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Hot Tips: The inland lakes in Oakland County and Brighton area are great for water sports and boating.

Hot Tips: Avoid staying right by the stadium or casinos in the city center as they can be noisy and less desirable to stay in than other areas.

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Hot Tips: National chains; try locally-owned favorites instead.

Hot Tips: Zingermans sandwiches in Ann Arbor, rumored to be the best sandwich in the state. (And some say the world.)

Hot Tips: Get to the most popular clubs early to avoid hour-long waits in line.

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Detroit has many shopping areas. Head to upscale Troy and hit the high-end shops located at Somerset Collection shopping center, which is often considered to be the best mall in the area. In Auburn Hills, visit Great Lakes Crossing shopping center which has outlets for many popular brands, plus restaurants. 

Hot Tips: Shopping downtown. You'll find a better variety of shopping in the suburbs.

Hot Tips: A sport souvenir from the Detroit Lions.

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Things to do in Detroit