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Minneapolis Airport Guide


Things to do in Minneapolis, MN

Get Your Bearings in Minneapolis

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Hot Tips: Catch a game at Target Field and try many locally made foods featured at the ballpark or head out to the restaurant for the original items.

Hot Tips: If visiting in winter, you can stay inside warm, 70 degree comfort in the largest skyway system in North America.

Hot Tips: Staying outside the city if most of your activities are there, as traffic can be heavy getting in and out of Minneapolis.

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Hot Tips: Imported seafood and instead try freshwater fish that is locally caught.

Hot Tips: Check out "Eat Street" in the Whittier neighborhood for a diverse array of restaurants and markets.

Hot Tips: First Avenue has been a staple on the music scene for years - check out the band playing to see if you want to take in a show.

Hot Tips: In winter, leave the club before closing time to better your chance of getting a cab quickly in freezing temperatures.

Hot Tips: The Mall of America gets extremely busy on weekends - especially holiday weekends. Arrive early or go during the week.

Hot Tips: On Thursdays and Sundays in the summer, check out the Farmer's Market on Nicollet,