Johnny's Provides a Casual Dining Space and Retro Atmosphere

Baltimore restaurant fuses American, Mexican and Asian foods in 60s setting

By Tawanna Browne Smith,

Johnny's isn't even a year old, and it's already made a splash in the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore. The restaurant has quickly become a place where locals convene, and many of its patrons know each other on a first name basis.

Johnny's may be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but don't call it a diner. Yes, it has diner-like aspects to it, and offers a laid-back dining experience. Keeping with Foreman Wolf's intentions of an unpretentious environment, Johnny's is definitely a contrast to upscale counterparts Charleston and Pazo. However, that designation may be a little too casual for this eatery located in the historic Roland Park Shopping Center.

The menu is a fusion of American, Mexican and Asian flavors: you'll find meatloaf with mac and cheese on the same page as spring rolls, fish tostadas and lamb empanadas. This mish-mash of dishes is available for both dine in and carry out.

Johnny's serves up rich and satisfying breakfast grub — Photo courtesy of Johnny's

Waiters and waitresses dress in colorful argyle socks and penny loafers. You may even find them with cuffs in their jeans. And although it's not a requirement for diners to follow suit in the 60s style dress code, you might spot a few "all-Americans" donning neck-tied sweaters.

You can reserve a glass of ice wine, or order one of over a dozen bourbons and ryes from its well-appointed bar. If you're not in the mood for bourbon or Planter's Punch or a Brown Sugar Manhattan, then there's always the distinctive choices like grappa or apple brandy. In signature Foreman Wolf fashion, there's a healthy selection of wines to choose from.

Whatever your pleasure, Johnny's is an alternative to downtown dining.