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Best Shopping Malls and Centers in Cabo San Lucas

Baja Browsing: The 10 Best Shopping Centers in Los Cabos

There are several large shopping malls and plazas in Los Cabos, most notably Puerto Paraíso and Luxury Avenue on the Cabo San Lucas Marina, Plaza Sendero in the Delegation area of Cabo San Lucas, Plaza San Lucas in the Tourist Corridor, and the Mega mall complex in downtown San José del Cabo. Soriana, the primary store at Plaza Sendero, and Mega in San José (there is now a second location in San Lucas) are both chain-style grocery and sundry stores, and therefore of much more interest to locals than tourists.

For short-term visitors to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Paraíso and Luxury Avenue are by far the most popular malls for souvenir hunting and shopping for resort necessities such as swimwear, sunglasses and warm weather apparel. Puerto Paraíso and Luxury Avenue are located next to each other on the marina boardwalk, with the latter catering to higher end clientele interested in luxury brands like Fendi and Cartier. Plaza Bonita, nearby, also features clothing boutiques and arts and crafts galleries, but is perhaps best known for housing the city's only Starbuck's and Burger King franchises.

Plaza San Lucas is located in the Tourist Corridor that connects cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, and is popular with both locals and visitors, primarily due to the diversity of offerings at Walmart. In San José, Plaza Artesanos is a mandatory stop for souvenir hunters, with over 75 vendors selling authentic Mexican arts and crafts.


Plaza Gali
Photo courtesy of Chris Sands

As the closest plaza to the cruise ship terminal, Plaza Gali is sort of a microcosm of the larger Cabo San Lucas shopping experience. All the types of shops one can expect to find downtown - jewelry stores, arts and crafts purveyors, pharmacies, sunglasses boutiques, duty free shops - are found here first. One store, Fiesta Mexicana, even exclusively specializes in touristy items like t-shirts and sombreros. Tourist-oriented food and drink options are also on display, including a Starbucks coffee kiosk, a Señor Frog's bar and grill, and the bar at the Mayan Monkey boutique hostel. Activities can also be arranged, most notably at Manta, one of the area's premier dive shops. There is even an OXXO (a Mexican convenience store similar to 7-11 in the U.S.), where one can grab cold drinks and snacks.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Plaza Gali is the best shopping option near the cruise ship terminal.

Chris's expert tip: Fiesta Mexicana is one of the best souvenir stops in town.

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Plaza Aramburo is only a block or so off the marina, and houses the largest grocery store in the touristy area of Cabo San Lucas. The store, also called Aramburo, carries a variety of goods, from fresh bread to canned foods, dairy, deli meats, beach needs, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, liquor, bottled water and produce. For many years, there were high tourist mark-ups on items, but the appearance of City Club, Mega, Sam's Club, Soriana and Walmart, who offered many of the same things at lower prices, has brought prices down at Aramburo. The plaza is also home to a bank, a bar, a pharmacy and a small hotel called Las Margaritas Inn.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Plaza Aramburo is home to one of the larger groceries in Cabo San Lucas, and the most convenient for visitors staying near the Marina.

Chris's expert tip: If you don't want to carry your purchases back to the hotel, taxis are always available in front of the grocery.

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A familiar name for U.S. visitors, popular warehouse club Costco honors both U.S. and Canadian memberships at its Los Cabos store. The club is located in the Tourist Corridor, a few miles outside Cabo San Lucas, and has perhaps the most spectacular parking lot views of any chain store in North America. In addition to bulk supplies of many household necessities, Costco stocks beachwear and clothing, beauty and healthcare items, groceries, wine and liquors, and has an onsite bakery, pharmacy, optical center and snack bar. Visitors must be members to make purchases, but yearly memberships are available at reasonable rates (individual memberships are 450 pesos, or about $28 U.S.).

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Costco offers an enormous variety of goods and services, ranging from food and clothing to an onsite pharmacy and optical center.

Chris's expert tip: Delivers services are available through an associated company, but fees vary according to purchases and travel distance.

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Plaza Bonita is one of the larger shopping plazas in Cabo San Lucas. It's located on the marina boardwalk, near Puerto Paraíso, and counts among its tenants several popular nightclubs (Knotty Social Club, Nowhere Bar) and restaurants (Alexander, Tiki Bar), the town's only Starbuck's and Burger King franchises, as well as a clothing boutique (Dos Lunas) and galleries showcasing traditional Mexican arts and crafts. The courtyard is spacious, and a condo complex sits atop several commercial properties, offering superb views of the Cabo San Lucas Marina. The condos are often available for rental by the week or month, and guests have access to a communal terrace with a pool, hot tub and outdoor grill.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Plaza Bonita is one of three major shopping centers on the Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Chris's expert tip: Starbuck's is air-conditioned, no mean consideration during the summer months, and also offers free Wi-Fi access.

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Welcome to souvenir central. Set in downtown San José del Cabo, Plaza Artesanos is home to dozens of vendors selling authentic Mexican jewelry, clothing, tote bags, rugs and ceramics. This is one-stop shopping for tourists looking for high-quality, yet affordable keepsakes in a comfortable atmosphere without any hard sell tactics. There is plenty of gold and silver jewelry, as well as hand-stitched dresses, hats, masks, religious iconography, tequila, and just about every kind of trinket imaginable. The plaza itself is clean and airy, and a great place to spend an afternoon, with plenty of benches and shade-giving umbrellas. The complex also houses a coffee shop and pharmacy.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Plaza Artesanos showcases some of the best ceramics, jewelry and other traditional arts and crafts in Los Cabos.

Chris's expert tip: The plaza is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Plaza San Lucas is best known to locals as the home of Walmart. The shopping center is located just outside of Cabo San Lucas, and in addition to larger stores like Walmart, also houses La Europea, a well-stocked deli and premium wine and liquor store, as well as Radio Shack, GNC, and numerous clothing, swimwear and sunglasses boutiques. La Europea serves food and drinks outside in umbrella-shaded comfort, but visitors can also wander to over to the food court for more varied options. This is one of the best "find anything" shopping centers in Los Cabos, and from time to time there will be a circus set up across from the parking lot, or a bungee jumping crane. There's even a medical office onsite, featuring specialists from the nearby hospitals Hospiten and H+.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Plaza San Lucas is home to Walmart, one of the most popular shopping destinations in Los Cabos.

Chris's expert tip: Plaza San Lucas is open from 7 a.m. - 11 p.m., although individual store hours may vary.

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Plaza Sendero is a bit off-the-beaten-track for tourists, just past the bus station in Cabo San Lucas, on the highway to Todos Santos. The expansive mall is extremely popular with locals, however, and offers a large selection of clothing boutiques, specialty shops and food court options. Soriana is the best known shop at Plaza Sendero, and this grocery and general goods store carries just about anything visitors might need, as well as offering delivery options. The onsite cinema complex shows first run movies in English and Spanish, and the food court offers plenty of dining options. Parking is always available.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Plazza Sendero is the shopping center favored by Cabo San Lucas residents.

Chris's expert tip: For food cravings, check out the food court; for shopping fatigue, try the coin-operated massage chairs.

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Sometimes referred to as Las Tiendas de Palmilla, but better known among American and Canadians as The Shoppes at Palmilla, this upscale shopping center is, under any name, one of the finest in Los Cabos. Located in the Palmilla resort community just outside of San José del Cabo, near the exclusive ultra-luxury resort One&Only Palmilla, The Shoppes at Palmilla is home to fine food (Nick-San, Cream Café, Chin's Chinese, Blue Fish Seafood), fine jewelry (Talleres de los Ballesteros), and high-end real estate offices (Engel and Volkers), as well as chic arts and crafts galleries (Pez Gordo, Pietra Gallery) and trendy boutiques (Lago, SAX). It's also the site of the only U.S. consular agent in Los Cabos.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: The Shoppes at Palmilla is the best upscale shopping complex in the Tourist Corridor that connects Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

Chris's expert tip: The local U.S. Consular Agency is located at The Shoppes at Palmilla. For after-hours emergencies, call the U.S. number (619) 692-2154.

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Luxury Avenue is a high-end, boutique mall situated next to Puerto Paraíso on the Cabo San Lucas Marina. The mall is accessible from Puerto Paraíso, but it is much more fun to walk up the steps – red carpet accessorized on special occasions – to Cabo's most prestigious address, and what is certainly the area's most exclusive (and expensive) shopping center. If you want to pick out a new watch at Tag Heuer, or browse the latest fashions from Salvatore Ferragamo or Caroline Herrera, this is the place to go. Luxury Avenue is home to chic boutiques from around the world, including Longchamp, Montblanc, Victoria's Secret, Lacoste, Ultrafemme and Ultrajewels. There is another Luxury Avenue location in Cancún.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Luxury Avenue is the most exclusive and expensive shopping mall in Los Cabos.

Chris's expert tip: Luxury Avenue is accessible from the interior of Puerto Paraíso.

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Cabo San Lucas' large Marina-based mall is a multi-level complex with an excellent variety of shopping destinations. Puerto Paraíso hosts many fine arts and crafts galleries offering handmade goods from México and beyond, plus a large number of clothing boutiques featuring the latest swimwear, sunglasses, and resort style clothing. Drinking and dining options are also noteworthy: Ruth's Chris and other marina facing restaurants, as well as a recently installed food court on the mezzanine level. Entertainment options include a 10-theater cinema, Cinemex, which also serves as a host site during the annual Los Cabos International Film Festival. General services and sundries are also available, from an onsite bank branch with ATMs to a money changing station.

Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Puerto Paraíso is the most popular tourist mall in Cabo San Lucas.

Chris's expert tip: The third-floor theater, Cinemex, has movies in both English and Spanish.

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