Get More for Your 'Dinero' at These Cancun Restaurants

Cancun is loaded with expensive world-class restaurants, but don't despair, there are also many delicious options both in the Hotel Zone and downtown for travelers who are on a budget. These eateries not only provide value, but there's something extra special about them, like the ambiance, a great view or just really good food. Many of these Best Value options are local secrets while others are already tourist favorites.

If you're looking for yummy tacos, burritos and wings in a fun, casual atmosphere, The Surfin Burrito, located across the street from the old Senor Frogs, serves huge portions. Ty-Cos and Los de Pescado are two options that never disappoint and have locations in both the Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun.

If you're in the mood for a more formal sit-down dinner you'll get the most for you money at La Troje downtown and El Fish Fritanga or Le Natura in the Hotel Zone.

Tacun is a very economical option that will satisfy your craving for Mexican food and it's located in the heart of the HoZo (Hotel Zone). Sushi Ken has 2x1 rolls on Wednesdays.

Eating out during your vacation doesn't have to be expensive, so escape the all-inclusive resort for lunch or dinner one day and enjoy the value these restaurants offer.

Sushi Ken is a local favorite. There are 5 locations in Cancun and the main one is downtown on Palenque. There is also a Sushi Ken in Plaza Outlet that is a nice place to have lunch if you feel like going to the movies or doing some shopping as...  Read More

Hotel Zone

Le Natura is located in the heart of the Hotel Zone across the street from the old Senor Frogs, but once you enter this lush, green environment you'll forget that you are in one of the busiest areas of Cancun. They have an extensive menu geared...  Read More

La Troje (The Shed) is tucked in a upscale neighborhood near Plaza Las Americas in downtown Cancun. The restaurant has a sidewalk cafe feeling and they serve delicious salads, pasta, crepes, baguettes, pizza, fondues, beer and it's a...  Read More

Hotel Zone

This is real Mexican food at a great price. Tacun is located across the street from Plaza Flamingo on the ocean side of the street at km 11.5 in the Hotel Zone. This is the type of authentic, economical food you would normally only find in...  Read More

Blue Gecko Cantina is a tiny little restaurant with a palapa roof and a neon sign, located at kilometer 16 of Boulevard Kukulcan on the lagoon side of the street in Cancun's Hotel Zone. The place may be small, but the tacos are huge. The mixed...  Read More

The Alley (El Callejon)
Photo courtesy of Kristin Busse

The Alley aka El Callejon is a casual, funky, charming bar/restaurant located in Plaza Bonita next to Mercado 28 (Market 28) in downtown Cancun. It is owned by a Canadian couple, Jennifer and Will, that love to welcome, mix drinks for and serve...  Read More

This casual seafood restaurant is located smack in the middle of the Hotel Zone but it's a local favorite. El Fish Fritanga's restaurant is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm but their taco stand is open from 7 am until 1 am. This is a great spot...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Susan R. Vincil

This is one of the best places in Cancun to go for a sandwich. Fresh baguettes or croissants are piled high with meats, cheeses, and vegetables. The garlic mayonaise served on these sandwiches makes them highly addictive. The restaurant opens...  Read More

Hotel Zone

Los de Pescado's menu is very small, but the economical items they serve are out of this world. This is a local's favorite, with locations all over Cancun, including one in the Hotel Zone across the street from the InterContinental Presidente...  Read More

The Surfin Burrito
Photo courtesy of Susan R. Vincil

This tiny, open-air restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are always serving delicious food. Any time, day or night, you can order made-to-order burritos and tacos, nachos, taco salads, quesadillas, ceviche and a few...  Read More


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