Best Shopping near the Cruise Port in Cancún

Where to Shop near the Cozumel Cruise Ports

Cozumel is a tropical island paradise located about an hour south of Cancun off the coast of Playa del Carmen. The island is a popular cruise ship port and boasts natural beauty like the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System right offshore, white sand beaches and the warm, sparkling Caribbean Sea. Cozumel was also very important to the Mayan civilization, so ancient history abounds on the island. Available activities including scuba diving and snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, bar hopping tours, salsa dancing, sailing tours, charter fishing, and more.

If you dock in Cozumel during your cruise, you'll want to see the best the island has to offer, and of course, you'll want to go shopping as well! Luckily there is plenty of shopping available within close proximity of the major cruise ship piers, Punta Langosta, the International Pier and Puerta Maya.

If you don't feel like straying far from your ship, Puerta Maya, Punta Langosta Mall and Royal Village Cozumel are perfect. If you want to experience a little of the real Mexico and see downtown San Miguel (Cozumel's only town), Plaza del Sol, the town square (zocalo) or Avenida Rafael Melgar, the coastal avenue, are both great places to do some shopping. While downtown, visit Pama, one of the few legitimate Duty-Free Department Stores in the Caribbean that's not located in an airport.

This is just some of the shopping available on the beautiful island of Cozumel. Enjoy your visit!


This charming little locally owned shop, located on Rafael Melgar Avenue (the street that runs along the water downtown) between 3 & 5 Streets and below Chi Cozumel restaurant, is a great place to pick up unique, authentically Mexican items you won't typically find at a mall, including handmade Mexican clothing, gorgeous high-quality hats, beachwear, sandals, water shoes, jewelry, souvenirs, beach bags, caps and more. Customers visit over and over thanks to the personalized attention from Lola and her employees and reasonable prices. Please note that Lola Boutique Cozumel is closed on Sundays.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Unique, authentically Mexican items can be found at Lola Boutique Cozumel.

Kristin's expert tip: Lola Boutique Cozumel and many other shops on the island are closed on Sundays.

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Travelers looking for the ultimate souvenir, fine jewelry, know they can trust Diamonds International, a world-class duty-free chain. The salespeople are top notch here, they speak English and are knowledgeable about fine jewelry and watches. There are two locations on Cozumel, downtown and at Puerto Maya, and stores in many Caribbean cities, so get yourself that pair of diamond earrings or tennis bracelet you've been wanting. In general, Diamonds International is very good about repairs and guarantees. Tanzanite International, Watches International, DI Watch and Design, DI Collections and Diamonds International Outlet Store are all part of Diamonds International.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Diamonds International is a reputable chain and offers good customer service and beautiful showrooms.

Kristin's expert tip: Make sure you visit the second floor where they serve margaritas!

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Viva Mexico is a large fixed price store (read: no haggling) located on the waterfront that sells some nice ceramic and Talavera (a specific type of pottery from the city of Puebla) and pewter pieces in addition to the usual kitschy souvenirs like towels, key chains, t-shirts and shot glasses. You'll also find tequila, hand-blown glass and beachwear. Clerks are dressed in traditional Mexican costumes. There is a bar/restaurant upstairs that has a nice view and serves typical Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes and killer margaritas. At night Viva Mexico puts on a fun party with live music and free popcorn.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Viva Mexico sells tons of souvenirs and the bar/restaurant upstairs is a fun place to spend an evening.

Kristin's expert tip: Hang around for a while because there are regular dance performances by the store clerks.

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This is the most popular and economical liquor store and smoke shop on the island of Cozumel. They are located on the corner of 30th Ave and Calle 2 and carry an extensive selection of liquors, tequilas, champagnes and beer. They also sell wine from all over the Americas, including Argentina, Chile, Mexico and even California. Cava del Duero also has a shop in Playa del Carmen. Ask about the different kinds of tequila, Blanco or plata (white o silver), oro or joven (gold or young), Reposado (rested), anejo (aged) and extra anejo (extra or ultra aged) and then purchase some to take home with you.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Cobi Liquor offers a huge selection at better prices than you would find in the airport or at other duty-free stores.

Kristin's expert tip: Covi isn't duty-free but the prices are still cheaper than at any duty-free store on the island.

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This beautiful, family owned, 20,000 sq. ft. store has been open for 45 years and sells upscale watches, perfumes and colognes, accessories, sunglasses, cosmetics and jewelry, including an exclusive line by jeweler Daniel Espinosa, and more. The flagship store is located on the main square (Plaza del Sol) in downtown San Miguel, the only town on the island of Cozumel. This store also contains separate Cartier and Lacoste boutiques. Pama also has a store at Royal Village Shopping Center and a Lacoste boutique and a Mont Blanc boutique located across the street from the International cruise ship Pier and Puerta Maya.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Pama's flagship store is lovely and located on the charming main square downtown.

Kristin's expert tip: Pama is one of the few legitimate Duty-Free Department Stores in the Caribbean that's not located in an airport. You'll find great prices on name brand perfumes and colognes.

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Rafael Melgar Avenue is the coastal road that faces the Malecon (boardwalk) in downtown San Miguel, the only town on the island of Cozumel. There are many hotels, bars, shops and restaurants located on the avenue, which also provides spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and of the Playa del Carmen skyline at night. Cinco Soles is a fixed price boutique that sells crafts or stop by Cozumel Mart, which sells t-shirts, hats, ceramics, tequila and more. You'll also find Ultrajewels/Ultrafemme on the corner of Rafael Melgar and Calle 2. This large upscale boutique sells fine jewelry, watches, perfume and cosmetics.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Rafael Melgar Avenue offers spectacular views of the Caribbean and shopping, dining and nightlife.

Kristin's expert tip: Stop by El Museo (The Museum) for a look-see and have lunch at the restaurant upstairs which overlooks the Yucatan Channel.

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Puerta Maya is actually a deluxe cruise ship port (and an affiliate of Carnival Corporation) which houses over 50 different shops and 15 free standing carts. You'll find anything and everything you're looking for here, from apparel and artwork to diamonds and handicrafts. Restaurants include Tres Amigos Bar, inspired by the movie of the same name, Pancho's Backyard and Fat Tuesday, which has a dance floor, a DJ and strong frozen concoctions. Look for the shore excursion pier where you can access water-based excursions, but keep in mind that these excursions can only be booked through your cruise line. You'll also find a convenience store, pharmacy and international pay phones at Puerta Maya.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: If you prefer to stay in one place while docked in Cozumel, Puerta Maya offers all you could want or need.

Kristin's expert tip: Puerta Maya is located about five miles south of downtown, so you'll need to grab a taxi if your ship isn't docked here.

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Punta Langosta Mall is located directly across the street from Cozumel's main cruise ship dock. This modern open air shopping center features Starbucks Coffee, a Hard Rock Cafe and Store, Carlos' n Charlie's, Senor Frogs, Walking Toes (beach footwear), Diamonds International, Los Cinco Soles (artesian art), Sunglass Island, Zingara (swimwear and accessories) and Hooters among other stores and restaurants. If you don't feel like straying far from the dock, Punta Langosta is a great place to spend the day shopping, drinking and eating to your heart's content. All of the bar/restaurants wait for the cruise ships to arrive before starting the party.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Punta Langosta was built especially for cruise passengers and boasts shopping, dining and lively parties.

Kristin's expert tip: Senor Frogs normally puts on a great party, even during the day, upon the arrival of each cruise ship.

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Plaza del Sol is the town square (zocalo in Spanish) of Cozumel's only town, San Miguel. Locals congregate here in the evening, especially on weekends, to relax and socialize, but Plaza del Sol is also surrounded by shops and restaurants that cater to tourists. The prices may be a bit higher than in the shops in other areas of the city, but the people watching and authentic Mexican vibe makes the zocalo worth a visit. You'll find the usual merchandise like hammocks, traditional clothing, silver jewelry and ceramics and other not so common items like spray paint art and painted feathers.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Plaza del Sol offers shopping and dining, and a glimpse of local life.

Kristin's expert tip: If you're lucky enough to be in Cozumel on a weekend you might catch cultural activities and/or a show at Playa del Sol.

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This new modern, upscale shopping center is located just steps from both international cruise ports at km 3.5 of waterfront avenue Rafael Melgar. It's a beautiful mall which includes two cenotes (natural sinkholes) and a lot of lush tropical vegetation. Royal Village features a Mexican coffee shop, Diamonds International, unique souvenir shops and various apparel and sportswear shops like Lacoste, Nike, Harley Davidson and Marti. There is also a Hard Rock Cafe in the mall. Royal Village often holds events like concerts and fashion shows. Check out Arte de Origen, which sells one-of-a-kind items that you won't find anywhere else.

Recommended for Shopping near Cruise Port because: Royal Village is a beautiful complex and offers everything a cruiser is looking for including shopping and dining.

Kristin's expert tip: A guayabera (traditional men's wedding shirt) from Camasha is a lovely souvenir or gift.

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