Start Your Portland Day Right With Enticing Breakfast Eateries

Portland's select breakfast restaurants go to great lengths to satisfy with generous portions while also tantalizing the taste buds. At Bayou Kitchen, for instance, diners can enjoy menu highlights that pay tribute to the hearty breakfast offerings of the delta. Meanwhile, at Becky's Diner, you can enjoy your eggs and biscuits in the same authentic environment shared by lobstermen and downtown executive types. For adventurous diners and gourmet fans, the Artemisia Cafe offers new taste sensations such as Florentine Benedict and their always pleasing Pesto Breakfast Sandwich. At the nearby Wayfarer Restaurant, you can enjoy a hearty morning meal while admiring the efforts of gifted artists who call the Portland area their home. Schulte and Herr offer an ethnic twist to the most important meal of the day with German focused foods - their German sausage is a true treat and wonderful companion to any of their tasty egg dishes. Several of our Top 10 selections also feature lobster omelets that do a great job of paying tribute to the beauty and appeal of Maine. Of course, the freshness of these lobster egg dishes is a wonderful taste sensation. No matter what your preferences in early morning fare, Portland has a restaurant ready to get your day started on a high note.

Local Sprouts Cafe
Photo courtesy of Local Sprouts Cafe


Local Sprouts Cafe is part of a food cooperative that specializes in fresh, organic fare utilizing local Maine ingredients. The cafe is relaxed, intimate and funky. A nice place to relax and enjoy a variety of creatively prepared dishes for...  Read More

Bayside American Cafe
Photo courtesy of Bintliff's American Cafe


Since opening its doors in 1990, Bintliff's American Café has become a favorite with foodies throughout Portland and beyond. Their brunch, which is served every day, brings this cuisine standard to new heights of gourmet status. Consider, for...  Read More

Brea Lu Cafe
Photo courtesy of Brea Lu Cafe


Ask patrons what they like best about Brea Lu Café and, inevitably, their French Roast Coffee comes to mind. Each brew is rich, dark and robust – a real treat for those who like their coffee with true body. But, there is so much more to like...  Read More

Schulte and Herr
Photo courtesy of Schulte and Herr


Fans of hearty breakfasts will find a lot to like about Schulte and Herr. This Portland eatery carries on the legendary German tradition of full early morning meals that are both satisfying and tasty. Portions are generous and expertly prepared...  Read More

Artemisia Cafe
Photo courtesy of Artemisia Cafe


Kick back, relax and ease into your day with the Artemisia Café. This intimate, comfortable eatery lives up to its name by taking an artisanal approach to breakfast offerings. The emphasis here is on creative early morning fare that tantalizes...  Read More

Porthole Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Porthole Restaurant


Located on scenic Casco Bay, the Porthole Restaurant has long been a favorite of locals – everyone from Portland investment bankers to fishermen fresh off of the boat. While not fancy, this eatery does a great job of serving up breakfast fare...  Read More

Hot Suppa
Photo courtesy of Hot Suppa


Since its opening in 2006, Hot Suppa has taken breakfast to new heights of culinary excellence. This eatery focuses on premier ingredients for all of its breakfast dishes, with particular emphasis on local, fresh foods and herbs. One of their...  Read More

Bayou Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Bayou Kitchen


For those who like breakfast with a touch – or more – of spice, the Bayou Kitchen serves up several tantalizing dishes. The emphasis here is on authentic, Cajun-inspired morning fare that satisfies for those who favor kick-starting their...  Read More

Becky's Diner
Photo courtesy of Becky's Diner


Becky's on Hobson's Wharf – or Becky's Dinner as it is known – has deservedly become a breakfast icon in Portland. This local establishment goes to great lengths to ensure that breakfast is, indeed, the most important meal of the day. Unlike...  Read More