Best Outdoor Activities in Cabo San Lucas

Land's End Adventures: 10 Best Outdoor Activities in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is geographically blessed. Not only is the region home to distinct mountain and desert terrains, but it borders both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. This ecological diversity accounts in large part for the tremendous array of outdoor activities available here. Sportfishing and golf are probably the most popular pursuits, but Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, and the surrounding area also offer world-class conditions for adventures as wide-ranging as diving, kiteboarding, zip-lining and off-road racing.

For beachgoers, there are two mandatory stops in Cabo San Lucas. The first is Playa El Médano, a two mile stretch of sand that rings the bay, and is home to bars, restaurants and many large luxury resorts. Médano Beach draws its biggest crowds during the Spring Break months, but attracts sun-seekers year round for swimming, socializing and water-based activities rentals. You'll need a kayak, wave runner or water taxi to get out to Lover's Beach near Land's End. But it is an excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling, and offers some of the area's most gorgeous views.

Billfish enthusiasts may want to sign up with Pisces Sportfishing, one of the top local charter outfits, to try their luck with the local blue, black and striped marlin populations. And destination golfers will definitely want to tee it up at Puerto Los Cabos, which features a gorgeous composite layout from links legends Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman.


One of the most popular new water-based activities in Cabo San Lucas, flyboarding has only been around since 2011, when it was invented by a French jet ski champion named Franky Zapata. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a pair of boots are attached to a board, which is linked by a long hose to a wave runner or jet ski. Revving the jet ski sends water pressure through the hose and allows the flyboarder to propel him or herself up to 35 feet out of the water. Steering is controlled by heel-to-toe pressure in the feet, and tricks and turns are possible once one is out of the water and flying above Cabo San Lucas Bay like some sort of superhero.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Flyboarding is the most popular new outdoor activity in Los Cabos.

Chris's expert tip: Photo and video packages are available.

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Cuadra San Francisco is one of the Los Cabos area's hidden gems, offering virtually every equine-related activity imaginable: trail rides over local terrain, romantic rides along secluded beaches, carriage rides for weddings or special events...even polo lessons. The late Francisco Barrera trained under Nuno Oliveira, the Portuguese legend considered by many to be the most outstanding horseman of the 20th century, and his son Valente excels at teaching dressage, and the traditional techniques of Mexican vaqueros. The stables are located in the Tourist Corridor, just off the Cabo Real Golf course, and maintain close to fifty horses. Pony-sized horses with special saddles are available for kids, who can take lessons in either riding or archery.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Cuadra San Francisco is the best and only fully equipped Equestrian Center in Los Cabos.

Chris's expert tip: Pony sized horses are available for kids.

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See Creatures Cabo is the former Amigos del Mar, with a mission statement that has been expanded from simply great scuba diving tours to also include whale watching, swimming with whale sharks, and mobula ray experiences. The scuba diving remains front and center, however, from trips to Gordo Banks and Cabo Pulmo to night dives at Land's End followed by open bar margaritas. Those without dive certifications can get them from See Creatures Cabo, with courses all the way through the divemaster level. They also offer photo seminars and courses to sharpen your underwater technique, as well as gear reviews to make sure your camera equipment is ready to go for the adventures to follow.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: See Creatures Cabo is one of the best dive shops and wildlife tour operators in Los Cabos.

Chris's expert tip: For those who want an adventure beyond Bahia San Lucas, dive trips to Cabo Pulmo are available (and highly recommended, given that this protected marine sanctuary boasts the oldest and largest living coral reef in the Western Hemisphere), as are trips to La Paz to swim with whale sharks.

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Racing fans will be familiar with the legendary Baja 1000, the off-road race that winds down the peninsula from Ensenada to La Paz, with everything from motorcycles, buggies, and trucks trying to weather the shock-busting desert conditions. Wide Open Baja offers visitors a taste of these challenging conditions, with experiences, tours, and races that last from a few hours to four days. A Taste of Cabo is the introductory experience, a three hour adventure that includes up to 45 miles of off-road driving in an authentic $100,000 Baja Challenge race car. The car features a custom made Chromoly chassis, 4-speed manual transmission, 18 inches of suspension shocks and springs, safety harness, and a fresh air supply to combat the desert dust.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Wide Open Baja offers the area's best off-road racing adventures.

Chris's expert tip: The Lunch Run lasts a full day (nine hours), and includes 120 plus miles of off-road driving from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos, with lunch at the legendary Hotel California.

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Cabo Adventures Canyon Canopy Tour
Photo courtesy of Cabo Adventures

Cabo Adventures' array of eco-excursions include dolphin swims, scuba dives, whale watching excursions, outback camel tours, mountain biking, and zip-lining through a UNESCO protected biosphere. For adrenaline junkies, the zip-line tour is the one most likely to set the heart racing, with a series of lines criss-crossing rugged terrain in the Boca de Sierra. The longest line stretches over 4000 feet, and allows visitors to race hundreds of feet above the canyon floor at speeds approaching 60 miles an hour. In addition to the half dozen zip-line rides, the exhilarating tour also offers rock climbs, rappelling, a Tarzan swing, and swinging and commando bridges.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Cabo Adventures boasts the longest and fastest zip-line in Mexico.

Chris's expert tip: To maximize your speed and the zip line, and to keep yourself from swinging side to side, cross your ankles and pull your knees up towards your chest.

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Lover's and Divorce Beaches are as close as you can get to Land's End without a boat. However, you will need a boat or other water-based transportation to access them. Lover's Beach is on the Sea of Cortés side, and generally has safe swimming and good snorkeling conditions. It also features spectacular views of the bay, and all the luxury hotels on Médano Beach. Walk through a gap in the rocks and you're on Divorce Beach, looking out at the Pacific Ocean (avoid swimming on the Pacific side due to strong rip currents). Locals like to joke about the fact that Divorce Beach is five times the size of Lover's Beach. There are no vendors or services on either beach, so make sure you bring what you need for the day. Water taxis are readily available from the Marina or Médano Beach, and are happy to provide round-trip transportation.

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Big-game fishing is what built Cabo San Lucas, and even the most amateur of anglers will want to take their chances with the local population of marlin, sailfish and tuna. Pisces Sportfishing maintains one of the top fishing fleets, with a large variety of boats that range from pangas to large sportfishers and luxury yachts. All of their charters include fishing licenses, ice, fuel, bait, tackle, crew, box lunches and beverages. The crews are very experienced, and Pisces is much respected both for their catch totals and for their conservation efforts. Charters are generally about eight hours long, but custom departure times are available.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Pisces is one of the top charter fishing outfits in Cabo San Lucas.

Chris's expert tip: Pisces will deliver your catch to Captain Tony's on the Marina, where they're happy to cook it up any way you like.

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Two-time major champion Greg "The Great White Shark" Norman meets 18-time major champion and local golf icon Jack "The Golden Bear" Nicklaus in one of the area's most unique layouts. Norman designed the front nine Mission Course, Nicklaus the back nine Ocean Course. Both courses are eventually expected to be expanded into separate 18-hole loops, but for now golfing fans can get a first hand look at the contrasting design styles of these links legends. The highlight of Norman's nine are the spectacular views from the elevated 6th hole tee box. Nicklaus' back nine boasts one of the longest par-fours in all of Los Cabos, the challenging 498-yard 16th.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: This championship-level course features a composite design from major champions Jack "The Golden Bear" Nicklaus and Greg "The Great White Shark" Norman.

Chris's expert tip: Pull out the cameras on the par-3 6th, a spectacular hole that features gorgeous views of about 10 miles of coastline.

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Few local adventure companies can match Cabo Expedtions' variety of eco-themed activities, which include whale watching and swimming with whale sharks (seasonal), parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and day trips to Isla Espíritu Santo off the coast of La Paz. Perhaps the best thing about the company's collection of land and water based activities is that they cover a good portion of Baja California Sur, and thus provide visitors with wide-ranging introductions to the area's incredible bio-diversity. A snorkel/dive hybrid called "snuba" is a great choice for kids, since it requires no certifications, and allows ample time underwater (about 30 minutes) to appreciate the abundance of colorful fish and fauna in offshore waters.

Recommended for Outdoor Activities because: Cabo Expeditions is the best outdoor activities company in Cabo San Lucas.

Chris's expert tip: Week-long snorkel and kayak tours explore UNESCO protected islands near Loreto and La Paz.

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Playa El Médano is ground zero for the Spring Break madness in March, and remains busy throughout the year. In many ways, it's the center of social life in Cabo San Lucas. The beach is huge, about two miles long, and filled with restaurants, bars, souvenirs vendors, and water-based activities rentals. You can rent wave runners, kayaks, go parasailing, have a water taxi take you out to Land's End or Lover's Beach, or drop you off back at the marina. The water is extremely calm here, and although you won't find any lifeguards in Cabo San Lucas, areas are roped off for swimming.

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