Boston Chinese Options Range from Outside the Box to Americanized Fare

To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven.-Ancient Chinese Proverb 

Boston proper, as well as the outskirts, are filled heavenly Chinese cuisine that will wow your taste-buds with their winning Chinese fare. Some serving simple, basic, American standards like Brookline's Golden Temple, as well as those taking a more adventurous route like Allston's Jo Jo Tai Pei, and others that go super upscale like Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger in Wellesley. Of course, Chinatown is not to be overlooked because some of the more authentic experiences lie within. From the simple surroundings that focus more on food than ambiance, like Jumbo Seafood and its many tanks of live sea-life to New Shanghai's always perfectly prepared, never greasy meals, Chinatown can meet your culinary needs on every corner. 



This Chestnut Hill Mall Chinese paradise is raved about all around town. With its delicate script and unassuming decor, you may think twice before entering because from the unusual name for a Chinese restaurant to the subtle mall entry,...  Read More



In the mood for basic Americanized Chinese? Make a trip to the Golden Temple where you'll find a pleasant wait staff serving up exceptional cuisine in a pleasantly upscale setting. The interior is lavishly decorated and the menus, drink and...  Read More



A nod to the grandeur of the Ming Dynasty, this Chinese restaurant between Harvard and Porter Squares is an eye-pleaser thanks its sharp, clean lines and temple-inspired elements. Changsho is far more than a pretty scene, though, and its...  Read More



North End dwellers rave about Billy Tse's because it offers a little something for everyone. Their menu samples cuisine from both China, and Japan. Sushi lovers swear by Billy Tse's sashimi and those craving Chinese love this place. Food is full...  Read More



Jumbo Seafood prepares fresh, fabulous Chinese food from tank to skillet in no time. Making the quality of the food they serve well beyond that of the competition. The Hong Kong-style menu is filled with everything from standard favorites like...  Read More



New Shanghai is a Chinatown favorite, not for its decor, but for its authenticity as a go to for hot, spicy Szechuan-style cuisine. Prices are reasonable, starting with appetizers under $10 and entrees in the high teens. The fish is fresh, meats...  Read More



Dining at Jo Jo Tai Pei is almost as good as going to China. Ok, maybe not that good, but pretty darn close. The food preparation here is spot on and the exotic dishes are well outside the box of what you'd ordinarily find on a Boston Chinese...  Read More

Outside the City
Lotus Blossom


Lotus Blossom is a suburban gem serving Chinese food that is filled with flavor and low on grease. You'll enjoy the upscale setting where you won't feel rushed while you savor each bite of the Chinese delights offered on their menu. The real...  Read More


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