Oh, Shucks! Boston's Best Oyster Bars Serve Up Briny Delights

Boston’s harbor-side location allows easy access to the aphrodisiac of the sea-oysters. Harvesting oysters happens all around Boston with many oyster "farmers" raising oysters in a sustainable way. With an influx of oyster farms, the number of locales specializing in theses salty sea creatures has increased allowing more opportunities for oyster lovers to enjoy.  

The 10best represent a cross-section of styles, from the veteran like the small reservation free Neptune Oyster Bar where their reputation for constantly high quality oysters often leave diners waiting for hours for a table to the newly opened Select Oyster Bar where a 20% gratuity is tacked onto your bill no matter your opinion of the service. 

Those who crave a reservation can take the easy road and make one at Island Creek Oyster Bar where you'll learn the reason that Island Creek Oyster Farm has such a great reputation. Their sister restaurant, Row 34, also taking reservations, has made a big splash in the oyster world in the Fort Point area where their oysters are often paired with beer.

If you're seeking an iconic oyster bar experience then Union Oyster House is a must because nothing says classic Boston than oysters at the bar of this historically significant seafood spot. 

Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar
Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Citizen Public House Website


Citizen Public House is something different on the oyster scene. This is a tavern complete with fried pickles and gourmet pb&j, it is not the place you'd expect to turn out delicious oyster. Somehow this combo really works. Located behind Fenway...  Read More



Mare lets you dine in the North End without a plate of pasta. This seafood restaurant's focus on sustainable fishing sets it apart from other area eateries. With a raw bar that stands up to other area options, and a menu filled with unique...  Read More



Summer Shack has consistently good food, excellent blackboard specials, stiff drinks and a seasoned wait staff. The laid back atmosphere is family friendly, but also offers a bar in another room for those looking to leave the kids behind....  Read More



Union Oyster House is a taste of Boston history. Opened in 1826, and holding the title of America's oldest restaurant, Union Oyster House still offers one mean oyster bar. Just outside Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Union Oyster House is the perfect...  Read More

Legal Harborside
Photo courtesy of Chip Nestor


Legal Harborside Floor 1 offers one of the best ocean views around. Floor to ceiling windows adorn the harbor-side of this excellent oyster joint. A raw bar sits near the center with seating that allows diners to watch the water change. In...  Read More

Select Oyster Bar
Photo courtesy of Jessica Polizzotti


Select Oyster Bar is open 7 Days a week, offering Lunch + Dinner daily. Nosh on mane filled with local seafood offerings that are filled with mediterranean flavors. A creative wine program, craft beer offerings, and cocktail program featuring...  Read More



B&G is a South End treasure by famed chef Barbara Lynch. Located below street level, B&G boasts a simple setting that allows diners to focus on the fabulous food. Oysters are the star here, so order up. The enclosed garden patio takes you away...  Read More



Island Creek Oyster Bar does not exclusively sell Island Creek oysters (from Duxbury, MA). They open their menu to many other oysters from coast to coast. With such a large selection, this is an oyster oasis. Island Creek quickly secured its...  Read More



Neptune Oyster is the oyster lover's oyster bar. Neptune's selection of east and west coast oysters are impressive. With sleek décor this no frills oyster bar is the perfect spot to sit and sip champagne while dozens of these fresh mollusks...  Read More

Row 34
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Fashionably simple, Row 34 in Fort Point Channel, within the Seaport District, has quickly made a splash in the restaurant scene. Serving simple, fresh seafood, Row 34 churns out plates of seafood to be eaten with enjoyment. Row 34 has a...  Read More


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