Portland specializes in iconic craft shopping

Portland is a city that holds true to its illustrious transoceanic shipping trade past. Walk its streets and you can almost picture dock workers busily unloading the latest Oriental treasures from fast moving Clipper ships. As a result, the city was influenced by styles and customs far beyond its wharves. With the influx of immigrant labor – first, the French Canadians and, later, Eastern Europeans and those from Hispanic societies – this cultural diversity became even more pronounced. Today, the city’s shopping options accurately reflect this global flavor in establishments selling everything from furniture to food. Stroll into antique stores and you’re likely to be dazzled by Federal era furniture. Artisans proudly display their hand-made wares that include everything from pottery to clothing. The city features a strong offering of craftspeople who specialize in one-of-a-kind jewelry fashioned by their own hands. These artists often incorporate natural materials, such as sea glass or shells, into their decorative pieces. Specialty food shops feature imaginative condiments, sweets and beverages influenced by cultures from throughout the world. Portland also does well by second-hand clothing stores where you’re likely to find that retro jacket or dress that will be a real standout in your wardrobe at an equally attractive price. Discount shops such as Reny’s, a Maine retail tradition, offer surprises ranging from the kitschy to the cool. Bargain hunters will undoubtedly find Portland to their liking with deals seeming to lurk around every corner. The following are 10 of the best shops to be found in Portland:

LeRoux Kitchen


Foodies are naturally drawn to this gourmet food shop along Portland's busy Commercial Street district. Here you'll find kitchen gadgets that you never knew you needed but you readily envision yourself using for that next friends' dinner party....  Read More

Abacus Gallery


Opened in 1984, Abacus Gallery has done much to give Old Port its distinctive reputation for signature boutique shopping. This Old Port landmark features a vast selection of jewelry ranging from high-end to fun and highly affordable. Original...  Read More



For many Maine shoppers, Renys is as traditional as lobster and New England clam chowder. This discount retailer specializes in inventory close-outs and off price goods. You never quite know what you'll see at Renys � from gardening tools...  Read More

David Wood Clothiers


David Wood Clothiers is one of those rare breed of clothing retailers who realize that what you wear is key to making the right impression. This establishment's highly experienced and informed staff have a keen eye for what looks good �...  Read More

Cotton Garden of Portland


Chances are that lovers of cotton fashions will find what they have been seeking at Cotton Garden of Portland. This boutique shop specializes in high-end and specially designed cotton garments ranging from sweaters to blouses. Famous makers such...  Read More

Old Port District


Those seeking to get the most out of Portland's boutique shopping culture will do well to tour the Old Port district, located in the Fore Street area. Here it is possible to wander and explore classic cobblestone streets while discovering unique...  Read More

Stonewall Kitchen


Perhaps no other store exemplifies the little known regional cuisines of Maine better than Stonewall Kitchen. This shop, which has locations throughout the Pine Tree State, specializes in highly creative food products that tantalize and expand...  Read More

Maine Potters Market


The Maine Potters Market provides visitors with a dazzling display of the high level of artistry and creativity that exists in Maine's largest commercial city. Here you can witness a delightful sampling of the potter's art from bowls to cups and...  Read More

Allen and Walker Antiques


Strolling into Allen and Walker Antiques is like a journey into Portland's storied past. Many of the items in this fascinating shop will remind you of the prizes brought home during the city's thriving ocean trade. You never know what you'll...  Read More

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop


Fans of Americana design and good old fashioned Yankee craftsmanship will find plenty to like about Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Since 1953, this furniture and decorative shop has been offering beautiful, durable items with that New England...  Read More