Best Late Night Restaurants in Boston

Eat Right, Even Late Night, in Boston

When you get a late night craving, or just a late start on your night you can still get good eats in Boston. Area hot spots offer diners the chance to enjoy menu highlights and specialties after many area eateries close.  Beyond the greasy spoons, many tough reservations to get give diners a chance to walk in after the crowds die down.

Starting at 11pm on weekends you can enjoy ramen at upscale Uni, but only until they run out, which they always do before they close shop at 2am. Bite into a perfect pizza at A4 in Somerville where the wood fired delights come out bubbling on top with a crisp, charred crust and are available until 1am every night. Chow down on bar food at JM Curley where a burger and snacks are a bit more than basic and offered to guests until 1am. Take a seat at Gaslight where their well composed menu is offered until 12am and is filled with French bistro favorites. If southern cuisine is your thing then Estelle's late night menu will make you happy. Or indulge that late night salt craving with Chinese food at one of the best,  Chau Chow City, that will fill you up anytime until 4am. 

Boston may not be known for late night dining, but new options are popping up from top spots all the time.


Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks
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In the heart of Kenmore Square, moments away from Fenway Park sits Eastern Standard. A sophisticated restaurant with a fabulous bar that churns out out some the best New American cuisine in the city. Although you can make it a light lunch, who would want to when the raw bar summons diners to indulge and entrees like, The Gouda Mac n Cheese, and Chicken Sausage and Gravy served over a buttermilk biscuit are options you could enjoy mid -day? If you have time for a cocktail then sip away-the menu is a sophisticated list of libations. For those looking to avoid the booze but in need of more than a basic soda, enjoy one of Eastern Standard's anything but ordinary mocktails.

Recommended for Late Night because: Eastern Standard is the Darling of the late-night serving sophisticated comfort food to patrons from 11:00pm – 1:30am, Sun-Thurs & 12:00am – 1:30am, Fri-Sat

Jessica's expert tip: If the Red Sox have a home game, be sure to take the T, parking can be tough in Kenmore Square.

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Tip Tap Room
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The Tip Tap room skirts the edge of Beacon Hill heading into Boston's West End, where the TD Garden makes its home. An ideal spot for pre or post game food and drinks, the Tip Tap Room welcomes diners for lunch and dinner daily, serving food until the early morning hours.Helmed by Brian Poe, you'll find a selection of wild game that sets this unpretentious upscale dining experience apart from neighboring peers. Order something exciting at this neighborhood stand out like the antelope meatloaf or bison short rib, or stick with a more familiar meat and savor their steak. For those who seek a more refined experience in the area, the Tip Tap Room delivers.

Recommended for Late Night because: With a 2am closing time you can eat and drink late night while enjoying the tips and taps that make the Tip Tap room so popular.

Jessica's expert tip: You can't miss the Potato appetizer, this seven-bacon tip wonder is only made better by the addition of a beer cheese sauce, fried oysters & pickled Serrano pico.

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A casually elegant interior is swanky without being stuffy. Small tiles seem to glisten from the light reflecting off their shiny surface. The lively bar scene is the perfect place to sit solo and order a light meal, or a simple snack including something from their impressive selection of raw bar essentials even during their brunch hours. Enjoy the leisurely scene at one of their many private or communal tables, or opt for a patio seat; with warming stations you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air well after summer ends and much in advance of when it begins. Gaslight's brunch is as inviting as its atmosphere; order a few things to share from their sweet and savory options to create your perfect brunch.

Recommended for Late Night because: Gaslight serves their French specialties until midnight on weekends when you can indulge long after most spots are closed.

Jessica's expert tip: Gaslight's crepes are worth every calorie but if you'd prefer something savory try the Steak & Eggs with pommes confit, casramelized onions, & sauce meurette. And if you're feeling more like lunch order the Moules Frites.

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JM Curley
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When a restaurant lists their rules and those rules include, "the customer is NOT always right, and don't be a douchbag", you know you're in a true Boston spot. jm Curley's is that kind of place, where you won't find anything fancy, but you'll get good food, and drinks in a cool setting. jm Curley's is an ode to popular and controversial former Mayor of Boston, James Michael Curley who always got the job done and was loved by his constituents. At this Boston spot, you'll find a whimsical selection of grub that, like Mayor Curley, gets the job done. On the menu you'll find fun choices like pickled deviled eggs, curley's cracka jack, beer and cheese soup, and fried chicken dinner. These dishes may not be good for your waistline, but they certainly warm your spirit.

Recommended for Late Night because: JM Curley offers a late night menu until 1am that highlights some of the best of JM Curley's snacks, sandwiches and sweets.

Jessica's expert tip: Go with friends who will share! jm Curely's menu is filled with "must try" bites like curley's cracka jack, the foie gras glazed jelly donut, beet doritos & a fried chicken dinner that will leave you planning a return trip.

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Uni Sashimi Bar
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Uni, located in the lounge of Clio, is a hip Back Bay gathering spot. energetic yet intimate, with a reverence for the food and a large selection of sakes. Sashimi is imported from Tokyo's Tskuji market, as well as local sources, and is paired with a menu of distinctive cocktails. Select a variety of their amazing offerings to create one perfect sushi meal or enjoy a small bite as a snack. Unique offerings change often, reflecting the Chef's whim, but may include Sanma (Pacific Saury) with umeboshi, huckleberry, sea grapes and pickled jalepeno and Shiro Ika (Japanese White Squid) with spicy peanuts, tamarind and Thai basil. Guaranteed to leave you licking your lips!

Recommended for Late Night because: Late night ramen at Uni runs from 11pm-2am, Friday and Saturday nights; is first come first served and well worth waiting in line for.

Jessica's expert tip: Dive into Uni's sushi with abandon! Briny sensations are balanced with hints of spicy and sweet to create near perfect sushi offerings-changing often.

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