Fun, Fascinating, Unique Things to Do in Baltimore

Baltimore's history, great architecture, walkable neighborhoods and generous benefactors all contribute to a vibrant city with both classic and also ever-evolving things to do. Frequent visitors will find exciting additions to their favorite historic attractions that add to – not detract from – the enjoyment. The nation's first effort to memorialize George Washington is the most famous icon of the city. Indeed, the Washington Monument appears on the Baltimore flag on a field made up of the Calvert family arms.

Baltimore has been an integral part of America's past through every historic era. Early Americana fans and those yearning to learn about the elusive War of 1812 can check out such places as the Inner Harbor and Fort McHenry, which inspired Francis Scott Key – an ancestor of namesake F. Scott Fitzgerald – to pen the lyrics to our national anthem: The Star Spangled Banner.

Baltimore's Pratt Street Riot was the occasion of the first deaths by hostile forces in the Civil War. You can learn more about Baltimore's role in the Civil War at the Maryland Historical Society Museum and Library – so chock full of treasures, it was the target of a famous theft in recent years – as well as several other locations, including the Baltimore Civil War Museum at President Street Station and even Green Mount Cemetery.

Peabody Music Library
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


Shh . . .get out of all the city's hustle and bustle for free, right in the shadow of the Washington Monument. Our nation's oldest music library – now part of Johns Hopkins University – is one of the largest. Its holdings include some of the...  Read More

National Aquarium
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


The National Aquarium is a very popular destination with visitors of all ages, so they stagger admissions to ensure everyone can see the marine life. You ascend the building on a slight incline, with low lighting. Exhibits start from fish and...  Read More

Jewish Museum of Maryland
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The Jewish Museum of Maryland is located in what was the original settlement of Baltimore's Jewish population during the Great Migration over 100 years ago. Their exhibits focus on the Jewish experience in America with a special emphasis on...  Read More

Ripley's Believe It or Not Baltimore
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You're going to go to the Inner Harbor, of course. Before the eating and drinking-a-thon or if it starts to downpour or broil, do something fun that invites conversation! Those with a quirky personality, love of trivia and history will be amazed...  Read More

Geppi's Entertainment Museum


Pop culture, comics, animated characters . . . they've evolved over the period of our country's history. The owner, Steve Geppi, has himself evolved to own most of the distribution of the major comics in the US. His special favorite items form...  Read More



This exciting art museum has free admission every day. Collections are arranged both chronologically and geographically: be amazed at the sheer number of African, Asian and ancient Americas works of art. Some collections are still in storage...  Read More

Green Mount Cemetery
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Green Mount was where many of Baltimore's elite were buried, though beloved Governor William Donald Schaefer is not. In the pre-museum era, cemeteries had the best sculptures, art, the finest gardens open to the public for free. Green Mount...  Read More

Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Place
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Baltimore was the first to start construction on a monument to George Washington. It's located in what was historically the toniest neighborhood in the city; its surrounding cross of green space is still a beloved gathering space. Recently...  Read More

Walters Art Museum
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What period of history is your favorite? Egyptian mummies, Etruscan jewelry, Medieval coats of armor, ancient manuscript? What about Baroque oil paintings on lushly colored walls? All these and more are available to the public for free. The...  Read More

Fort McHenry National Monument & Historic Shrine
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Don't let the 3 seconds your history teacher spent on the War of 1812 color your decision about Ft. McHenry. The continue war against England was complicated and doesn't lend itself to an easy narrative. The US Park Service rangers at Ft....  Read More