Boston Area Bakeries Serve Gluten-Free Goods that Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When you want a baked good and you're eating gluten-free it can be hard to find something to satisfy that sweet craving. Boston has no shortage of allergy friendly food, and baked goods can be found at many shops. Some make their own, while others rely on purchasing from experts to ensure they serve the best gluten-free bakery items they can offer. Either way, you're sure to enjoy each blissful bite of your bakery item when you choose from one of 10best's top spots.

Treat yourself to a gluten-free cupcake from Needham's Treat and you'll find yourself asking after each bite if this delight is really gluten-free, or order up at the North End's popular Modern Pastry and feel like everyone else. Sit down to coffee with friends at Keltic Krust where they make ordering easy with gluten free treats like to die for energy bars or grab lunch at Flour Bakery + Cafe where you'll find items clearly labeled gluten-free on their wall mounted menu. Those seeking the ultimate gluten free baked goods experience should make their way the Glutenus Minimus in Belmont where they take gluten free to a whole new level, serving not only baked goods in their store, but also boxed mixes so you can recreate their sweets at home. 

Sweet Tooth
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Outside the City


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