Best Dance Clubs in Cancún

Dance the night away in Cancun's 10Best dance clubs

Cancun is renowned for its unparalleled nightlife and is home to many bars and nightclubs. Some are places to see and be seen, or even to hobnob with celebrities, while others are no-frills places where you go for a casual night out. But they all have one thing in common, dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. Dancing on the floor, dancing in the aisles and dancing on the bar.

There is a major party vibe in the Party Center in Cancun's Hotel Zone, and the loud, pulsating rhythms get everybody moving. The bars and clubs play mostly dance music and hip-hop, but they also throw in a little rock and roll, Latin rhythms and some techno to mix things up a bit.

All of the following dance clubs are located in the Party Center, except for Cancun's best salsa club, Grand Mambo Cafe, which is located downtown in Plaza Hong Kong, kitty-corner from Walmart.  

In a city which hosts millions of visitors from around the world, dancing is a universal language that connects us all.


Barezzito Puerto Cancun is a slick nightclub, complete with flashing strobe lights and heart-pounding music. Located in Marina Town Center mall, Barezzito comes to life every Wednesday to Saturday at 7:00 pm. The club features live music, and during their breaks, reggaeton. They also have live comedy on some nights. The crowd tends to be younger. If it's a little loud for you inside, sitting outside on the terrace is a good option. There are plenty of taxis available at the end of the evening, or if you're not going to drink, there is plenty of parking available as well.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Barezzito is a trendy nightclub for those who are looking for a night of drinking and dancing.

Kristin's expert tip: On Thursdays let them know if it's your birthday and they'll give you a free bottle.

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Located on Nader Avenue, which has come back to life with trendy bars and restaurants, in the heart of downtown Cancun, Amarula offers deep house electronic music, mixology and tasty eats, all "con acento tropical" (with a tropical touch) Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am. The décor is colonial meets art deco meets tropical and the crowd is fashionable. Wednesdays and Fridays are ladies night, and cover is only 50 pesos (about 2.50 usd). On Thursdays they offer open bar for just 250 pesos (about 12 usd). Call ahead and reserve a table.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Amarula is one of the few places in Cancun where you can dance the night away to deep house music.

Kristin's expert tip: On ladies night, chicas drink for free with their 50 pesos cover charge.

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Casa Latina located in downtown Cancun in Plaza Hong Kong is a good place to dance Salsa and Merengue. Formerly Sabor Latino and then Gran Mambo Café, the place just opened and is huge and multileveled with a big stage, video screen and dance floor. The live orchestras feature fantastic musicians from Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. You can reserve a table by messaging 221-202-5001 on whatsapp. Casa Latina sometimes offers special events like comedians but remember these kinds of performances are all in Spanish. Even if you can't dance, go for drinks and watch the band and experiences dancers.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Casa Latina is the best place in town to dance Salsa and Merengue to a live orchestra.

Kristin's expert tip: On Fridays from 8 pm to 10 pm drinks are 2 x 1 for women.

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Zona Hotelera
Senor Frogs
Photo courtesy of Kristin Busse

The name Senor Frog's is synonymous with fun. This bar and restaurant has sawdust on the floor so you don't have to worry about your children making a mess. Kids can order "virgin" versions of the famous drinks in yard glasses that people love to take home as souvenirs. Around 9 pm this family-friendly restaurant turns bar/nightclub. The lively staff always makes sure everyone has a blast. Conga lines, balloons, confetti and craziness are the norm here. Senor Frogs know how to throw a party. They feature a glow party, foam party, reggae night, and have a Latin night with a live band.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Senor Frogs is legendary in Cancun and now conveniently located in the Party Center.

Susan's expert tip: Stop by during the day for lunch and ask about their theme nights like glow party, foam party, reggae night and Latin night.

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Hotel Zone

La Vaquita (The Little Cow) is one of Cancun's best nightclubs. It sits smack in the middle of Cancun's Party Center at kilometer 9 of Boulevard Kukulcan. This casual open-air bar/nightclub is decorated in red, black and, of course, cow print, and sexy go-go dancers abound. Visitors can pay a cover charge and purchase individual drinks or go for the open bar option. The club sells "litros" or liters of beer and other drinks, which is very popular in Cancun. You can also find La Vaquita in Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: La Vaquita serves up the craziest party and "litro" (liter) drinks.

Kristin's expert tip: Purchasing a bottle will get you a table.

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Zona Hotelera

This small open-air bar is smack in the middle of all the action in Cancun's Party Center and is always full of fun-loving locals and tourists all night long. Since this is a smaller bar rather than a huge nightclub, the open bar prices are lower than those charged in larger venues. Also, since it's open on two sides, you can see how wild and crazy the party is before you even enter. There isn't really a dance floor at Congo Bar to speak of, but that doesn't stop anyone from dancing. Expect go-go dancers, shot girls and, every once in a while, a strong burst of confetti. Grab a balloon and join the conga line.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Congo Bar provides an exciting party in a small venue.

Susan's expert tip: Start the night at this open-air bar before moving onto one of the large nightclubs.

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Zona Hotelera

The exterior looks like a huge rock, with Dady'O carved into it. The long hallway that leads to the club entrance looks like an underground tunnel. The inside of the actual club resembles a large cave. Basically, it has a crazy underground vibe. There is a dance floor in the center of the room and rows of tables line the walls of the multi-level club. Well-known DJs, celebrities, and bands often perform here or host special parties. Even though this is one of the oldest clubs in Cancun, there's usually still a long line of people waiting to enter the club.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Dady'O is a Cancun nightlife institution and it's still going strong.

Susan's expert tip: This club is always busy. To avoid long lines, go with the entertainment staff from your hotel. They get express entry, which means you'll be partying the night away, instead of wasting time standing in a line.

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Zona Hotelera

This gigantic club claims to be the largest nightclub in Latin America, with a capacity for over 5,000 people. It's most definitely the biggest club in Cancun and it's often packed to the brim during spring break and in the summer months. The 3-story club often has performances by internationally known artists like Ludacris, Akon, Flo Rida, 50 Cent, Fergie, Snoop Dogg and celebrity DJs. Like Coco Bongo, The City Cancun also has performances by acrobats and other performers during the evening. They play music of all genres on their massive sound system and 650 square feet of video screens.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: The City hosts international artists and features shows and is the biggest nightclub in Latin America.

Susan's expert tip: Internationally-known recording artists and DJs often perform here throughout the year (especially during peak times like spring break) and celebrities sometimes host parties here. It's the place to catch a great concert and possibly rub elbows with stars.

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Zona Hotelera

Those looking for a good time with 3,000 or so of their best friends have at least one option in Cancún, Coco Bongo. Live bands regularly hit the stage and play a variety of music ranging from techno and 70's rock classics to salsa. There are also varied nightly shows including Michael Jackson and Madonna impersonators. When you feel your feet start to move, don't bother looking for a dance floor because there isn't one. People just dance where they can find a little space, whether that means shaking it right where they are or getting up on the table. The cover charge includes open bar.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Coco Bongo throws the biggest, wildest party in Cancun.

Susan's expert tip: The main floor gets incredibly crowded. To have a more comfortable and enjoyable evening, request a table up on one of the higher levels that overlook the main floor. You'll have a better view for all the shows too.

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Zona Hotelera
Photo courtesy of Mandala

This beautiful medium-sized club is one of the most popular nightclubs in Cancun and is located right between The City and Coco Bongo in the Party Zone. The Indian-inspired decor, which features rich, vibrant colors and lush fabrics instantly tells you that you're in an upscale lounge, rather than a hokey run-of-the-mill nightclub. Mandala feels like the nicest, most ornate VIP room you've ever seen... only it's an entire club. The fact that the front of the club is entirely open to the street adds to the ambiance. This Cancun's hippest and hottest clubs and it's been extremely popular since it opened.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Mandala is the perfect-sized nightclub. It's small enough that you won't get lost in the shuffle, but big enough to feel like a nightclub.

Susan's expert tip: For the best seat in the house, order bottle service.

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