Jewelry Stores

If you're a jewelry person, you know the allure of beautifully crafted items and the good feeling that comes from wearing them. Precious metals and gemstones combine in stunning combinations, marking special events and serving as reminders of life milestones. If you're looking to add a significant piece to your collection, make sure to check out popular Ciribelli. It's one of Monte Carlo's best jewelry shops, offering not only a great selection but lots of inspiration too.

Monte Carlo
Chopard Boutique

Located in Monte Carlo's famous casino, this pristine jewelry store displays the finest jewels and gemstones. Each necklace, bracelet and ring is carefully designed so that its style perfectly complements the chosen stone.

Monte Carlo
Fred Boutique

This shop, which sits on the exclusive avenue des Beaux-Arts, is one of only a handful of Fred boutiques in the world. An official jeweler of Monaco's royal family and a favorite of celebrities, Fred Samuel is known for adorning brilliantly...  Read More

Monte Carlo

Founded in 1874, Piaget has become well-known as a trend-setter, producing fashionable yet classic watches and jewelry. Whether you're searching for the ultimate in gem-encrusted timepieces or something sleek and modern, Piaget can accommodate...  Read More

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is perhaps best known for their "Mystery Setting" pieces, in which the prongs of the settings are hidden beneath each stone, letting the natural beauty of each shine through uninhibited and allowing for smoother, more...  Read More

Monte Carlo

Founded in the late '60s, Pomellato has emerged as one of the world's foremost designers of women's jewelry. Collections typically feature strong, defined lines, sinuous shapes and striking simplicity. In the style of items created by ancient...  Read More

Monte Carlo
Boutique Cartier

Helpful service and exquisite jewelry are synonymous with Cartier, whose window displays encourage passersby to stop and admire the fine offerings. The sales staff are extremely attentive, and customers who find what they're looking for are...  Read More

Monte Carlo

This extravagant jeweler offers only the finest of jewels, and Chopard, Breitling and Boucheron are among the well-known houses on display. The extremely professional staff is willing to assist any potential buyers.

Bvlgari Monte Carlo

Sheer beauty is the only way to characterize the breathtaking jewelry and watches that bear the Bulgari name. Attention is paid to each minute detail of every necklace, ring and ounce of perfume. Throughout the years, the company's jewelry has...  Read More

Bernasconi Gioielli

For a unique gift that your somebody special will remember for a lifetime, stop by this sleek gallery-shop in Fontvieille. Here, Pierpaola Bernasconi showcases and sells her fabulously inventive handmade jewelry. Bernasconi's creations enjoy...  Read More