Best Portland, ME Restaurants

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    The Flatbread Company

    With locations throughout New England, the Flatbread Company specializes in wood-fired organic pizza that is both tasty and healthy. This establishment...

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    Katahdin is a popular spot for the arts and culture crowd. The atmosphere is busy, high energy, and fun. Loud conversations and laughter are common...

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    Natasha's Restaurant

    Natasha's delightfully combines Maine foods and infuses them with delicious Latin and Asian flavorings. The atmosphere is fun and friendly as diners explore...

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    Five Fifty Five

    Five Fifty Five's owners, Steve and Michelle Corry, bring a wealth of culinary and restaurant experience to their Portland eatery and it shows. Their...

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    Fore Street Restaurant

    Fore Street has become one of the most celebrated eateries on the northern New England restaurant scene. Simplicity is key here. Chef Sam Hayward focuses on...

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    Hugo's nicely balances the high expectations of date night dining with the casual flair of relaxed, late night cuisine. Located at the edge of Portland's...

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    The Front Room

    Long a fixture in Portland's East End neighborhood, the Front Room Restaurant and Bar overlooks city's scenic Eastern Promenade. This cozy establishment,...

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    Street and Company

    Street and Company focuses on the fresh and simple when it comes to their winning formula for success. Their extensive offerings of supremely fresh seafood...

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    Tasty Thai

    Located in a non-descript shopping area near Route 1 in Kittery is a restaurant serving up some of the best Thai cuisine on the Southern Maine Seacoast:...

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