Station North Gets a Boost from the Returning Chesapeake Baltimore

Dinner and a movie? Meh. Dinner and a train ride? YES!

By Tom Rowe,

Bar at The Chesapeake Baltimore — Photo courtesy of Tom Rowe

If you have been in or around the Baltimore Penn Station, you may have virtually no recollection of the restaurant located just north of the train station ever being open. The building has always stood out as being specifically vacant, even more so as the neighborhood around it emerged. But now, opening nearly 25 years after it first closed its doors, The Chesapeake Baltimore restaurant adds a substantial shine to the growing brilliance of Station North Arts District.

Large chunks of the menu, including a raw bar, are made up of the cuisine of the restaurant’s namesake: the Chesapeake Bay. A seafood food lover will have a hard time deciding what to go for, but it’s a wonderful decision to agonize over.

While diver scallops and monkfish loom large on the menu, the shrimp and grits - a dish that finds its way onto a lot of menus - is ultimately the must-try of the evening. It’s a good one to use as a measuring stick. The Chesapeake’s take is among the best in town. The plate arrives heavy with huge shrimp and rich, creamy grits. It should be difficult to polish off the healthy portion, but it's sometimes too good to stop. But be reasonable and ask for a to-go box.

If you're looking to bank some restaurant recommendation street cred, The Chesapeake is a great option for anyone asking for recommendations north of downtown.

The only negative is the cheese board. These are becoming more common, and there are other places that do the cheese board better.It wasn’t terribly inspired.

Nonetheless, the meal - paired with a local Union Craft brew - definitely puts The Chesapeake on the repeat visit list.