Restaurants with the Best Value in Boston

Get More for Your Money at Boston's Best Value Restaurants

Boston dining at affordable price is well within your reach. 10best has found the best value in dining throughout the city. Some spots always offer dining on the cheap, while others have dining special that will let you try their fantastic food for very little. 

When you want a five star meal at two star pricing make your way to Brookline's bustling Washington Square and pop into ribelle's where between 5 and 6:30 pm you can request their 3 for $30 dining menu.

Comfort food in a cool setting gets no better than Silvertone where $20 gets you your fill of good grub or Fenway area's Audubon where the $15.00 American entrees are as impressive as their inexpensive sides.

While at Davis Square's popular BBQ joint, Redbone's, you'll find full plates of BBQ specialties at their famously low prices.

Go beyond American classics and make your way to Boston's best Vietnamese sit down dining spot, Pho Pasteur, for bowls of Pho and other authentic specialties all at bargain prices. Enjoy the buffet at Mela during lunchtime and leave for $15.00 or less or head to Chinatown where Chau Chow City serves real Chinese food at excellent prices. 

And when you want to do fast casual without the "fat" food, Anna's Taqueria has you covered. A super burrito can fill even the hungriest guest.



Anna's Taqueria serves the bets burritos in Boston. The small dining spots are set up assembly line style and often have lines curling throughout the restaurant and out the door. A bargain under $10, you'll fill up on meat, veggies, rice and beans with all the toppings you please. Whether you want a burrito filled with the works, a lightly sauced taco or a crisply grilled quesadilla you'll be pleased by what you'll find at Anna's. Larger appetites (and those who prefer to to mix their foods together) will love the Mexican plate. Add a sweet drink and a plate of chips and guacamole to the mix and you'll have a full meal for here or to go.

Recommended for Best Value because: Anna's Taqueria is a fast casual option that fills you for less than $10 and leaves you satisfied.

Jessica's expert tip: The vegetable quesadilla is surprisingly satisfying, even for meat lovers.

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Traditional Italian baked in a brick oven sets this Italian restaurant apart. Serving a selection of pastas, entrees and pizzas all cooked to perfection in their famous brick oven at reasonable prices, Antico Forno is a good value. Kid friendly (although lacking a children's menu), Antico Forno serves even the littlest one sin style. Serving some of the best pies around, Antico Forno carries a large selection of toppings to help you make your pizza a balanced meal. One pizza could easily feed a few people, but stopping with the pizza would be a crime. But Antico Forno is more than a North End family pizza joint, it's a experience win Italian dining. Offering customer favorite like baked gnocchi and parmagiana di vitello you'll enjoy every bite of your main course.

Recommended for Best Value because: Pizzas and pastas priced in the teens make for a full meal at a good price at Antico Forno.

Jessica's expert tip: Order as a group and share. Antipasto, pizza and baked pasta are all so good that you should not choose only one.

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When you're in the mood for good times and great cuisine, be sure to checkout Mela. The restaurant is located in one Boston's South End and is known for its delightful staff and superb cuisine.The menu at Mela features a wide array of great Indian selections, made from only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Mela's menu includes a weekday all you can eat buffet lunch, bargain priced at $9.95, and a weekend brunch for a few dollars more. If dinner is what you're after, you'll find that most of Mela's entrees are priced in the teens. The rich sauces enhance rather than overpower the meat and vegetables within the dish. Appetizers are large and ideal fro sharing and add on like their crisp, airy naan make for the perfect fork alternative to scoop bites of saucy dishes into your mouth.

Recommended for Best Value because: Most of Mela's entrees are under $20 while their lunch and brunch buffets are bargains well under $15.00 for all you can eat.

Jessica's expert tip: Enjoy the bargain priced brunch buffet if you can stay, or order a vindaloo to go.

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Conveniently located near Fenway Park, this restaurant draws a yuppie crowd ready to feast on tasty American cuisine. Order from a selection of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, or entrees, and you'll be shocked when you see the bill because Audubon's eats are well below what you'd expect for the quality. Appetizers, burgers and sandwiches top out at $12 and "plates" are all around the $15 mark. The interior is sleek and modern with wood walls, exposed beams and an industrial feel. Their full bar provides many options, including a large selection of beer and kick ass cocktails as well as small offering of red and white wine.

Recommended for Best Value because: Audubon serves American fare in a casual, welcoming setting and offers entrees at a bargain, $15.00.

Jessica's expert tip: Try something from Audubon's grilled selection and order the corn husk flounder plate.

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When you're seeking amazing Vietnamese food in Boston you should make your way to Pho Pasteur where their authentic food is served in simple surroundings at low pieces. Nothing beats a big bowl of Pho when the weather is cold, or you feel a little under it and Pho Pasteur takes your Pho craving to a whole new level. Bowls of homemade, flavorful broth come to your table piping hot with a side dish of accouterments to add to create a Pho of your liking. Beyond Pho, you'll find traditional appetizers, salads, rice dishes, noodle plates, entrees and many vegetarian options. Best of all, this Chinatown gem is focused on serving authentic Vietnamese food at super low prices. Nothing on the menu is more than $15.00.

Recommended for Best Value because: Pho Pasteur serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine at remarkable prices in Boston's Chinatown.

Jessica's expert tip: Don't let the minimally decorated interior fool you, the food is fabulous; a bowl of Pho is a must.

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Redbones serves Southern BBQ food that Southerners would eat. A menu filled with favorites, like pulled pork and baby back ribs are rave worthy, and served in large portions to satisfy even the largest of appetites. The casual setting is the perfect place to toss back a couple craft beers. With more than 20 to choose from, Redbones makes it easy to enjoy a cold one while you wait for your table (reservations are not accepted). Although there dis no children's menu, children are welcome at Redbones. They'll happily provide you with a highchair and plastic cups with covers and side dishes like mac n cheese offer filling options for picky eaters.

Recommended for Best Value because: Redbones is the best of casual BBQ in the Boston area and serves it all at low prices.

Jessica's expert tip: Try the St. Louis Style ribs, tender and flavorful these ribs are made to impress.

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On Bromfield Street, a small, almost hidden entryway leads you down the stairs and into the dark den that is Silvertone's. Serving comfort food at low prices is what Silvertone's has done well for more than a decade. A meal of buffalo wings served with actual blue cheese (not dressing) and their aboslutly amazing mac n cheese, served with lightly dressed mixed greens on the side is under $20. If the cool setting makes you feel you need a fabulous drink, indulge as it may be the most expensive thing your order. A no reservations policy creates waits that are pleasant as the friendly atmosphere at the bar passes the time quite quickly.

Recommended for Best Value because: Silvertone is a classic Boston spot for comfort food on the cheap.

Jessica's expert tip: Go for dinner, stay for the bar scene.

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