Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

10 Best Places to Find Vegetarian Food in Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas chefs have increasingly emphasized fresh, local and organic ingredients in recent years, and this trend towards healthy and sustainable food has translated to an increase in vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes at area restaurants. Although there are still relatively few completely vegetarian eateries in Los Cabos, virtually all the restaurants at major resorts showcase some vegetarian options, and many offer separate vegetarian menus.

El Ameyal Hotel & Wellness Center's onsite restaurant, also called El Ameyal, is the shining light for visiting vegetarians, so much so that it even customizes menu offerings to suit specific diets. Vegans and raw foodies, for example, will feel welcome at El Ameyal, as will lacto and lacto ovo vegetarians. The hotel also offers vegetarian cooking classes, as well as special nutritional treatments in conjunction with some of the spa’s holistic healing treatments.

For those interested in doing their own cooking, the California Ranch Market at the foot of Pedregal carries the best selection of organic and health-conscious specialty items, and also features an onsite menu with vegetarian paninis and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Organic markets are open each week in both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, and local organic farms like Huerta Los Tamarindos and Flora Farms are home to excellent onsite restaurants.


Best known for its excellent omelets, burgers, sandwiches, and tortas (a form of sandwich), Rico Suave also boasts the freshest fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies in town. Nothing gets the blood pumping in the morning, particularly after an introduction to Cabo's late night party scene, like a heady mixture of beet and carrot juices, or a sweet melon and papaya smoothie. Rico Suave is open for breakfast and lunch, and offer a full menu of healthy, non-alcoholic pick-me-ups, which like the tortas, boast colorful or regionally distinctive names. Given its central downtown location, Rico Suave is a popular take-out stop, but the restaurant also offers prompt delivery service throughout Cabo San Lucas.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: Rico Suave has the largest selection of smoothies and fresh fruit and vegetable juices in Cabo San Lucas.

Chris's expert tip: Delivery charges vary by neighborhood, but none exceed $1.50 U.S.

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Pan di Bacco is a Neapolitan-style bakery, deli, restaurant, wine bar and coffee shop that opened in downtown Cabo San Lucas early in 2013. Pan di Bacco specializes in locally sourced, artisanal ingredients, and as one might imagine, the culinary pleasures here are legion. Fresh breads, egg-based dishes, salads and paninis highlight the breakfast and lunch menu, while dinner delights include antipasti, gourmet pizzas, mix and match croquettes, soups, pastas, custom cutting board options and decadent desserts. Wines are offered in small or full pours, with the former perfect for tastings and small plate pairings. Excellent beers and coffee drinks are also available, as are take-out breads, cakes and cookies from the onsite bakery.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: Pan di Bacco boasts numerous vegetarian and gluten free items, all of which are notated on their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Chris's expert tip: Free parking is available upon presentation of a restaurant receipt at the "Misiones" lot on Calle Ninos Heroes, between Calles Melchor Ocampo and Ignacio Zaragosa.

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A perennially popular draw at benchmark ultra-luxury resort One&Only Palmilla, this elegant seaside eatery was originally made notable by Moroccan born and Jean-Louis Palladin mentored chef Larbi Dahrouch,. Since his departure, the high level has been maintained by Chef Bladimir García and staff, and the restaurant is distinguished by its superb food, impeccable service, and romantic candle and moonlit views of the Sea of Cortés. Menus change seasonally (and sometimes daily) to reflect the finest available ingredients, which are shown to best advantage in García's traditonally inspired Mexican dishes. Many specialties are made tableside, including handmade tortillas, guacamoles, ceviches and moles. Start at the bar for sunset cocktails, framed between an infinity pool and a dramatic meeting of sea and sky.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: Agua specializes in traditional Mexican dishes made from fresh, local and organic ingredients.

Chris's expert tip: Agua has an excellent selection of wines from Mexico's premier wine producing region, Valle de Guadalupe.

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Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal ranks with One & Only Palmilla as one of Los Cabos' most exclusive and luxurious resorts, with a host of first-class amenities that include two of the area's best restaurants. The cliffside El Farallón is well-regarded for its stunning views and market-style seafood, while the resort's signature restaurant Don Manuel's boasts old-world hacienda style atmosphere, and a large open kitchen that dishes out superb Mexican accented cuisine. Don Manuel's is a fine dining establishment of deserved repute, yet they favor a more comfortable and relaxed approach than most restaurants of the same quality, with a gracious and welcoming staff adding to the charming, old-fashioned ambiance. Special vegetarian menus are available.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: Don Manuel's, like all restaurants at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, features a special vegetarian menu.

Chris's expert tip: Try the Tiki's Farm butternut squash soup with ancho chile, ginger, mushrooms and hazelnuts.

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The prices may be a lot higher here than at other local groceries, but that's because California Ranch Market is the premier local provider of organic foods and high-end specialty items. This is the mecca for vegetarians and health-conscious visitors to Los Cabos, and it also carries kosher and gluten free items, as well as U.S. snack brands that are hard to find elsewhere. The original location, formerly known as Tutto Bene, occupies a corner spot near the entrance to Pedregal. A second location has recently opened at Las Tiendas de Palmilla (The Shoppes at Palmilla). Delivery is available to many area locations.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: This is the healthiest market in Cabo San Lucas, with plenty of vegetarian menu options and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Chris's expert tip: Menu specials include a Rosemary Vegan Panini with roasted vegetables, rosemary olive oil, and chipotle vegan dressing.

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Flora's pioneered the farm-to-table dining scene in San José del Cabo and remains a mandatory stop for visiting foodies. Foodies have apparently taken the "mandatory" exhortation seriously, as the restaurant is packed on a nightly basis, despite its abundant seating capacity and out-of-the-way location. The Field Kitchen is set amid a 25-acre organic farm, so close diners can almost reach out and touch the food they'll soon be eating. Well, actually the meat is sourced from a nearby ranch, but you get the picture. This is both local and sustainable, not to mention altogether delightful. The food is superb and ranges from gourmet pizzas to farm-raised pork (try the pork chops) or homemade pasta. Sunday brunch is especially popular, although reservations are a necessity for any visit to the restaurant. The adjacent Farm Bar serves up fresh fruit juices, wine, craft beer and cocktails. In addition to the onsite bar, bakery, pizzeria and organic grocery, the property also includes boutique shops, a spa, and some charming culinary cottages and other residences. Cooking classes are yet another attraction.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: Flora Farm specializes in farm-to-table dining, with organic produce sourced from the adjacent fields.

Chris's expert tip: Good luck finding this place without directions. Luckily, they're available for download on the restaurant's website.

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The signature fine dining establishment at Tourist Corridor luxury resort Las Ventanas al Paraíso is known simply as The Restaurant. Baja Med style fusion dishes are the keystones of Chef Fabrice Guisset's menu, which is designed to show off the region's unique culinary style. Ingredients are primarily sourced from local organic farms and the resort's own herb garden, and The Restaurant's extensive wine list shows off top producers from the peninsula's premier wine growing region, Valle de Guadalupe. Old-world, Mexican style tableware and dazzling Sea of Cortés views provide the requisite ambiance, and the service is what one might expect at a world-class luxury resort. The dress code is upscale casual.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: The Restaurant at Las Ventanas relies on organic ingredients, and offers several great vegan and vegetarian menu options.

Chris's expert tip: Sample some of the best desserts in Los Cabos, including the delicious tequila ice cream.

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The organic farm at Huerta Los Tamarindos offers plenty of charms to lure citified visitors, from first-class dining and immersive cooking classes to rustic boutique accommodations in farm-side bungalows. The food is the one must-try feature, however, as Restaurante Los Tamarindos is one of three outstanding farm-to-table eateries found in the small community of Ánimas Bajas, just outside of San José del Cabo. Chef Enrique Silva's menu highlights include thyme roasted quail, lemongrass baked chicken, and pork shank in a homemade green mole sauce; as well as regional seafood delights like chocolate clams, Baja oysters, and fresh catch coconut ceviche. The cooking classes are definitely worth a try as well, however, thanks to a "hands on" chef-led immersion into Mexican and Mediterranean culinary traditions that takes place during the preparation of a four course meal.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: In addition to hosting its own organic market, Restaurante Los Tamarindos offers healthy options like baked eggplant rolls and vegetarian chile rellenos.

Chris's expert tip: Call about their three-hour-long cooking classes at the farm, which take place during the preparation of a four-course meal.

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The onsite restaurant at El Ameyal Hotel and Wellness Center is a mecca for visiting vegetarians. Not only is it a meat and fish free environment, but the restaurant will tailor offerings to specific dietary needs, including special diets for those dealing with hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes, and special dishes for lacto vegetarians, lacto ovo vegetarians, vegans,and raw food adepts. El Ameyal also offers courses in cooking healthy, and nutritional treatments offered in conjunction with spa therapies, including foods intended to detoxify, energize and nourish. All dishes are made with organic ingredients. Special events services are available, including catered food for weddings and birthdays. Call for information about delivery options.

Recommended for Vegetarian because: El Ameyal is the best vegetarian restaurant in Los Cabos, and will tailor meals to meet specific dietary requirements.

Chris's expert tip: Call the restaurant for information about their delivery zones.

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