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Hot Tips: The Grand Casino is so haughty that they feel in the right to charge a variable entry fee most days.

Hot Tips: Bring a bathing suit when you walk up "le rocher." There is a great rock beach for swimming and sunning which you can get to using a secret staircase.

Hot Tips: Monte Carlo is known as a playground for the rich. All room types will seem pricey here, but you are paying for the atmosphere as well as the amenities.

Hot Tips: The Hotel de Paris is one of the finest hotels in the world. You will be hard pressed to find a more luxurious hotel.

Hot Tips: If you don't want to blow all your loot on food, try to eat in Monaco-Ville instead of Monte-Carlo center.

Hot Tips: Head down Rue Comte Felix Gastaldi where a plethora of food spots lie. Eat outside, yet in the shade provided by the alleyway.

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Hot Tips: Jimmy-z' if you'd rather not pay 20 euro for a beer.

Hot Tips: "Bar at the Columbus Monaco" will offer night-lifers a more laid back atmosphere.

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Hot Tips: Looking for a new jewelry piece? Head to Place du Casino where numerous high-end jewelers call home.

Hot Tips: Monaco uses the euro.