Fleet Street Kitchen in Baltimore: Seasonal, Special Sunday Dinner

Their new prix fixe menu changes weekly at this farm-to-table, American restaurant

By Tawanna Browne Smith,

Fleet Street Kitchen of Baltimore has resurrected a modified version of the Sunday meal tradition with its Sunday Supper menu. The contemporary American-style restaurant just recently introduced the menu, a three-course prixe fix meal that Chef Chris Becker thoughtfully designs. Like grandma's house, what you see is what you get, and you're sure to leave full. 

One of the many vibrant dishes on Fleet Street Kitchen's menu — Photo courtesy of Fleet Street Kitchen

Remember the days when the family sat down for dinner together on Sunday evenings? It was an organized and more formal affair than any other night of the week. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the occasional neighbor would stop by and enjoy the pleasure of each other's company and a table decorated with hearty comfort foods.

Unlike grandma's, Sunday's dinner is never exactly the same here. Fleet Street Kitchen changes up their menu regularly to "highlight the best of the season." As a farm-to-table restaurant (with their own nearby farm, mind you), they get the fragile seasonality of staple ingredients such as greens, fruits and herbs.

Curious about what you might be having for dinner? Some of the dishes that have recently been on the table include heirloom beet salad, caramelized sea scallops, Arctic char and roasted farm chicken. Each dish on the menu is displayed next to the farm from which many of its ingredients came. Between appetizers, entrees and dessert, diners have five options within each course to choose from.

If you want to skip grandma's house this week or any other upcoming Sunday, bring her along with you and stop at Fleet Street Kitchen for a change. The Sunday Supper special is $42 per person and runs weekly from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The prixe fix menu is the only menu available for Sunday evenings.