10 Best Value Restaurants In Baltimore Take Taste Buds On A World Tour

Value means different things to different people. What we can all agree upon is that we want good food no matter what price point we're looking at.

Some establishments just happen to provide more food for your dollar. They may sacrifice lush ambiance, prime real estate, expensive dinner ware or other amenities to focus only on the food. And some may have found that magic formula to provide the right balance of all those things. 

Baltimore has great restaurants of varying value, all over the city. This 10 Best list is a variety of eateries from American seafood to Thai to Lebanese. Whatever your fancy, you have a choice of great valued restaurants across the ethnic spectrum.

You can dine in the Inner Harbor for Spanish tapas at a great value at La Tasca. You can indulge in one of the city's best spots for crab cakes, standing up at a bar table in downtown Baltimore at Faidley Seafood. You can wipe barbecue from your lips at Chaps Pit Beef in northeast Baltimore. If you're looking for Greek or Lebanese, two of our favorites are Ikaros and Lebanese Taverna. All over the city you can find great value restaurants.

These best value restaurants cover a range of taste buds, neighborhoods, and wallets.

Chaps Pit Beef
Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith


One of the many things that's unique to Baltimore is pit beef. And one of the few places that does it well, along with other meats, is Chaps Pit Beef. Located in an eyebrow raising strip mall on Pulaski highway, this little dive is all...  Read More

Asahi Sushi
Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith


Asahi Sushi offers attentive service with big value and big sushi rolls. Your eyes will undoubtedly be bigger than your mouth ordering from this menu. The restaurant is small and intimate and if you sit at the sushi bar, you may just get a...  Read More

Faidley Seafood
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


Faidley's, located minutes from the Inner Harbor in Lexington Market, is a crab cake landmark. The building itself has been around since 1886. Eat-In is done at stand-up tables where diners can enjoy other Faidley seafood favorites such as raw...  Read More

South Baltimore
Thai Arroy


Asian inspired décor flanks this small dining room, which is known for its heaping plates of Thai food - the best way this delicious genre of food should be enjoyed. Many of the items, including the curry and noodle dishes, may be served with...  Read More

Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith


Simple and satisfying, this restaurant eschews the trendy decor and modern dishes in favor of classic, home style Greek cooking served in a serene, relaxed atmosphere. Located in Greektown, just 10 minutes from the Inner Harbor, this restaurant...  Read More

Lebanese Taverna - Baltimore
Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith


This Baltimore outpost of the Washington, DC - based chain is an open and modern dining space, popular amongst locals and visitors. With great views of the water, and a warm, welcoming environment, Lebanese Taverna makes a great destination for...  Read More


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