Best Dance Clubs in Boston

Boston's Best Dance Clubs: Where to Get Your Groove On

The Boston dance club scene blends the high energy you'd expect from a nightclub with the refined elegance of an upscale lounge. Dance the night away at the 10best Boston dance clubs.

Speckled through the city, you'll find dance clubs that will fit your mood. From the theater district and its selection of popular spots that often have long lines from early in the evening until closing, to those near Fenway that draw a crowd as varied as the music played inside. 

DJ's spinning tunes at Venu get the party going with a mix of old school rap, hip-hop, and latin music that draws a beautiful crowd of fun loving twenty somethings through its doors. While the Dj'd at Tunnel play the best: House, Dance, and Top Forty. And the mix of live music and DJ's at House of Blues ensures there is always something to get you on the dance floor. 

Those seeking electronic dance will fall in love with the tunes at Underbar on Saturday nights when it takes over the speakers and blasts throughout the space. allowing fans to dance to the music they love.

Just make sure you start your night early as Boston's club scene peaks before midnight and ends at 2:00am.



Machine is one of Boston's best gay dance clubs. But if you're straight, don't shy away from a night on the dance floor of Machine because you are sure to have fun on the dance floor grooving among the crowds. DJ's spin tunes every night with a little twist: Mondays =all star Mondays, Tuesdays are punk night, Wednesdays are dubbed Whatever Wednesdays, Thursday night is karaoke night( and many say the Machine has the best karaoke in the city), Friday is simply dubbed Machine, Saturday alternates between dyke night, blend and sin-o-magic and Sunday nights bring deep house music to Machine.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Machine is a gay club that's a fun place to dance without judgement.

Jessica's expert tip: Machine offers specialty nights pretty much every night including karaoke on Thursdays.

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Known for its live music and party atmosphere, the House of Blues is a great Boston spot to get down and get grooving. Serving a solid menu of American fare that lets you go from dinner to dancing without leaving the venue, House of Blues has a unique feel. From concerts to DJ's and even a visit to its famous Foundation Room, there is always a reason to dance at the House of Blues. A more casual scene than many other dance clubs, and lacking in the electronic music that rules the club scene, House of Blues offers a welcome reprieve from the same old dance scene.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: The House of Blues is a more casual venue with a variety of musical options to get you on the dance floor.

Jessica's expert tip: The House of Blues often sells tickets to shows, check before going to ensure you can get in.

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Looking for where the Theatre District's ├╝ber sexy crowd gathers when midnight rolls around. Try, Venu, a sleek, hot dance club where the dance floor is the draw. Under the stewardship of charismatic DJs that specialize in hip-hop, old school rap, Latin and techno, it is always packed with beautiful people. Be one of them by arriving early enough to avoid the line, get a drink and find your spot on the dance floor and the sidelines because once 11pm rolls around the line will be down the street and the crowds will be wall to wall once you get inside the doors.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Venu draws a sexy crowd looking to have a good time. Making it a great spot to dress your best and bust a move.

Jessica's expert tip: If it's a particularly busy night, getting past the door can be quite a feat, so make sure you dress well and act like you belong inside those well guarded doors.

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Royale is a Boston mega club. At Royale classic beauty and modern elegance mix to create a unique nightlife experience. The grand staircase and beautiful balcony bring elements of style to a club scene that is typically small, dark, and typically lacking in interior style. The beautiful people within like to dance so be ready to do so with your drink in hand because once you are on the dance floor you won't want to come off. Add to that a friendly staff who can accommodate your every need when planned in advance (and for a price), they aim to make your evening at Royale the best night of your life.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Royale is a nightclub that is known for wild dance parties allowing you to let loose.

Jessica's expert tip: Buy tickets to big nights on-line, save a few bucks and skip the line.

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One of Boston's best bars is a perfect place to see and be seen. Make your way into the Estate and you may find your picture in a magazine. With multiple levels, and rooms, Dj's spin tunes that connect the crowds. Dance the night away while rubbing elbows with celebrities, as the Estate draws quite the crowd. Bars are scattered throughout the Estate allowing you to refill from any spot on the dance floor. When the dance floor becomes too much you can wander the the lounge like rooms where you can sip your drink in relative peace. Be ready to make new friends because people come here with an agenda.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: The Estate is popular with the 20 something crowd and offers a high energy, mainstream environment to dance the night away.

Jessica's expert tip: Lines get LONG. Don't arrive too late.

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As if the W Hotel needed to get any cooler. Tunnel, one of the hottest nightclubs in Boston, has brought an even cooler crowd through their doors. You'll find jetsetters mingling with young professionals all looking to have a good time and dance. From spirits available to make anyone feel like a high roller with table service to ultra posh lounge areas setup fro both people watching and canoodling in corners, you'll find yourself flush at Tunnel. The top notch DJ's are always spinning the best of House, Dance, and Top Forty. To enter, use the discreet entrance on Stuart St., marked by frosted windows. Take the mirrored private elevator or modern staircase below ground to the "Tunnel". Be among those looking to see and be seen while getting their groove on and sipping their solid selection of specialty cocktails including the popular signature drink "the tunnel".

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Tunnel is a cool spot for fashionable folk to dance the night away to hot tunes.

Jessica's expert tip: Tunnel offers a cool mix of tunes and an all but hidden entrance- look for the frosted windows.

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Bijou's distinct floors offer a versatile landscape for a variety needs that will make your night at this dance club one you won't soon forget. Enjoy some time in the Onyx Lounge. The brainchild of DJs and club vets, Onyx lounge elevates luxury nightlife. Offering an amazing sound system and high class service, this is an ultra VIP experience. With three flushed bars placing patrons at the center of the action. Or spend your night partying at the Gold Lounge. This polished lounge setting gives guests an intimate atmosphere and allows space to kick back and take in the scene, including the in the plush banquets and the luxurious center bar. The Gold Lounge transforms throughout the evening: early in the night, you'll find a low key bar scene. As the night wears on, crowds pour in and the music blasts inviting you to the dance floor.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Known as a hot spot by locals who love to dance, Bijou offers a variety of settings for fun.

Jessica's expert tip: Arrive early and beat the crowds to find yourself a spot among the beautiful people.

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Cure Lounge was designed to draw from the history and mood of the building it occupies. In its original form, Cure was the ladies lounge and orchestra area of the theatre. A uniquely beautiful space it has been designed with an eye to detail to provide an, "understated elegance evocative of the period". The outcome is a, "Victorian Chic"space that brings in glamour. You'll find the dramatic shapes and patterns juxtaposed with a subtle color scheme. Cure created their space to bring movement between time and fantasy. Allowing you to shed your persona and enter as whomever you want to be on the dance floor.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Cure has a playful vibe that draws people to the dance floor.

Jessica's expert tip: For table reservations, get in touch with Cure staff as they go quickly.

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Underbar nightclub and lounge has been a forerunner in the club scene since opening in 2004. Internationally knownas one of the top club destinations around the globe, Underbar has a reputation that can't be beat. You'll find Underbar packed, especially on Saturdays when the Electronic Dance Music community comes out to enjoy all that this club has to offer. You'll find a solid selection of international DJ's playing at Underbar. Their sound system was created exclusively for the club by Angel Moraes who is known as the father of one of the best sound systems in North America, located in Montreal. That gives Underbar bragging rights as they can say that their sound is the best in Boston.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Underbar has an amazing sound system and is one of the best spots for Electronic dance music.

Jessica's expert tip: Pop in for Electronic Saturdays when those who love the scene flock to Underbar.

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Rumor is one of Boston's hottest nightclubs. Set in the bustling Theater District, known to be home to some of the best dance spots in the city, Rumor is a beautiful space that fills with beautiful people. International in nature, Rumor brings a global feel to this local spot allowing you to enjoy drinks and dancing under their stylish roof. Known for their state of the art sound system, tight security and impeccable service, Rumor has taken Boston nightlife to a higher level. Enjoy special events or just a night out with friends getting wild on the dance floor at Rumor.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Rumor's sexy vibe translates into sexy attendees; making it an ideal spot to dance.

Jessica's expert tip: Check their website to put yourself on the guest list and ensure entry before 11pm.

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