Fresh Catch: Save Your Appetite for Baltimore's Enviable Seafood Restaurants

It's difficult to truly experience the food culture of Baltimore without indulging in its seafood.  Known widely for its crab cakes, blue crabs, Old Bay-seasoned steamed crabs, and crab soup (cream or vegetable), this is where you'd want to start your tasting journey - if crab is what you want. If you're looking for a wider range of seafood options, from oysters to rock fish, there's a plethora of restaurants to choose from all around the city and tucked away in Baltimore's neighboring suburbs.

If you're staying in the Inner Harbor, you're fortunate to have more than enough restaurants to choose from near the waterfront and in neighboring Fell's Point. Phillip's, synonymous for Baltimore crab cakes, is a city icon. A popular stop for visitors, due to it location, it's as much an attraction as it is a restaurant. You kind of have to go just to say you went. A short taxi-ride away, you can find yet another Baltimore icon in Lexington Market, Faidley's Seafood, also well-known for its jumbo lump crab cakes and oysters. This isn't a sit-down establishment but makes a great bite-and-go seafood dining choice.

Thames Street Oyster House, a newer establishment, is a crowd favorite. Located in Fell's Point, they serve traditional and modern Maryland, New England, and Mid Atlantic seafood dishes as well as an a la carte raw bar. With appetizers like lobster mac and cheese and Buzzards Bay scallop ceviche, you can feel confident that your seafood dining experience is going to be an exciting one.

Other popular stops include eateries like Mama's on the Half Shell, Rusty Scupper, and Bo Brooks Crabhouse. In general, you can find less expensive seafood restaurants a short walk or drive from the Inner Harbor. Whatever your fancy, Baltimore has you covered with great seafood restaurants.



Sterling's Crab and Oyster House
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


If you want to try Sterling's tasty fare – people in Baltimore have been doing so for over 65 years – you'd better hurry. This Baltimore staple in the working class neighborhood of Remington is going on the auction block on July 7. Why? The...  Read More

G & M Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


G & M uses huge lumps of sweet crab in their massive crab cakes. They're not seasoned with Old Bay, so you get all crab flavor. The cakes are gently assembled and don't have a bunch of filler. Located minutes from BWI airport, 10 minutes...  Read More

Nak Won Korean Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


If you've ever watched any of Anthony Bourdain's travel shows after he's gone on a bender, you'll always see him wrap the night up with simple, but substantial food to prevent hangovers. What might be considered street fare/food truck food in...  Read More

Harrison's Chesapeake House
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


Imagine, boat-to-table seafood and locally-sourced farm products incorporated in classic Maryland dishes. That's what the Harrison family has been serving since 1930! Their grandma's recipes are tastier than anyone's. You can pretty much sample...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


John Shields is a scholar on the traditional fare of Maryland's Eastern Shore, where crab cakes most likely originated. Not only can you get today's favorite jumbo lump crab cake, but he also offers a "crab cake du jour". After all, traditional...  Read More

Hunan Taste
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


Luxurious, exotic Chinese fare like one would find in Asia? Check. Reasonable prices? Sure. Tucked into a suburban strip mall with free parking? Yes! Hunan Taste has beautiful quality, perfectly seasoned Chinese seafood. They're open 365 days a...  Read More

Faidley Seafood
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


Faidley's is located in historic Lexington Market (George Washington shopped there),family owned and operated since 1886. Located up the hill from the Inner Harbor and blocks from the city's seats of power, you're just as likely to see national...  Read More

Jimmy's Famous Seafood Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


Jimmy's has been family owned since 1974. Indeed, with their huge banquet halls, they've been the tasty destination for rehearsal dinners, wedding banquets and even final send-off gatherings for generations of Baltimore's families. The...  Read More

The Prime Rib
Photo courtesy of Tamar Aleia Fleishman


Some people don't think of the Prime Rib for seafood because of its name and that's a shame. When you're thinking of the most important meals of your life: the proposal, the big meeting, the big announcement . . . The Prime Rib's elegant...  Read More

Costas Inn
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman


Costas Inn has its own take on seasoning for steamed crabs: they don't just throw a bunch of Old Bay and black pepper on them. It has a distinct sweetness to it – perhaps some toasted onion in there. It's beloved by celebrities and food...  Read More