Boston Area's Best Bakeries Serve Satisfying Sweets and Savory Sensations

Boston area bakeries serve up satisfying sweets, as well as savory items each and every day. Made fresh, and most made on-site, these special baked goods are soul warming treats for those seeking something truly special.

Handcrafted pastries rangs in style, and are all prepped specially for their deleted bakery. Once ordered, these baked goods make a lasting impression when you empty your plate. 

Dig into French delights at Cafe Madeline or Tatte Bakery and Cafe where the tarts are tops and the savory sandwiches sit atop their freshly baked bread. 

Mediterranean favorites can be found at SOFRA where the sticky sweets should be enjoyed on-site then boxed to go to savor later on. 

You can scour the city and find a special bakery in various neighborhoods, but none are so inundated with delectable baked goods as the North End. Here you can walk the blocks bakery hopping. Most popular you'll find Mike's where long lines wait to order the Italian baked goods within. While across Hanover you'll see Modern, comparable in quality with the addition of a basement bar. And tucked around  the corner you'll find Bova's where the Italian meat sandwiches are equally as good as the cannolis and cookies. 


Pies of all kinds are what you'll find a Petsi Pie. Specializing in sweet and savory freshly baked, shaped by hand pies, Petsi does pies better than the rest. One bite of their famous savory sensations and you'll want all you're meals served via pie. The savory might offer sustenance, but the sweet feed the soul. These sinful creations tempt the most faithful dieters. Pick your favorite flavor because whether eating classic apple or mississippi mud it makes no difference; all the pies are divine. Petsi does not offer with pies alone; Petsi serves up superior scones, cookies, and creative cupcakes.

Bova's Bakery
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Bova's Bakery, located in the heart of Boston's historic North End, is a one stop take-out shop for Italian delights. Known not only for the fresh Italian baked goods, Bova's makes one amazing sub, overstuffed with meats and cheeses these super sized sandwiches will fill you up. The Sicilian style pizza they serve is a sensational snack anytime of day. Featuring only the freshest breads and baked goods, Bova's is off the main drag making it a little less crowded than other, more famous, pastry shops in this part of town. One bite of a lobster tail or crisp, freshly filled cannoli will transport you from Boston's side streets to Italy's cafes.

Forge Baking Company is just that, a baking company that whips up some the best baked goods in the Boston area. And they make these delectable baked goods not just for their store but for their sister spots as well- Diesel and Bloc 11. Breakfast items include pastries, breakfast sandwiches, quiches, savory bread puddings, and house-made granola. Lunch and dinner items will highlight the lovely breads made by Forge and the fillings are sourced locally whenever they can be. A vast and industrial interior looks more modern restaurant than bakery and the coffee, whether consumed on-site or purchased to go can't be beat.


Cafe Madeline is a South End bakery that serves a selection of baked goods, as well as savory lunch items, coffee and tea. This French patisserie makes from scratch baked goods at prices that make this a regular stop for South End residents. Peek into the open kitchen and see for yourself the care that goes into creating these special treats. Seasonal lunch offerings include organic sandwiches from local sources, quiches, sandwiches and salads. Sweet menu items include croissants of various flavors, delectably sweet cinnamon rolls, tarts, eclairs, cookies and cakes. Enjoy a meal then take a few treats home or to friends and you'll be a hit with those you care about.

Bread baked fresh each day, emitting the welcoming aroma that radiates warmth is what Clear Flour is known for. A loaf of their perfectly balanced (crusty on the outside soft and chewy on the inside) bread makes the ideal conduit for meal. Beyond bread, Clear Flour creates numerous pastries that are equally as wonderful as their amazing breads. Here you can also enjoy a slice of cake, rustic tart, cookie croissant or scone. Be sure to take them to go, especially if visiting friends or family and you'll find yourself invited back often, along with the request for more of the lovely treats you procured from Clear Flour Bread.

Mike's Pastry is often crowded; lines form at the register and extend onto the street, and for good reason- Mike's makes amazing Italian pastries. King of the cannoli, Mike's makes them in many flavors: ricotta cheese, chocolate cream, chocolate chip, and hazelnut are just a few. If flaky, creamy homemade cannolis don't sound tempting enough, browse the cookie selection, try the sugary-sweet cinnamon twists or order a lobster tail. Then grab a seat and dig in because once you've seen and smelled the sweet concoctions in the cases, you won't be able to wait. Luckily, Mike's makes a mean cappuccino to sip alongside while you enjoy your Italian treat.

The Parisian elegance of Tatte Bakery and Cafe will transport you to France. While their pastries, cookies, cakes,and tarts are stunningly unique to look at, their ingredient list includes specially sourced raw ingredients that add exceptional flavor to these special treats. Alongside the delectable baked goods you'll find exceptional breakfast items like avocado and poached egg tartine and a traditional Shakshuka. Savory afternoon fare includes vegetable tart tatin and a variety of sandwiches that range from basics like turkey to Mediterranean creations like Sabich. Each sandwich shares one thing in common, its served between two slices of sensational fresh bread.

SOFRA is a modern Mediterranean bakery and cafe that serves up some of the most spectacular dishes you'll find. Whether seeking breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or even a dessert you'll be pleased with whatever you select. The exotic decor compliments the food and the specialty drinks are to die for. SOFRA's baked good are worth the calories present in every bite because the sweet flavors are blanked with savory spices to create sticky specialties you'll need to order more of to take home. But before you do, find a quiet spot in this quant cafe and linger with your order a little longer than you normally would.

Modern is a fabulous, family-owned Italian bakery that is filled with delicious sweets and treats just waiting to be consumed. Modern gives North End competitors a run for their money with the filled to order favorites-cannolis. Enjoy other Italian specialty baked goods including biscotti, breads and an enticing assortment of torrones. Plus, their basement bar adds an element of enchantment. A coffee bar specializing in Italian coffees, cappuccinos, and espressos can also whip up a hot chocolate for the kids. With an on-line catalog and a location in neighboring Medford you can get Modern's treats or mail them to those who can't get into Boston to enjoy the Modern experience.

Flour is a wildly popular small cafe that is big on charm and serves melt in your mouth pastries and cakes. Offering more than gourmet baked goods, Flour has an excellent selection of coffee, tea and even sandwiches, Fill your belly with something yummy any time of day, but don't defer from what locals enjoy most -the baked goods. Rave-worthy scones, delectable cakes, and tempting tarts are addicting, just ask any of Flour's many regulars. With locations throughout the city, including Fort Point and the South End, you'll find the small spaces quite charming while friendly faces catch up at the small tables set throughout.


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