10 Best Regional Chinese Cooking Comes to Portland With Appetizing Results

For those seeking something different in terms of Chinese cuisine, Portland satisfies with a number of options. Such gourmet establishments as Maple Leaves Garden Restaurant in Wells, Chia Sen in Scarborough and Imperial China Chinese Restaurant (http://www.10best.com/destinations/maine/portland/all/restaurants/imperial-china-chinese-restaurant/) in Portland feature comfortable seating, subdued lighting and a casual but comfortable atmosphere. In many ways, these and other establishments have quickly adapted to the sophisticated tastes of today's fans of Chinese cuisine. Meanwhile, Jan Mee Restaurant, Wok Inn and Panda Garden Restaurant, all in Portland, feature top notch quality preparation of always beloved Chinese home cooking. Other local favorties such as Lang's Express and Oriental Table have set new standards for fast take-out withou sacrificing tastiness and appeal. All of these eateries have gone far beyond your oh so typical Cantonese cuisine. Each now does an admirable job of offering up Chinese regional cooking such as Szechuan, Hunan and Kung Pao dishes. Many of these restaurants are also more than happy to customize dishes – think "spiciness" tolerance – to meet diner's preferences. Most if not all of these restaurants feature luncheon specials that happily combine generous portions with affordable pricing. Be sure to check the websites or call ahead at these restaurants for frequently daily specials (both lunch and dinner) that offer great deals on dining. 

Panda Garden Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Panda Garden Restaurant


It's a winning combination for any restaurant: attentive service and good food. Fortunately, Panda Garden Restaurant does well with both of these expectations. This eatery is a favorite spot with Portland's lunch time crowd in light of its quick...  Read More

Lang's Express
Photo courtesy of Lang's Express


Lang's Express offers much for those who favor tasty variety in their Chinese cuisine at prices that are reasonable for budget conscious diners. Consider their Lo Mein, featuring soft noodles, and Chow Mai Foon with angel hair noodles. Each of...  Read More

Chia Sen
Photo courtesy of Chia Sen


Opened in 1998, Chia Sen has successfully brought upscale, gourmet Chinese cuisine to nearby Scarborough. The restaurant's interior is expansive but also intimate with comfortable, cushioned hardwood chairs and tables, subdued lighting, and a...  Read More

Maple Leaves Garden Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Maple Leaves Garden Restaurant


For several years now, Maple Leaves has offered a signature Chinese dining experience along the southern Maine coast. This restaurant offers welcome versatility in Chinese cooking with expertise in classic regional styles such as Szechuan,...  Read More

Imperial China Chinese Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Imperial China Chinese Restaurant


When it comes to Hunan cuisine, there are few restaurants in the Portland area that are as authentic as Imperial China Chinese Restaurant. Here, traditional Hunan cooking – recognized as one of the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine –...  Read More