10 Best Restaurants close to Cozumel's Cruise Piers

The beautiful tropical island of Cozumel, located south of Cancun off the coast of Playa del Carmen, is paradise on earth. Known primarily for providing some of the best scuba diving on earth, the island also boasts heavenly white sand beaches, eco-parks, ancient Mayan history and the welcoming warmth that only Mexico can offer.

Cozumel is a major cruise port, between 20 and 30 Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Disney, Celebrity, and other ships arrive weekly during high season. That's a lot of hungry cruisers that want to taste the best that Cozumel has to offer, and they're in luck, because there are many unique restaurants within walking distance of or just a short taxi ride from Punta Langosta pier.

If you're looking for Mexican food with a modern touch head to Kondesa or Kinta. These sister restaurants are two island favorites. Buccanos at Night serves up unbelievable dishes and a fabulous view. For authentic Mexican grub, you'll feel right at home at La Casita de Indio, where Indio himself will greet you. For yummy grub and a party atmosphere, try Wet Wendy's, sister restaurant The Thirsty Cougar or La Hach. For international fare, like Italian or Argentinian, give charming Guido's or delectable Del Sur Argentina a try. 

For dessert, don't miss Chocolateria Isla Bella, which is run by a a talented mother and her daughter.

You'll be surprised to find how delicious and unique the food is at these Cozumel restaurants.

This ocean view restaurant is located above a dive shop, which makes for a great view of the Caribbean and a lovely breeze at all hours, and is within walking distance of the southern (International) cruise port. La Hach means "one for the road"...  Read More

The Thirsty Cougar is owned by the proprietors of Wet Wendy's. This version is smaller and has a killer view of the Caribbean. You'll find all of Wendy's delicious margaritas here as well. Visit with the entire family because this place is...  Read More

Like big sister Cozumel restaurant Kondesa, this is Mexican nouvelle cuisine at its best. Dine in Kinta's lush garden on fresh, flavorful food at a super price. Kinta offers an extensive selection of margaritas. Start off with the Wahoo tostadas...  Read More

The Mayans served chocolate drinks during important religious events and offered cacao seeds to their gods. Considering the fact that Cozumel was an important island in Mayan Yucatecan life, it's only fitting that the island be home to a supurb...  Read More

If you're looking for authentic "off-the-beaten-path" Mexican food, look no further. La Casita de Indio (Indio's little house), a family owned restaurant which is popular with both locals and expats and is located just two blocks from the...  Read More

Del Sur, a Cozumel favorite, is a taste of Argentina in Mexico that is frequented by both locals and tourists. The owners are gracious and humble and the staff, happy. The ample selection of empanadas (baked or fried stuffed pastries) are light...  Read More

Wet Wendy's "invented the drink that keeps on drinking". They must be referring to their extensive margarita menu which includes shaken or frozen Strawberry , Mango, Banana, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Coconut Peanut Butter Chocolate, Avocado,...  Read More

You'll experience a taste of Europe, Swiss-Italian to be exact, just three blocks from the ferry dock and overlooking the Caribbean Sea on Rafael Melgar Avenue,in Guido's dreamy garden. Chef Yvonne 's (she is also the owner) father Guido was the...  Read More

This cozy, romantic open-air garden restaurant is arguably one of the best restaurants on the island of Cozumel. Fresh flavorful Mexican and Yucatecan dishes are prepared with a modern twist and a lovely presentation. Prices are reasonable and...  Read More

Buccanos at Night
Photo courtesy of Ines Falkenberg

Buccanos prides itself on providing a multi-sensory, multi-ethnic experience. Dine by torch and candlelight while admiring a view of both the Caribbean Sea and the mainland skyline and try seafood and fresh fish, which quite often was caught by...  Read More


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