Boston's Best Attractions and Activities Offer Something for Everyone

Boston is home to historically significant sites, marvelous museums and unique outdoor adventures. Enjoy your stay by sampling a little bit of all the things that come together to create today's Boston.

The easiest way to see as many attractions as possible is to walk Boston's Freedom Trail. The famous red line that marks the path meanders along Boston's sidewalks as it takes you from site to site. Sixteen official sites line the Freedom Trail and include historically significant spots like Paul Revere House, Granary Burial Ground, Old South Meeting House and USS Constitution. Grab a map at the Boston Common before you set off on your exploration and see where the trail leads. 

History is not all that Boston has to offer; home to many museums, parks, sporting venues, public spaces and adventure tours, you'll never be at a loss for something new to do.

Enjoy a wild water adventure while cruising around the Harbor on a Boston Mini Speed Boat tour. You'll be able to see important landmarks from a new perspective when you're behind the wheel of a your speed boat. 

Cultural exploration is easy with a visit to an art museum, the New England Aquarium, or tickets to a performance at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Sports fanatics should not miss a trip to Fenway Park. This national landmark is more than 100 years old and remains one of the best stadiums to see a baseball game.  

Boston Public Garden


Take a leisurely stroll through the oldest botanical garden in the United States and get a feel for Boston's charm and grace. 1877 marks the start of the Garden's fame for the Swan Boats that float along the pond when the weather warms; a...  Read More

Boston Mini Speedboats
Photo courtesy of Joe Polizzotti


Hop aboard a Boston Mini Speed Boat Tour and be the captain of your own boat. This sightseeing tour mixes with a fast flying adventure to get your heart rate up and your adrenaline pumping as you fly around Boston Harbor on your very own boat....  Read More



The adventure begins before you step foot through the door. Watch the Harbor Seals swirl around in the outdoor tank while you wait for your tickets, or linger when you finish and recount your time inside. A four-story tank spans the center of...  Read More



Roam the galleries or watch a show in a waterfront building that is as beautiful as what is housed inside. The modern art is an eclectic mix of what may sometimes seem to be mayhem. Funky fun displays rule the roost at this cutting edge art...  Read More

Fenway Park


Boston fans are crazy about baseball. Ask many and they will claim it as their religion, and offer Fenway as their place of worship. Even if baseball is not your thing, be sure to catch a game at Fenway Park, home of the legendary Green Monster,...  Read More



Faneuil Hall was originally established as a market for merchants, fishermen and vendors, but has transformed throughout the years. From playing host to prominent figures like Samuel Adams and George Washington, to its transformation into one of...  Read More

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Photo courtesy of Jessica Polizzotti


The Boston Symphony Orchestra is one of the most respected orchestras in the world and Housed in one of the best designed (acoustically) music halls in the world, Boston Symphony Hall. Playing host to a variety of concerts throughout the year,...  Read More

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Photo courtesy of Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum


Although it was not just one night that led patriots to take matters into their own hands to begin a fight for freedom, it was the continued lack of freedoms and representation that brought about the Tea Party. Here, you can relive the catalyst...  Read More

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


The MFA is one of the largest museums around. An entire day could be spent admiring the works, both ancient and modern, that live within these walls. Along with many amazing (and famous) paintings, the MFA offers visitors the chance to enjoy...  Read More



The best way to see Boston. Starting at the Boston Common, but easily picked up at any point along the way, the Freedom Trail offers historical insight into the city and its surroundings. Check out one, some or all of the sites on this route...  Read More


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