Late Night / After Hours



This casual, unassuming place, complete with low ceilings, performance fliers and photos, pulls in a regular cast of locals and curious travelers. Blues music is the specialty, and any night of the week, you'll find live musicians playing to...  Read More



It's no coincidence that Melkweg's name, translated, is the tongue-in-cheek 'Milky Way,' given that the complex once operated as a dairy. The revamped center-city attraction is now an entertainment and nightlife magnet, offering patrons...  Read More

Central Canal Ring


Located in a canal house dating from 1662, this was once home to the notorious gay club, DOK, whose visitors included David Bowie, Elton John and Jean Paul Gaultier. Following the demise of DOK, it was patronized largely by students until a...  Read More



For more than a decade, this relaxed club has plied patrons with some of the area's top live music. With a cozy interior that harks back to New Orleans, the well-attended club specializes in local talent, although it frequently brings in...  Read More



In its former life, this live music venue was a beautiful church. These days, Christian hymns have been supplanted by more energetic rhythms, and the striking space welcomes bands from around the world. Paradiso's terrific acoustics appeal to...  Read More

Eastern Canal Ring


Stylish and hi-tech with a hefty multimedia infusion, Amsterdam's most versatile night club has a warren of interconnected areas - lounge bars, VIP stages, balconies and dancefloors pulsating with light and visuals - under one big cavernous...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District
Absinthe Bar


Although folks differ as to whether the bar serves the actual, mind-altering absinthe that was so favored in the 19th century (they're licensed to make their own), it does cultivate an exotic ambience that is in keeping with the mysterious...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District


A short walk from Centraal Station, this small club is popular with a young crowd who appreciate its varied live music and party programming - which could range from a hip hop night to a reggae evening or a night of underground indie from a...  Read More

Further Afield
Club 8


A vast, endearingly scruffy space above (and part of) a pool center (snooker, not swimming!) is the unusual location for one of Amsterdam's edgiest clubs. It's regularly inhabited by ardent followers of nights such as Club Rascal who purvey the...  Read More

Jimmy Woo
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Woo


At Jimmy Woo, a luxurious night club located near Leidseplein, you'll be dazzled by the design and blown away by the sound; the club won the "Dutch Design" prize and was awarded the "best club sound in the Netherlands." Come for one of the...  Read More