Sushi-Lover's Wish List: 10 Best Boston Restaurants for Sushi and Sashimi

Boston offers sushi in every neighborhood, and although many do sushi and sashimi really well there are ten that are just a cut above the rest. Whether looking for sensational sashimi or distinctive rolls Boston has a sushi spot that is sure to please. Fugakyu is guaranteed to win you over on each and every visit. It's Japanese themed interior even offers paper-walled rooms for private dining. While those seeking sensational take-out should opt for Oishii Sushi Bar in Chestnut Hill. And, if modern elegance is the ambiance you are after, enjoy the crisp clean lines of Douzo's modern digs where the neighbors flock for their favorite sushi. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and creativity of the sushi when you dine at  Misono, a hidden gem tucked away in a West Roxbury strip mall. Cafe Sushi in Cambridge wins raves from fans who find their every changing menu filled with fresh sashimi as well as an impressive selection of rolls. While Haru is a shoppers dream; located at the base of the Prudential Center, you can just as easily fill your bags as you can fill your stomach on their inspired selection of sushi. Get your chopsticks ready, prepare your wasabi and dine at any on this list for guaranteed great sushi.


West Metro

New Ginza is the go-to sushi spot of those who live near Watertown. The welcoming interior invites guests to sit and stay, and the take out allows you to easily take home. You can rely on New Ginza to serve up exactly what you had before with the same quality on every visit. Although New Ginza offers menu filled with cooked items form their kitchen, you should not miss out on their super fresh sashimi and popular rolls. This is a good spot to try something new as it's guaranteed to be good. Special events, like sake tastings, happen from time to time and are well worth attending.

Basho is a Fenway area Japanese brasserie that is the first of its kind to find a home on the streets of Boston. Basho serves fresh, high-quality ingredients including sushi that is flown in daily from all around the world. Offering diners a variety of seating options that include: communal tables, a "cocoon" for private dining, and intimate corners that let you be alone, as well as a sushi bar, raw bar and sleek, wraparound bar. Basho combines a sushi heavy menu with cooked options like sandwiches, noodles, rice and entree elections, ensuring anyone can find something they want on their menu.

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Hidden in a strip mall in the neighborhood of West Roxbury, Misono is worth seeking out. Their outside the box with their flavor combinations are an impressive variation from what you typically find on a list of rolls at most sushi joints. Enjoy one of the Chef's Special Rolls like the Hurricane Roll -tender lightly flavored sushi surrounds a mix of spicy crab and salmon salad that is then topped with sweet and crispy taro strings. Or indulge in one of the delightful appetizers that grace the menu. Dive into the Dragon Ball- a literal ball of spicy tuna mixed with tempura flakes to lend the ideal amount of crunch and then topped with an entire avocado, drizzled with a sweet and salty sauce and served with taro.

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Fugakyu in Brookline's Coolidge Corner is a favorite for many Boston locals since it opened its doors many years ago. Everything is perfectly prepared, and their fun variations of rolls, which use their super fresh fish, are served in your setting of choice: private booth, tatami room, a table, or simply at the sushi bar. Reserve a seat then seat back and scour the menu that has an impressive selection of sushi along with a variety of cooked appetizers and entrees. The variety of food available at Fugakyu allows those who crave sushi to pair up with those who don't for a meal everyone will love.

O Ya

Locating this nondescript building is just part of the fun of dining at Boston's most expensive sushi restaurant. O-Ya's tiny sign is easy to overlook on the brick building it calls home. However, once found O-Ya is an amazing experience in exotic flavors that are fused into the sushi it serves. Small plates dominate the menu and start around $20, a sampling of several are needed to complete a meal, but the sushi you'll devour will more than make up for the money you'll spend here. Enjoy the wildly different selection of raw fish like the Suzuki Sea Bass served with a cucumber vinaigrette, avocado, and cilantro or the Salmon Tartare with a cucumber yogurt coulis, argon oil and dill-simply divine!

Douzo Sushi is a combination sushi bar/cocktail lounge that allows diners to leave the traditional sushi scene behind and dine in modern elegance. A seat at the bar, even solo, will have you feeling welcome. The sleek banquettes, neutral tones, and cubic light fixtures that flank the interior space welcome guests to relax and enjoy the artfully prepared sushi that is showcased here. Douzo provides diners with some great options when it comes to combos for a crowd, and is priced right; no dropping your whole paycheck here. It is no wonder that Back Bay and South End residents flock to this sushi joint for take-out when they need a night in.

Located in Chestnut Hill, this tiny sushi joint serves up the freshest fare and is accustomed to packing it to go. With only a small sushi bar and a few tables, you can expect a wait at Oishii (or easily enjoy it as take-out). Specialties include creative rolls like the Hamachi Torched Maki (Roe, cucumber & spicy mayo inside & hamachi torched outside w/sweet miso sauce & black tobiko on top), clean cuts of fresh sashimi, and special hand rolls. Pull up a seat and watch the masters at work as they alive and serve sushi you'll be sure to seek out wherever you are in the Boston area.

The decor isn't the focus at this Harvard Square raw stop, but folks clamor for its fresh sushi, prepared simply and elegantly as sushi should be. Best of all, the cost remains reasonable making sushi every night a reality for those who live in the area. Cafe Sushi has been part of the neighborhood scene since the early '80s, and their experience shines through in the terrific rolls. In fact, local rumor has it that the fresh mackerel can't be beat. Don't take our word for it, check it out yourself. Enjoy a sushi spot that sees more regulars then new faces, and has a daily chaining menu to reflect the freshest fish they can find.


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