A Night to Remember in Playa del Carmen's Nightclubs, Bars

Playa del Carmen, Cancun's younger hippy sister to the south has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, and in addition to the new hotels, beach clubs, cafes, shops and restaurants, new bars and nightclubs have opened as well.

Playa, as it is affectionately called by locals, is now home to large "antros" aka nightclubs with booming sound systems, sparking lights and open bar like Coco Bongo, Mandala and Palazzo.

La Vaquita, Abolengo and Blue Parrot offer a vibrant atmosphere but are more bars than nightclubs.

Visitors who are looking for a more local scene can try La Santanera or Diablito Cha Cha Cha, while those looking for a party, club atmosphere during the day will like Coralina Daylight Club. Senor Frogs also offers a beach club during the day, and a lively bar/restaurant atmosphere at night.

Other popular nightlife options include La Fe, Catch, La Culpa, Salon Salsanera Raices and The Public Place.



McCarthy's Irish Pub is a Mexican chain. This bar/restaurant serves up yummy wings, hamburgers, and live rock music every single night starting at 6 pm. They are located right on 5th Ave. at 22nd St. and offer daily lunch specials and other...  Read More



Kitxen, located on 5th Ave. between Constituyentes and 20th, is the best place in Playa del Carmen to listen to live rock music every single night. The open air bar, which does not serve any food, is owned by famous Mexican rock musician Saul...  Read More



Coralina Daylight Club is the perfect spot for those who would prefer to experience a nightlife-type party during the day. This cosmopolitan beach club located on Playa del Carmen's fantastic turquoise blue Caribbean Sea gets the party going...  Read More



Senor Frogs is a popular bar-restaurant chain with locations all over Mexico, but Playa del Carmen's version is right on the beach, with seating indoors, on the covered patio and right in the sand. The views can't be beat. They also have...  Read More



Diablito Cha Cha Cha is a resto-bar with a lounge feel. Patrons rave about their Asian-fusion and seafood with a Mexican twist. This huge palapa with the funky decor is not a nightclub per say, but it's a great place to spend the evening sipping...  Read More



Palazzo is the most glamorous of Playa's nightclubs with its dramatic staircase, chandelier and pretty pink and purple lights. Resident sexy dancers, a big stage and large video screens complete the scene. From time to time International DJs...  Read More



Mandala is one of Playa del Carmen's most cosmopolitan nightclubs. People of all ages from all over the world go to Mandala for that "time of your life" night that you expect when you're on vacation, complete with pounding music and flowing...  Read More



Abolengo calls itself a "bartina", and it certainly is not a nightclub but an open air bar or cantina with high table seating in the center and lower seating on sofas around the parameter. This is a great place to start the evening, or even...  Read More



La Vaquita is one of those places where you can get up on the bar and dance. "Vaquita" means "little cow" in Spanish, in case you wonder why there is a cow dancing around the club and one hanging from the ceiling. This open air club has two...  Read More



Coco Bongo is the nightclub of nightclubs. The arena-like interior features different levels of seating. The best way to experience Coco Bongo is to purchase the Gold Member entrance, which includes round trip transportation from your hotel, no...  Read More


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