Boston's Best Asian Brings You Cuisine That's Anything but Ordinary

When you've got a hankering for Asian in Boston you're in luck because Boston's best can be found sprinkled all around the city and into the near-by suburbs.

Ranging in style, and cuisine type some do it all, like Mix-It while others stick to one style of Asian cooking, like Hot Pot Buffet. Whatever style of Asian cuisine you crave, you'll find on Boston's list of 10best. 

High end Asian is popular around Boston where snuggled into suburban Wellesley you'll come across celebrity chef run Blue Ginger. The TV star chef churns out plates of upscale Chinese eats that have devotees returning week after week. While O Ya has made a splash on sushi scene, serving expensive, but worth it plates of sashimi, nigiri.  

But that does not mean that Bostonians always pay high prices for top Asian eats; there are certainly a large selection of spots serving something special at a savings. Included on this list you'll enjoy authentic Vietnamese for less than $20 at Pho Pasteur and high quality Thai at Brown Sugar Cafe.

And those who want to dig into small plates, should make their way to Myers + Chang where a meal is not complete without sampling many menu items. 


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Misono is a small Asian eatery located in a non-descript strip mall on West Roxbury's VFW Parkway. Don't let the location fool you because inside those doors the food that awaits is amazing. Serving up some of the freshest, most flavorful sushi around, Misono thinks outside the box with their flavor combinations; experimenting with ingredients and sauces to create some of the most unique rolls around. Aside from sushi, you'll find Misono's menu stocked full of Korean specialities like Bibimbab, and Bulgogi. As well as Japanese delights like Katsu, Teriyaki, and Tempura. A casual setting, Misono is welcoming to families, couples and friends looking for a lunch or dinner they'll be sure to enjoy.

North End dwellers rave about Billy Tse's because it offers a little something for everyone. Their menu samples cuisine from both China, and Japan. Sushi lovers swear by Billy Tse's sashimi and those craving Chinese love this place. Food is full of flavor not weighed down by excess grease. The laid back vibe allows time to linger. Order a plate of the sweet and spicy Thai basil chicken wings to kick of your meal then move onto one of their main dishes. And don't forget to order an exotic cocktail alongside your meal. Best of all, Billy Tse's is one place locals return to long after they've made the move to the 'burbs.

Brown Sugar Cafe

For Thai that's virtually unrivaled in Boston, visit Brown Sugar Cafe. The menu is filled with authentic offerings such as curry, satay, and pad Thai. However, one slightly different dish steals the show-the Chicken Lollipops, these batter fried deboned chicken wings consist of seasoned ground shrimp, chicken and mushroom stuffing. so filling, these wings could be your meal. Vegetarians will also be delighted with the abundance of selections tailored just for you. Whatever you order at Brown Sugar, be sure to save a little room for dessert. For the meal's grand finale, order the satisfying ginger ice cream or the chilled lychee- refreshing, sweet and somewhat easy on the waistline.


Hot Pot Buffet is hot pot cooking at its finest in Boston. Located in Chinatown, this is one restaurant that certainly is not a tourist trap. Serving pots of bubbling broth to diners who come in seeking to swish their meat and vegetables in the aromatic juice until cooked to perfection, Hot Pot Buffet is truly delicious. Best of all, it's all you can eat so those with big appetites will leave satisfied. Broth styles include a basic and spicy broth and the list of items to cook within it are endless: seafood, meat, dumplings, all, vegetables and noodles are all included in the set price. Start with a sampling and add more as you linger over your hot pot.

O Ya

A shoji-screened window and a small sign are the only indications that this nondescript brick building houses some of the finest sashimi in Boston. Chef and owner Tim Cushman works with his chefs to fuse exotic flavors with the purity of small morsels of raw fish. Expect small plates like wild bluefin chutoro tartare served with a homemade ginger kimchee jus and wild spot prawn with garlic butter, white soy and preserved yuzu. Of course, there's a price to pay for these bold and delightful bites - each plate starts around $20, and you'll need several to constitute a meal.

Mix-It, an Asian Fusion restaurant, burst onto the scene in 2014. Welcoming diners from of all kinds (including kids), Mix-It makes it fun to experience a variety of Asian dishes. Set on Mass Ave between two popular Squares, Harvard and Porter, Mix-It's inviting space is sleek, modern and exceptionally clean. Mix-It casts a wide net to reel in some of Asia's best dishes without singling out one style or country, and it works. They've mastered the art of managing a multi-page menu; serving some of the most delightful curries, noodle bowls, and sushi in the Boston area. A pleasant surprise comes in the form of chicken wings. This crisp finger food comes in serving sizes ranging from 4 to 32 with your choice of several special sauces. Always a bargain, Mix-It offers extra savings during the lunch rush with specials less than $10 and boxes less than $15.

Nothing beats a big bowl of Pho when the weather is cold, or you feel a little under it. Pho Pasteur takes your Pho craving to a whole new level, you will want a bowl of their Pho anytime of year no matter how you feel. This Chinatown gem is focused on serving authentic Vietnamese food at super low prices. Menu items are all under $15 and filling. Fresh ingredients make for their superior dishes allowing diners to feel good about eating at Pho Pasteur. Take out is available, and makes for a fun spread when entertaining a few friends. It's also the perfect food for an evening home alone.

Myers + Chang

An Asian diner that serves some of the best Taiwanese soul food and Southeast Asian street food you can find stateside. Favoring lighter sauces, and creating new twists on classics as well as developing new dishes with regional flavors sets Myers + Chang apart from the competition. The team is passionate about creating food diners will desire to eat over and over again. Successful in their quests, you'll find lines of diners waiting for a table in their small digs. Dine family style on the small plates that arrive perfectly prepared while sipping one of their speciality cocktails. Order a few things to start then return to the menu for more, but don't leave without dessert because their sweets are as sensational as the main dishes.


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