10 Best Fun and Family-Friendly Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city which is very suitable to travel to with kids. In Amsterdam parents ride their bikes with the kids, the parks are the backyard for many children and taking your kids with you to a restaurant or a food market is the most common thing to do. This makes Amsterdam a super kid friendly destination for a city trip!


Kids and the city

As in almost every city Amsterdam offers a lot of fun things to do with kids. You only need to know where to go! This list with the 10 best things to do in Amsterdam with kids will guide you straight to them. Visit Artis, the city zoo, or make a canal boat ride. Kids will love Amsterdam.


The park as a backyard

Neighbourhoods in Amsterdam where families with kids like to live are Amsterdam Old South and Amsterdam West. Here you see families going to the local markets for their groceries or friends meeting for lunch or brunch who bring their kids. The Vondelpark is the number one playground for kids in Amsterdam. This is where children learn how to ride their bikes! A stroll down the park or a picnic is a must when the weather is nice.

Discover many more fun things to do with kids in Amsterdam in the list.



Eastern Canal Ring


Whimsical and extravagant, this circa-1921 theater is a mad foray into creativity, an Art Deco study of color and shape. Named for the Jewish tailor who envisioned and financed the structure, the movie theater is a spectacle of stained glass,...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District
Madame Tussauds Amsterdam


Madame Tussauds is located in the heart of Amsterdam on the dam square. Thousands of folks marvel annually at this well-known attraction's realistic creations, modelled after modern-day celebrities and historical figures. The wax semblances are...  Read More

Further Afield


This expansive city park, begun in 1934, offers a wide variety of wildlife and is an ideal place to get away from the city proper and enjoy its leisure facilities. A rowing course was the park's first attraction and still serves as a popular...  Read More



Amsterdam provides many places to escape busy city life. Whether you need a quiet afternoon to yourself or want to play with your children, Amsterdam offers many green spaces to get away. Vondelpark is one of the city's many parks to help you do...  Read More

Anne Frankhuis


Thanks to her diary, the story of Anne Frank's hiding from the Nazis is a well-known historical event. Nevertheless, visitors to the actual building where she, her family and friends hid during the German occupation will find themselves thrown...  Read More

Central Canal Ring
Canal Boat Tours


Experience picturesque Amsterdam from the waterways. Especially when the sun is shining, there is no better way to see the sights than by boat. Wind your way through Amsterdam's canals and appreciate the attractions from the water. With a...  Read More

Geitenboerderij De Ridammerhoeve
Photo courtesy of Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve


Situated in the heart of the Amsterdamse Bos, the Amsterdam Forest, you'll find the Geitenboerderij De Ridammerhoeve, a goat farm. Discover the various facets of organic farming, including care of the animals. Visit the goats, chickens, pigs,...  Read More



Remembering the Netherlands' colonial era, this museum captures elements of lands the country once occupied in the tropics and subtropics. Various exhibits recreate places in Africa, Indonesia, Latin America, the Philippines, India and the...  Read More

NEMO Science Museum


The impressive building of Nemo is designed by Renzo Piano in the shape of the bow of a ship. In the summer the rooftop of Nemo is a nice terrace where you can enjoy a drink after visiting the museum on a lazy Sunday with the kids. Nemo offers...  Read More

Artis Zoo


Artis is the Amsterdam zoo and located on the East side of the Amsterdam City Center. The entrance of Artis with the huge golden eagles at the gate is magical for kids. A warm welcome to this intriguing zoo, which was build in 1838 and still...  Read More