Most Romantic Things to Do in Boston

Boston's Best Romantic Activities That Are Sure to Impress

Boston is a hot bed of romance anytime of year. Simple pleasures and extravagant adventures await hose looking to do a little hand holding in public or something more in private. A great date awaits at every price point allowing you to shower the one you love with affection or a lavish experience.

10best has compiled a list that takes into account that romance comes in many forms. Whether you and yours are art enthusiasts, active outdoorsy types, playful, passionate about music or nature lovers, or spa seekers you'll find a romantic attraction you'll love on 10best.

Order tickets in advance and treat the one you love to a show at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Wang Theater or Sculler's Jazz Club. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the perfectly manicured gardens of the Boston Public Garden where you can act like kids and hop on the Swan boats or enjoy a picnic on the lawn. Take in the latest exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts where the regular collection is just as enviable as what is currently on display. Hike the Blue Hills and take in a great view. Skate or wade at the Frog Pond where the city that surrounds will mesmerize you. Book a couples retreat at the Mandarin Spa. Take a cruise around Boston Harbor on the upscale Odyssey or even bowl a few strings at Sacco's Bowl Haven.

Whatever you do just be sure to have that one important person by your side.


Impress the one you love on the lanes at Sacco's Bowl Haven in Somerville. The ideal in a casual date, Sacco's allows you to let loose and have fun together. A Candlepin alley, Sacco's small balls put a twist on the typical day on the lanes. You'll certainly enjoy a few laughs as these little wonders make their way towards the pins and most likely in directions you never intended. Housed within the walls of the Flatbread Company, you won't only find yourself bowling a few strings but sharing a pizza and pint with the one you're with. Brewing up some great craft beers, you get one attraction that can fulfill all your date night needs.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Sacco's is the ultimate fun date, you'll not only share some time but a few laughs as you attempt to toss their Candlepins straight.

Jessica's expert tip: Sacco's is no high end bowling joint, with fancy lighting and high end furniture. Kids tend to control the room during the daytime hours, and the small balls are easy for little hands to grip.

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Odyssey Cruises
Photo courtesy of Jessica Polizzotti

Viewing the Boston skyline from the outer, upper decks of the Odyssey while slowly setting sail around the Harbor erases all worry. Fellow cruisers are dressed to impress as the Odyssey dress code inspires you to don only your best attire. The refined crowd varies in age and is far from stuffy; as the cruise wears on you'll find the dance floor filling up and the outer decks abuzz with cocktail party type chatter. Offering a variety of cruise options that range in price (topping out at over $100 per person for a Saturday night dinner cruise) there is sure to be one that will perfectly suit you.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: A cruise on the Odyssey lets you take int he views of the city from Boston Harbor while enjoying a gourmet meal and great drinks.

Jessica's expert tip: Cruising the harbor can be done year round, but nothing beats a beautiful day when you can enjoy the outside decks.

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Blue Hills Reservation
Photo courtesy of iStock / Vivvi Smak

Minutes outside of downtown Boston, is the Blue Hills Reservation. Here nature enthusiasts can hike, bike, ski, swim, and even enjoy a zoo experience at the Trailside Museum. Spanning over 7,000 acres along Boston's closest suburbs, this is a true green oasis for city dwellers. Plan to spend a day exploring this area because you'll want to wander for hours. Kids get a kick out of the animals at the museum and winter skiing is offered for those who want to take a few runs without going far from the city. Great Blue Hill peaks at 635 feet, the highest of the 22 hills in the Blue Hills chain. This summit provides visitors with a view of the entire metropolitan area.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: A hike up the Blue Hills rewards you with sweeping city views, while hiking the tougher spots allows you to lend a hand.

Jessica's expert tip: Enjoy the Blue hills year-round, not just for hiking or swimming, this reservation offers winter skiing as well.

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Boston's Wang Theater not only puts on Broadway quality plays, but does so in a stylish setting. This Boston landmark has been entertaining Bostonians since 1925. The Wang, originally called, the Metropolitan Theater, is rivaled by few other theaters in the world. With crystal chandeliers to provide sparkle, and statuesque columns of imported marble it is hard to find a more elegant setting to take in a show. And those entertaining a crowd, or looking to spend a more private evening while out in public can enjoy a private box complete with VIP amenities like a pre show reception and refreshments at the Wang.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: The Wang Theater offers a private box ideal for big spenders to share a romantic evening at the theater.

Jessica's expert tip: Arrive early enough to admire the architecture as the Wang itself is as spectacular as what graces its stage.

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Boston Public Garden

Take a leisurely stroll through the oldest botanical garden in the United States and get a feel for Boston's charm and grace. 1877 marks the start of the Garden's fame for the Swan Boats that float along the pond when the weather warms; a necessary ride for the kid in all of us. The Swan Boats do not get all the attention, as the grounds truly are a sight to hold. Pack a picnic and sprawl across the lawn to enjoy the beauty of this inner city treasure. Year round, the beauty of Public Garden shines, and makes for excellent photo opportunities.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: The Boston Public Garden in full bloom is stunningly beautiful and the perfect place to admire the beauty of the one by your side.

Jessica's expert tip: Ideally located in the heart of Boston so that you can integrate a visit to the Public Garden with other sightseeing in the same day (the Boston Common perhaps).

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Hidden inside the Doubletree Guest Suites on the edge of the Charles River in Allston, you'll find one of the most respected Jazz Clubs in Boston. Hosting many big names as well as up and coming talent, Sculler's has a reputation for being one of the best in Boston. With a range of music genres like Latin, Contemporary Jazz, Blues, Soul, R & B, Cabaret and World Music, Sculler's let's you enjoy the music you love in an environment that lets the music shine. With a hotel location you can take advantage of one of the specialty packages offered like the Jazz Overnighter or dinner and a show.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Sculler's lets you listen to music side by side in a dimly lit setting that makes you want to lean into the one you're with

Jessica's expert tip: Sculler's tickets sell out, be sure to check the schedule and order yours in advance.

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The Boston Common Frog Pond is a four season beauty in the heart of the Common. A wading pool in the summer and ice rink in the winter, the Frog Pond allows outdoor activity in the middle of Boston. Skate around with someone special or teach your kids a few tricks on the ice when the weather lets the water freeze. Open from mid November each year for public skating, this affordable attraction sees its share of proposals each season. When the weather takes a turn for warm, locals make their way to cool off in the shallow waters and fountains providing a free escape from the heat.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Romance is in full bloom when skating on the Frog Pond under the stars while with city skyline surrounds you.

Jessica's expert tip: Check out what's going on each day at the Frog Pond before visiting as it occasionally plays host to special events.

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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The MFA is one of the largest museums around. An entire day could be spent admiring the works, both ancient and modern, that live within these walls. Along with many amazing (and famous) paintings, the MFA offers visitors the chance to enjoy artifacts from around the world. Home to four dining venues, there is a choice for all tastes eliminating the need to exit throughout the day. The MFA hosts many unique events including lectures, music, films, art opportunities for kids, and even cocktail parties. The gift shops offer art inspired items that allows guests to reflect on their favorite parts of the museum.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: The Museum of Fine Arts lets lovers linger close to one another while taking in the beauty of popular works in a quiet environment.

Jessica's expert tip: If you want a little more bang for your buck (adult admission is steep- $22 per person) buy a Boston CityPass, for $46 you get a 9 day window for admission to 5 of Boston's best museums.

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Mandarin Spa
Photo courtesy of Mandarin Spa

Enter a world where relaxation is all you'll know. Feel every worry vanish as you indulge the needs of your inner and outer self at the Mandarin Spa. A truly zen retreat, Mandarin Spa is perched within the Mandarin Oriental. Enjoy a single spa treatment, a full day, a couples retreat or a few customized selections from their menu of services and you'll be treated to a day of pure relaxation.Starting the moment you approach the desk when you are whisked out of your street shoes and into their slippers, you'll begin your journey from stressed to calm, cool and collected. Enjoy time in the heat and water facilities before making your way to the relaxation beds where you'll be met by your therapist and led through the facility to your treatment room. Here, you'll complete your visit and receive personalized care under the expert hands of the spa staff.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: The Mandarin Spa offers couples side by side services in a private suite where your privacy comes with a stone sauna, and soaking tub.

Jessica's expert tip: Arrive 45 minutes before your appointment to make the most of the heat and water facilities and if you are modest, bring a swimsuit along.

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Boston Symphony Orchestra
Photo courtesy of Jessica Polizzotti

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is one of the most respected orchestras in the world and Housed in one of the best designed (acoustically) music halls in the world, Boston Symphony Hall. Playing host to a variety of concerts throughout the year, including the Holiday Pops, The Boston Symphony Orchestra wows crowds. History has been made within these walls where songs like the popular "Sleigh Ride" have been composed. In 1946 Leroy Anderson composed this piece of music specifically for the Pops and it was performed first by the Boston Pops on May 4, 1948, before the words were added two years later. The stunning setting and talent of those playing the music on stage will put you in a trance as you journey with the BSO on a musical adventure.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: A concert at Symphony Hall will impress any guest, the stunning setting combined with the music cannot be beat.

Jessica's expert tip: Most seats in Symphony Hall are a bit far from the stage scoring spots in the center or on balconies closer allow you to see as much as you'll hear.

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