East Cape Eats: The Best Restaurants on Baja California Sur's East Cape

The East Cape describes a roughly 70-mile coastal arc from San José del Cabo to Los Barriles. Beloved by “Old Baja” heads for its dirt roads and off-the-grid communities, the East Cape is also home to many fine resorts and restaurants, which cater to those drawn by the region’s beautiful beaches and world-class fishing, diving, surfing and windsports.

Buzzards Bar and Grill is one of the first restaurants of note on the road from Puerto Los Cabos to La Ribera, and savvy travelers will want to tank up for the drive ahead with fish tacos and coconut shrimp in pina colada dipping sauce. After journeying on to Cabo Pulmo to explore the living coral reef in the offshore marine sanctuary, Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort’s Coral Reef Restaurant is the de rigeur post-dive dining spot, serving up generous portions of Mexican specialties like burritos and enchiladas.

Los Barriles is the de facto capital of the East Cape, and boasts many of the region’s best restaurants. Roadrunner Cafe and Bakery is perhaps the town’ most versatile eatery: Not only does it offer wonderful baked goods and breakfast specialties, but also diner style specialties like burgers and shakes, and popular live music showcases on Wednesday evenings.

Tio Pablo’s, meanwhile, is a popular Los Barriles based pit stop for pizzas, steaks and televised sporting events; and El Viejo is the best taquería along the coast that stretches from San José del Cabo to La Paz.

Once a hot dog stand, Tio Pablo's has undergone an evolution in the last 25 years: to the point that's it now a staple of the Los Barriles dining scene, and the dinner stop of choice for local lovers of steak, pizza, darts, and televisions...  Read More

Locals crowd El Viejo at lunchtime, and why not? This unprepossessing little eatery is the best taquería on Baja California Sur's rugged and beautiful East Cape, as well as being one of the best restaurants in Los Barriles. Grab a table in the...  Read More

The signature restaurant in the boutique Hotel El Ganzo (the name is a portmanteau combining ganso, the Spanish word for goose, and gonzo, the outlandish journalism style pioneered by Hunter S. Thompon) at Puerto Los Cabos, Ganzo downstairs...  Read More

This great little 1950s style cafe, bakery and beer garden is located in the plaza just off as you turn off Highway 1 at Los Barriles. Road Runner serves up the best breakfast in town, with an excellent menu of omelets, burritos, waffles,...  Read More

The best dining in the small East Cape community of Buenavista is found at El Navegante, a beachfront restaurant at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. Gringos with little imagination will find burgers and hot dogs on the menu, but the best bet...  Read More

Palomar Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Michael Kull

People come to Santiago to see the nearby waterfalls, or to visit the zoo, and Palomar, located just off the main plaza, is a popular stopping place for food and refreshments. The restaurant and hotel - there are six double-rooms ringed around...  Read More

Off-the-grid at Zacatitos, but only 8 miles from San José del Cabo, Zac's is a popular destination for those seeking the laid-back pleasures of East Cape life. Palapa shaded views, ice cold beers and cocktails, and Mexican and American comfort...  Read More

If you're spending a few days in Cabo Pulmo to experience the incredible diving in the offshore marine sanctuary - home to the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortés, as well as its highest concentration of marine life - you're probable...  Read More

Menu items are scribbled on a surfboard at this laid-back, palapa-topped East Cape eatery, located near the small seaside community of El Encanto de la Laguna. The coconut shrimp in pina colada dipping sauce is the probably the signature dish,...  Read More

A favorite of East Cape cognoscenti, Crossroads is the beachfront restaurant at Hotel Vidasoul, a boutique 16-room eco-resort near Cabo Pulmo. Mexican comfort food favorites (chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, tacos, burritos and quesadillas) and...  Read More


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