10 Best Restaurants for Vegetarians, Vegans and Healthy Eaters in Cancun

Cancun is home to countless restaurants that serve fresh seafood, steak and cuisine from all over the world, plus a few vegetarian and vegan options as well. In addition, Mexican cuisine can easily be prepared especially for vegetarians.

Vegan Planet, located in downtown Cancun offers a menu entirely free of animal components. 100% Natural, also downtown, is a Mexican chain that serves fresh fruit juices and smoothies as well as healthy salads, soups and sandwiches. Vegetarians will also enjoy their rice, Mexican and pasta dishes. Le Natura, located in the Hotel Zone, has a huge menu that features healthy and vegetarian options.

Gopal's Comida Vegetariana is located in downtown Cancun on Coba Avenue just a few blocks from Walmart. They offer a wide variety of dishes, including vegetarian sausage and ham. These items are made with soy or other non-meat products. The restaurant is rarely busy and the food is fair. 

Tip: When dining in Mexican restaurants, always check if the beans were seasoned with meat. Vegeterians can order tacos made with nopales (cactus), cheese quesadillas, or fajitas made only with vegetables. Huitlacoche (corn fungus) is a delicacy in the Yucatan Peninsula, and can be served in tacos, quesadillas, and other foods.

Vegetarians and vegans will enjoy delicious meals during their visit to Cancun in the many establishments that offer fresh, healthy food. 

Hotel Zone


Taste of India is an authentic Indian restaurant in downtown Cancun. Located on Bonampak Avenue in Plazy Nayandei, Taste of India serves fresh, authentic Indian food. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous. Owner Gulab Singh Rana...  Read More



Cocina Vegetariana Satviko Mexico isn't a restaurant, it's a delivery service. They feature one delicious and creative vegetarian dish a day that is available for delivery from Monday to Friday 1-4pm for around 60 pesos (just 4.60 usd). There is...  Read More



Cheester is one of Cancun's most popular restaurants despite the fact that they don't take reservations and they don't deliver. What they do however, is serve delicious pasta, pizza, salads, crepes and breakfasts at a very reasonable price....  Read More



La Troje (The Shed) is tucked in a upscale neighborhood near Plaza Las Americas in downtown Cancun. The restaurant has a sidewalk cafe feeling and they serve delicious salads, pasta, crepes, baguettes, pizza, fondues, beer and wine...so it's a...  Read More

The Surfin Burrito
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This tiny, open-air restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are always serving delicious food. Any time, day or night, you can order made-to-order burritos and tacos, nachos, taco salads, quesadillas, ceviche, and a few...  Read More

Zona Hotelera


If you crave Indian cuisine while in Cancun, Elefanta is the place to go. It is the sister property of the highly-praised Thai restaurant, as well as its neighbor, so you can be sure that you'll receive an amazing meal at Elefanta too. Chef...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Susan R. Vincil


This is one of the best places in Cancun to go for a sandwich. Fresh baguettes or croissants are piled high with meats, cheeses, and vegetables. The garlic mayonaise served on these sandwiches makes them highly addictive. The restaurant opens...  Read More

100% Natural
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This restaurant, in downtown Cancun, is a favorite of locals. The menu is large and consists of page after page of healthy dishes made with natural ingredients. Soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps, Mexican specialties and seafood dishes are the...  Read More

Hotel Zone


Le Natura is located in the heart of the Hotel Zone across the street from Senor Frogs, but once you enter this lush, green environment you'll forget that you are in one of the busiest areas of Cancun. They have an extensive menu geared towards...  Read More



If you're a vegetarian or vegan this is your restaurant in Cancun, and even if you're not, you should still give Vegan Planet a try. Chef Miguel Bautista not only prepares amazing food completely free of animal components but also incorporates...  Read More


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