Best Gluten-Free Baked Goods in Boston

Boston Area Bakeries Serve Gluten-Free Goods that Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When you want a baked good and you're eating gluten-free it can be hard to find something to satisfy that sweet craving. Boston has no shortage of allergy friendly food, and baked goods can be found at many shops. Some make their own, while others rely on purchasing from experts to ensure they serve the best gluten-free bakery items they can offer. Either way, you're sure to enjoy each blissful bite of your bakery item when you choose from one of 10best's top spots.

Treat yourself to a gluten-free cupcake from Needham's Treat and you'll find yourself asking after each bite if this delight is really gluten-free, or order up at the North End's popular Modern Pastry and feel like everyone else. Sit down to coffee with friends at Keltic Krust where they make ordering easy with gluten free treats like to die for energy bars or grab lunch at Flour Bakery + Cafe where you'll find items clearly labeled gluten-free on their wall mounted menu. Those seeking the ultimate gluten free baked goods experience should make their way the Glutenus Minimus in Belmont where they take gluten free to a whole new level, serving not only baked goods in their store, but also boxed mixes so you can recreate their sweets at home. 


Sweet Tooth
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Sweet Tooth is the place to satisfy your sweet tooth With seven different varieties baked fresh, from scratch each and everyday you are sure to find fantastic treats to tempt your taste buds. The carrot cake cupcake is an award winner and for good reason, topped with a not too sweet vanilla cream cheese icing and flavored with just the right amount of spice, these nuggets of flavor warm your soul. Cupcakes are not all that Sweet Tooth offers, a sampling of desserts welcomes guests and are always baked fresh. Sweet Tooth has it all: pastries, pies (they even sell individual size), cookies, bars and truffles too. Cookie monsters beware, the cookies are a half-pound here. Sweet tooth even has some gluten free offerings like flour less chocolate mini cupcakes and french macaroons.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Serving sensational flour-less chocolate mini cupcakes and french macaroons Sweet Tooth is sure to satisfy yours.

Jessica's expert tip: Special orders are welcome. Call in advance if you have a particular craving.

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The Thinking Cup is the type of coffee shop that you dream about. Freshly made pastries line the shelves (the scones are raved about by regulars I know), simple sandwiches are available and everyone lingering wants to be (for those in a rush order to go, but be warned rush is not a word that has real meaning inside these walls). Bagels, croissants, muffins, scones and even breakfast sandwiches are served alongside their award winning cups of Joe. Offering a few gluten free bakery items, like chocolate chip cookies, and gluten free bread, you don't have to be left out when eating here.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: The Thinking Cup's gluten free cookies pair nicely with their rich cups of coffee.

Jessica's expert tip: You'll be fighting for a table at the Thinking Cup where long lines last all day and the tables don't turn over all that fast.

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Modern is a fabulous, family-owned Italian bakery that is filled with delicious sweets and treats just waiting to be consumed. Modern gives North End competitors a run for their money with the filled to order favorites-cannolis. Enjoy other Italian favorites including biscotti, breads and an enticing assortment of torrones. But Modern goes above and beyond other North End spots having an assortment of baked goods for the gluten free crowd. Feel ever so indulgent when you bite into one of their sensational whoopie pies and you'll most likely forget it is gluten free. Other offerings vary, and if you are looking for something special, call ahead to see if Modern has it because they just might.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Aiming to please all customers desiring North End baked goods, Modern Pastry offers delightful gluten-free options.

Jessica's expert tip: Visitors can revisit Modern from the comfort of their own homes by making use of their on-line ordering system.

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Flour is a wildly popular small cafe that is big on charm and serves melt in your mouth pastries and cakes. Offering more than gourmet baked goods, Flour has an excellent selection of coffee, tea and even sandwiches, Fill your belly with something yummy any time of day, but don't deter from what locals enjoy most -the baked goods. Rave-worthy scones, delectable cakes, and tempting tarts are addicting, just ask any of Flour's many regulars. Those with food allergies can rest easy as Flour's menu is clearly labeled as to what is gluten-free. So bite into your gluten free treat and find yourself just as happy as your gluten eating friends.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: One of Boston's best cafe/bakeries, Flour clearly labels its menu to indicate what is gluten free.

Jessica's expert tip: Great for breakfast, lunch or just dessert, Flour has several locations scattered throughout the city.

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Outside the City

Who knew gluten free could taste so good? Treat bakes some of the best gluten free cupcakes you'll find. This allergy friendly bakery has an extensive list of offerings to accommodate various allergy needs. A blind taste test will leave you scrambling to figure out which one is lacking gluten and an eyes open comparison may just have you ordering another gluten free because they're just that good! Bite into a tasty cupcake at Treat Cupcake Bar and you'll know why locals rave about these freshly baked delights. The concept of Treat is unique to other cupcake spots as you have the option of enjoying one of their freshly backed creations or making your own at their interactive cupcake bar. With two locations: the original in Needham and a second in Chestnut Hill, you can easily indulge in these baked goods. Treat also delivers cupcakes and caters special occasions; offering allergy friendly options brought to your door.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Treat's has a large selection of gluten free flavors available everyday in their stores for your enjoyment without special ordering.

Jessica's expert tip: Chocolate lovers will flip for the Cookies and Cream a rich chocolate cake, topped with an airy cookies n' cream frosting.

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Something Sweet Without Wheat is an award-winning, gluten free bakery that has a loyal following of customers on a gluten free diet. Their reputation for serving some of the best gluten free baked goods in the Boston area draws people from allover. When you indulge in their cakes, breads, cookies, muffins, and pies you'll know why Something Sweet Without Wheat is so popular; it is hard to tell you're eating gluten free. From the basic hamburger buns to the more elaborate baked specialties like the danish and croissants, you'll be happily stuffed with bakery delights. Special order items are available for ordering and are simply stunning at parties.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Something Sweet Without Wheat offers bakery gluten free specialties beyond sweets.

Jessica's expert tip: Be sure to buy an extra loaf of bread at Something Sweet Without Wheat, because you'll find yourself craving more at home.

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