Best Bars in Cancún

Best Bars in Cancun: Skip the Nightclubs and Party in an Intimate Venue

Cancun boasts some of the best nightlife on the planet. From huge nightclubs to theme bar/restaurants, Cancun has something for everyone. Whether you visit a big club or a small bar, music is always part of the experience. You'll hear Salsa, Techno, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Rock and more in Cancun.

If giant nightclubs, or “antros” as young locals call them, aren't your thing, try a smaller venue. In many bars in the Hotel Zone, employees spend much of their time socializing with and entertaining visitors, which makes for a more intimate experience. After a relaxing day of lounging in the sun and swimming in the azure Caribbean Sea, there's nothing like having a delicious dinner while watching the sunset and then heading to a lively nightspot.

In the Hotel Zone, old standbys like Senor Frogs never disappoint. Smaller dance bars like Congo and La Vaquita feature sexy dancers and a staff that is full of surprises. After many years, Hard Rock Cafe is still going strong while newer option Monkey Business has become very popular.

The new Puerto Cancun is home to some hip new bars like Cantina la No. 20 and Distrito Gourmet Puerto Gastronómico.

Downtown, McCarthy's Irish Pub and Route 666 Bikers Bar downtown feature live Rock and La Playita offers good bar food and DJs on the weekends. 

Whichever you choose (Maybe try more than one on the same night!) Cancun's bars won't let you down. You are in for the time of your life!


This new concept in Cancun, bar meets food court meets nightclub, culminates in Distrito Gourmet Puerto Gastronómico, which combines all of these popular venues. There is a central bar that serves beer, wine and cocktails, combined with Mercado Gourmet, made up of restaurant stalls that serve Italian, French, Mexican, German, Thai, Japanese, Vegan cuisine and more. The open-air dining area is huge and made up of different levels and a breathtaking view of the marina, day or night. All this is wrapped up in a modern décor and combined with different entertainment most evenings, including live music and DJs.

Recommended for Bars because: Distrito Gourmet Puerto Gastronómico is a bar, nightclub and food court that offers entertainment on most evenings.

Kristin's expert tip: Marina Town Center is also a great mall! So do some shopping before heading to Distrito Gourmet Puerto Gastronómico.

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Route 666 Bikers Bar
Photo courtesy of Route 666 Bikers Bar

Route 666 Bikers Bar is well, awesome. After all, over 25.000 Facebook followers and 40,893 check-ins can't be wrong! Located in downtown Cancun, on one of the city's original downtown streets, this is the place to see live, raw, international rock. The place isn't much to look at, but it gets packed with people from all walks of life, including yes, a few bikers. Route 666 also serves appetizers and offers specials like draft beers for 30 pesos. The staff is kind, service is good, and prices are reasonable. There isn't really a dress code, so come as you are.

Recommended for Bars because: You won't find a better place to hear live rock in Cancun than Route 666 Bikers Bar.

Kristin's expert tip: Get there early, especially on tribute nights, because it gets packed.

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McCarthy's Irish Pub is located in downtown Cancun, not far from the Hotel Zone entrance, in Plaza Solare on Bonampak Avenue. They feature live rock most days of the week and also show the big game or fight as well. They are known for their amazing wings (Original BBQ, BBQ & Jack and BBQ & Chipotle) and but they also serve snacks, burgers, baguettes, ribs, steaks, pasta, salads and dessert. McCarthy's carries beer from Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the US, the Czech Republic, Germany, Cuba, Denmark, China, Argentina, England and of course Mexico. Wow!

Recommended for Bars because: Mccarthy's Irish Pub serves yummy bar food and offers live music and beer from all over the globe.

Kristin's expert tip: Happy hour (2x1) is everyday from 4 to 9 pm.

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This bar/restaurant is a local favorite. Located on the corner of Bonampak and Sayil Avenues across the street from Plaza Toros (the bullring) and just steps from the Plaza Las Americas/Malecon Americas shopping mall, La Playita is open daily from 11 am to 2 am (Thursday - Saturday until 3 am) and each day they feature a different special from 10 peso mugs of beer to 2x1 mojitos. This is a great place to start your night out, hang out with friends or catch a sporting event on television. Try ceviche (a raw seafood dish marinated in lime juice) or one of their delicious tostadas or tacos.

Recommended for Bars because: La Playita is one of the most popular bars in downtown Cancun. They serve delicious food.

Kristin's expert tip: Don't miss the live music on Fridays at 9:00 pm.

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Cantina la No. 20
Photo courtesy of Kristin Busse

Located on the water in the swanky new Marina Town Center mall in Puerto Cancun, this beautiful cantina delights the senses with a modern twist on traditional Mexican cocktails, cuisine and fun, in a contemporary, upscale atmosphere. They often show the big game on their huge screen and feature live music, including Mariachis. Don't miss "toques toques", an odd but popular bar pastime which originated in Mexico City. A group of people hold hands and the two people at each end grab a metal tube which is attached to an electrical machine. The tubes provide a mild electroshock passing through everyone in the group.

Recommended for Bars because: Cantina la No. 20 is an upscale, authentic Mexican bar experience.

Kristin's expert tip: Sit outside on the terrace for a spectacular view of the marina.

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Hotel Zone

La Vaquita (The Little Cow) is one of Cancun's best nightclubs. It sits smack in the middle of Cancun's Party Center at kilometer 9 of Boulevard Kukulcan. This casual open-air bar/nightclub is decorated in red, black and, of course, cow print, and sexy go-go dancers abound. Visitors can pay a cover charge and purchase individual drinks or go for the open bar option. The club sells "litros" or liters of beer and other drinks, which is very popular in Cancun. You can also find La Vaquita in Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

Recommended for Bars because: La Vaquita strikes a nice balance between a bar and club.

Kristin's expert tip: Purchasing a bottle will guarantee you a table.

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Zona Hotelera
Hard Rock Cafe
Photo courtesy of Susan R. Vincil

For over 40 years, Hard Rock Cafe has been known for delicious food, live music, and its amazing collection of rock 'n roll memorabilia. Each Hard Rock Cafe is different and the Cancun version was recently totally remodeled. Hard Rock Cafe serves "new" and traditional American food. The restaurant is open daily, from 12 pm to 12 am. They often have tribute shows to bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, Metallica and AC/DC and feature drink specials like 2 x 1 margaritas and mojitos. Try their classic Legendary Burger and famous Hurricane cocktail. Hard Rock Cafe is available for parties and special events.

Recommended for Bars because: Hard Rock Cafe is a bar, but it's also a restaurant that serves American classics. It's conveniently located in Cancun's Party Center.

Kristin's expert tip: Visit Hard Rock Cafe during the day for lunch and cocktails and sit outside on the balcony.

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Monkey Business
Photo courtesy of Monkey Business Cancun

Monkey Business is located smack in the middle of Cancun's Party Center, but offers a different vibe that includes food, live music and karaoke every night. The menu includes appetizers, Mexican dishes, like tacos and burritos, and international dishes, like pasta and hamburgers. The full bar mixes both their special concoctions and old favorites. Monkey Business opens every day, there's no cover and they feature a different rock band and karaoke each night. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available. Best of all, they open at 2:00 pm so you can start partying early.

Recommended for Bars because: Monkey Business is located in the Party Center but offers a different atmosphere.

Kristin's expert tip: Charge up your phone because there are a lot of fun places to take pictures at Monkey Business.

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Zona Hotelera

This small open-air bar is smack in the middle of all the action in Cancun's Party Center and is always full of fun-loving locals and tourists all night long. Since this is a smaller bar rather than a nightclub, the open bar prices are lower than those charged in larger venues. Also, since it's open on two sides, you can see how wild & crazy the party is before you even enter. There isn't really a dance floor to speak of, but that doesn't stop anyone from dancing. Expect go-go dancers, shot girls and every once in awhile, a strong burst of confetti. Grab a balloon and join the conga line.

Recommended for Bars because: Congo provides a nightclub atmosphere in a small, open-air venue.

Kristin's expert tip: The large nightclubs usually don't open until at least 10:30pm. If you want to start the party before then, Congo is a great place to do so.

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Zona Hotelera
Senor Frogs
Photo courtesy of Kristin Busse

The name Senor Frog's is synonymous with fun. This bar and restaurant has sawdust on the floor so you don't have to worry about your children making a mess. Kids can order "virgin" versions of the famous drinks in yard glasses that people love to take home as souvenirs. Around 9 pm this family-friendly restaurant turns bar/nightclub. The lively staff always makes sure everyone has a blast. Conga lines, balloons, confetti and craziness are the norm here. Senor Frogs know how to throw a party. They feature a glow party, foam party, reggae night, and have a Latin night with a live band.

Recommended for Bars because: Senor Frogs is the king of nightlife and there's never a dull moment.

Kristin's expert tip: If you are on vacation with your kids but you still want to visit Senor Frogs, go for lunch or dinner.

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