Portland: Exotic to traditional for lunch

Portland's well deserved reputation for adventurous, quirky and fun cuisine translates well into lunch time offerings. Many of the city's best eateries choose lunch to try new recipes, twists to menu favorites, or bring back much beloved meals for noon-time diners. Here you'll also find those neighborhood gems – such as Colucci's Hilltop Superette or Micucci's Grocery Co. - that serve up the best in traditional Italian fare. For those seeking something truly out of the ordinary, Duckfat and Tu Casa Salvadorena Restaurant offer up creative meals that are not easily found on Portland's vibrant restaurant scene. Of course, old standbys like Silly's, Whole Foods, Local Sprouts Cafe always serve to satisfy the lunch crowd. No matter what your tastes or preferences for afternoon repasts, you'll enjoy discovering Portland during lunch.

Susan's Fish and Chips
Photo courtesy of Susan's Fish and Chips

Susan's Fish & Chips is your classic neighborhood seafood place that is perfect for a quick lunch or a light dinner. You know, the kind of old fashioned, streetside eatery that is no frills but features tasty, expertly prepared favorites....  Read More

Whole Foods
Photo courtesy of Whole Foods

Natural foods retail giant Whole Foods also features a comfortable, casual cafe that features creative vegetarian and vegan cuisine for lunch or dinner. The cafe's Mexican grill menu frequently gets high marks for its fun and festive approach to...  Read More

Local Sprouts Cafe
Photo courtesy of Local Sprouts Cafe

Local Sprouts Cafe is part of a food cooperative that specializes in fresh, organic fare utilizing local Maine ingredients. The cafe is relaxed, intimate and funky. A nice place to relax and enjoy a variety of creatively prepared dishes for...  Read More

J's Oyster
Photo courtesy of J's Oyster

For oyster lovers, as well as fans of local seafood specialties, J's Oyster is a little bit of heaven right in Portland. Owner Janice "J" Noyce has gone to great lengths to create an upscale eatery that is also comfortable, friendly and, most of...  Read More

Silly's is an above average burger joint that has a surprising number of offerings for vegetarian diners. This favorite neighborhood eatery has two offerings, in particular, which are a consistent big hit with those who favor meat-free diets....  Read More

Photo courtesy of Duckfat

Opened by the owners of Hugo's, one of Portland's choice upscale eateries, Duckfat has become a favorite with both the lunch and dinner crowd in Maine's largest city. Their much beloved specialty here are hand cut Belgian Fries cooked in, what...  Read More

Paciarino Restaurant and Store
Photo courtesy of Paciarino Restaurant and Store

Authentic is what comes to mind when you approach the stately brickfront of Paciarino Restaurant and Store. Once you're inside, you know you've found the place for true Italian cuisine. The atmosphere is simple but intimate – bare wooden...  Read More

At first, it doesn't appear as much. Just a quaint, neighborhood grocer – one of many scattered throughout Portland. However, travel around back and you soon find yourself in pizza heaven. For foodies living in Maine's largest city,...  Read More

Tu Casa Salvadorena Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Tu Casa

Forget the fact that true Latin American meals are still a rarity in Portland. Tu Casa Salvadorena Restaurant is as authentic as you can get – way north of the border or otherwise – for this type of spicy, ethnic cuisine. This modest eatery...  Read More