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Eat Your Heart Out at Boston's Most Romantic Restaurants

There are times when your choice of a Boston restaurant requires a romantic setting. Whether you're planning to spend a special evening with someone you care about, pop the question, celebrate an anniversary or just enjoy a night with the one you married years ago. Whatever you're after there is a Boston restaurant that is right for your romantic night. 

View seekers flock to the Top of the Hub where you get to set your sights beyond their back Back Bay dining room to take in the skyline of much of Boston. Pair that with an excellent wine list, and live music and you'll have the ideal setting for a perfect proposal.

Big spenders love the top notch service that Barbara Lynch's Menton offers all who grace their doors. You must dress up to be welcomed in the inconspicuous spot that makes it home in Fort Point Channel and serves French and Italian cuisine that will leave you speechless. 

The North End's ambiance exudes romance. With its cobblestone streets and charming structures, you'll find no shortage of couples holding hands as they stroll to the end of the cobblestones in North Square and through the doors of the most romantic spot, Mamma Maria where the northern Italian cuisine, and cozy setting invite you to enjoy each other just as much as you will the food. 

Peruse 10best's list and you are sure to find the right kind of romance for your date night. 



Award winning Harvest is highly regarded for its three-course Sunday brunch. This prix fixe affair tempts the palate with New England-inspired dishes such as Harvest eggs Benedict made with Maine crab meat and complements them with traditional brunch alternatives like steak and eggs, grilled salmon, seasonal quiches and corned beef hash. Or enjoy a lovely, elegant lunch or dinner made special with Harvest's nod to all that's local; creating traditional food that is truly special. The dining room, with its open kitchen, warm earth tones, wood accents and comfortable banquettes, forever embraces patrons, and the garden terrace is particularly enchanting during the months of late spring and early autumn.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Harvest's interior evokes the warmth of a country home while the terrace creates an oasis in the city; the ideal setting for romance.

Jessica's expert tip: Taste all bounty of New England including the raw bar offerings as well as a few treats for the table alongside the entrees.

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Menton is THE high end eatery in Boston. Serving two menu options, prix fixe or the chef's tasting, this an about the experience as much as it is the meal. The food is perfectly prepared and service is spectacular. One of the stand outs is a staple of romance seekers around the globe- caviar. You'll find nothing but the best at Menton where two distinct options are offered: Royal White Surgeon at $175 per ounce or classic Osetra at $250 per ounce. For the caviar aficionados, it is well worth the hefty price tag. Those who'd rather skip this delicacy will be just as happy with their four or seven course French/Italian menu that pairs perfectly with the wines selected to be a part of Menton's special list. Offering diners a more than ample selection wines from France, Italy, Austria, and small American growers to pair perfectly with Menton's cuisine.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: High prices, high class service, elegant surroundings inspire you to dress your best and share a meal with someone special at Menton.

Jessica's expert tip: Be prepared to plop down some serious cash for a meal at Menton. Prices start at $95 per person before you factor in drinks or caviar.

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A favorite among the Inman Square crowd, this Mediterranean restaurant boasts an innovative menu and pleasant wait staff. Chef Ana Sortun has become a legend in the Boston area, known for sourcing many of her vegetables from her husband's farm in Sudbury, MA, ensuring her dishes are made form the freshest ingredients. Reservations are hard to come by, leaving diners, especially those seeking a spot on her romantic patio waiting weeks for availability. opening at 5:30pm each evening, Oleana often has lines prior to opening their doors, as patrons hope to score one of the non-reserved tables on the spot. Well worth the wait, Sortun has created the spot for Eastern Mediterranean fine dining. Enjoy her meze, but save room for the main course because the flavor profile is sure to play games with your palate.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: A spot by Oleana's cozy fireplace in the dining room, or on the awe-inspiring patio create a romantic setting to enjoy an Eastern Mediterranean meal.

Jessica's expert tip: Meze are a must; order quite a few and request assistance to pair with your wine.

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80 Thoreau
Photo courtesy of 80 Thoreau

80 Thoreau is a unique farm to table spot that makes its home at the train station in historic Concord. Enter this depot spot and make your way back to Boston by train because once at the top of the steps you'll find some of the best food in the Boston area, in one the most romantic settings. 80 Thoreau has a menu that is constantly evolving to highlight what's in season from local farms and their chef is always finding new ways to prepare these simple ingredients. Some of what you'll find includes soups made from in-season tomato or pumpkin, pates from local fish, pastas utilizing local vegetables to enhance their flavors and rich cuts of meats that satisfy any carnivore. Their tonic and gin tastes like a lie ricky and their wine list perfectly compliments their menu. You'll find the owners always abuzz ensuring your every need is met.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: 80 Thoreau's dimply lit well appointed dining room offers diners the simple, elegant charm of the town it inhabits.

Jessica's expert tip: If you happen to forget to reserve a table, 80 Thoreau offers burgers at the bar as well as other special treats not found in the dining room.

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Tangierino offers diners a more worldly take on the romantic dinner. The setting, dark, and draped in rich fabrics oozes romance. While the exotic spice blends and traditional dishes cooked in tagines bring the romance to the food itself. Find yourself seated in a cozy table for two in the corner or in one of the more luxurious booths enclosed by curtains suitable to allow you a little respite from the wandering eyes of those nearby. The menu is split between Moroccan specialties ("Old World" dishes) and more American staples that although equally as good can be found on many Boston menus. Stick with tradition and take advantage of Tangierino's unique offerings by ordering up their specialties like the Merguez Tangierino, Sultan's Kadra and the M'rouzia of Boneless Short Ribs.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Belly dancing, Moroccan food, dim lighting, and dark rich fabrics draped around private nooks make Tangierino a romantic must try.

Jessica's expert tip: Request one of the more private tables, draped in luxurious curtains for a more authentic, and romantic experience.

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Photo courtesy of Bondir via Image Unlimited

Bondir serves modern American cuisine in an elegant setting that makes you feel special even before you take a bite of their amazing menu. Only 28 seats and a cozy room complete with a fireplace makes Bondir the place you long to be on cool evenings while its bright interior gives it an airy feel on warm ones.. A true commitment to farm to table cuisine, sourcing the best pastoral and marine bounty from all of New England combined with an expertly selected list of American and European wines and beers. You'll find their daily created menu stocked with vegetables picked that day, fish just caught from the ocean, as well as pasture-raised meats. Bondir takes farm to table to a new level. This popular Cambridge eatery went as far as opening a second outpost in Concord, MA where they can be closer to the farms that source their kitchen.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: A elegant interior with small, quiet tables for canoodling, and fresh reactive American food make Bondir ideal for date night.

Jessica's expert tip: Offering two sizes of menu items, choose the smaller size and share; about six will feed two.

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North End mainstay, Mamma Maria is known to be a romantic go to among Boston locals. Starting with the walk along the cobblestone streets, your entry into Mamma Maria has you longing for love. The interior is decorated with crisp linens and the knowledgable waitstaff let you linger. The northern Italian specialties that make-up their balanced menu will blow you away. The absence of over sauced plates keeps the crisp white linens pristine and your desire for authentic Italian cuisine satisfied. Indulge in the rich Osso Bucco- classically prepared and served with a saffron risotto Milanese that almost overshadows the meat, or enjoy one of their savory home-made, and slightly different pasta dishes like the truly special Bolognese- prepared as it is in the village of Serralunga di Crea with spicy artisanal pepperoncini pasta.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Mamma Maria's setting-small rooms inside a former house give you the sense of dining in an Italian villa and are the only ones there.

Jessica's expert tip: Request a table for two in one of the smaller rooms to get the most intimate experience.

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Sitting high above the city, overlooking the twinkling lights at night and the expansive city views during the day, you'll find the Prudential Center's crown jewel, Top of the Hub. Romance is the name of the game at this up high, upscale restaurant and lounge where you'll find couples canoodling by the windows, holding hand while soaking in the live music in the lounge or sharing an intimate bite at the bar. Top of the Hub makes any meal special serving lunch, dinner and even Sunday brunch with a view. Famous for proposals, don't be surprised if you see more than one man pop the question, because with a view like this she can't say no.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Top of the Hub offers the most stunning views while dining in Boston; sure to inspire romance.

Jessica's expert tip: Lunch at Top of the Hub is equally as exciting as the more popular dinner reservation.

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