed, it is a hot spot with many culturally savvy artistic types....  Read More

Big Easy Blues Club
Photo courtesy of The Big Easy Blues Club


Looking for the best in independent music in New England? Then the Big Easy should definitely be included on your list. This intimate nightclub setting welcomes some of the leading lights in blues, soul and rock music to be found in the region....  Read More

Jonathan's Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Jonathan's Restaurant


Jonathan's Restaurant in nearby Ogunquit is famous for showcasing entertainer icons that have built significant followings, both locally and nationally. Personalities such as comic Paula Poundstone or roots master Leon Redbone are regulars at...  Read More

Inn on the Blues
Photo courtesy of Inn on the Blues


Blues in nearby York. This legendary live music destination is a magnet for national blues and soul performers touring the New England region. This is especially true during the summer, the top tourist season along the southern Maine coast....  Read More

Gingko Blue
Photo courtesy of Gingko Blue


Upscale but far from pretentious, Gingko Blue is fast gaining a reputation in Portland for quality, relaxed jazz and blues in Portland. The atmosphere here is intimate, warm, welcome with a subdued blue designing motif. The performing artists...  Read More