Footloose in Famous Nightlife Hot Spot Leidseplein's Best Dance Clubs

With so many bars, cafes and clubs, you can easily spend days partying near the nightlife hotspot Leidseplein. There are numerous possibilities, providing a place for every personality, style and budget. If you love to dance and are craving a fun night out, you have come to the right area.

Don’t know where to start? Paradiso, an internationally renowned music venue, transforms into a club five nights a week, providing a creative outlet for people to let loose and dance. Jimmy Woo is a great experience for those looking to club in style. This luxurious nightclub is known for its beautiful design and incredible sound system.

Chicago Social Club (CSC), on the other hand, is a smaller two-level nightclub that offers a more laid-back, intimate experience. Sugar Factory puts together quite the varied program, from DJs and swing bands to soul music and salsa nights, as does Club Up, who offers house, hip-hop, funk, disco, soul and techno. BlinQ is a restaurant and bar most of the time, but on Friday and Saturday, it turns into a club.

When you feel the need to wind down, it is best to stop by Café Bubbels and Het Feest van Joop. These two places are great cool-down cafés. You can keep moving your feet and decompress a little bit before you head home and crawl into bed.


In Amsterdam, a city known for its fantastic nightlife scene, you can party until the wee hours of the morning. Stop by Het Feest van Joop for a little (well, a lot of) fun. This bar, along with the café across the street, Café Bubbels, is a great place to cool down and end your evening. At Het Feest van Joop, it is always time to dance, drink and be merry. If you really like partying late into the night, Het Feest van Joop also puts together a few afterhours parties each year. Be sure to check the website for the dates.

You will always find a party going on at Café Bubbels. Every night of the week, from 10:00 p.m. onwards, you can dance and dance and dance until you cannot dance anymore. The DJs play a variety of music, including pop, rock and house. Bubbels also offers live music on Sundays. This cafe, along with the bar across the street Het Feest van Joop, is perfect to cool down. It is a great bar to wrap up the evening and dance a bit more before you head home. Plus, the staff at Bubbels is very friendly and welcoming. Have a drink, dance to the beat and keep the party going.

Party Cafe Candela has multiple personalities. It is a bar, lounge and nightclub all wrapped into one. Every night of the week, there is something going on at this two-level establishment. Stop by on a weekday to enjoy the drink specials. Join in on the Tuesday karaoke fun, or drop by on a Thursday to listen to a jam session. Perhaps you would rather visit on Monday, open mic night. When you feel the need to move your feet and dance the night away, though, you have come to the right place. Clubbing starts around 11:00 p.m. If you're looking for a different kind of dancing, bring a friend to one of the salsa nights to learn a little salsa dancing. Candela has it all.


Every Friday and Saturday, BlinQ provides the complete package. You can easily spend a whole night here. Start off the evening with dinner. You'll feel satisfied the second you set down your fork and knife. Follow the meal with a cup of liquid fuel – coffee – so you're ready to dance until the break of dawn. Next, grab your best guy or girl friends, order the drink of your choice and move to the beat. The space transforms into a club around 11:00 p.m. The club usually plays house music, welcoming a variety of national and international DJs, but also invites singers and saxophonists for performances, as well.

Let your spirits soar as soon as you enter Club Up. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, this club provides a great atmosphere to let loose and dance late into the night. Be sure to have a look at the agenda before you visit. You will find Club Up offers a variety of music, from house to hip-hop and funk to disco, soul and techno. House music is popular. Whenever you go, though, you are in for a good time. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter. The space is also available for rent Sunday through Wednesday.

Central Canal Ring

Make your night even sweeter at the Sugar Factory, where music is an art. Unleash your creative side and find your freedom. Express yourself through movement and dance – actually, it's encouraged. From DJs and swing bands to soul music and salsa nights, the Sugar Factory program is always fresh and unique, as the themes frequently change. While there is an entrance fee, drinks are relatively inexpensive once you are in. If you arrive earlier in the evening, before the space turns into a dance floor, you can watch other type of performances such as theater, live music, cabaret and poetry. Stop by the Sugar Factory and join the continuous celebration.

Housed in an abandoned dairy factory, Melkweg was originally founded in 1970 as an outlet for the arts. Now, the venue welcomes young and old, amateur and experienced, with its multi-faceted mix of experimental and classical programming; therefore, the Melkweg is also well known for its nightlife. To top it off, you can also experience five different disciplines in one place. It doesn't matter what you find fascinating; Melkweg has a little something for everyone. For most night programs, you must be at least 16 years old. Additionally, you can receive discounts on club nights and pre-sale advantages for concerts if you have a Melkweg membership.

Chicago Social Club (CSC) serves as both a bar and a club. Sunday through Thursday, CSC is a laid back place to have a drink with friends. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, though, the space transforms into a fun, intimate nightclub. The club has two levels, creating a more gezellig (best translated to nice and cozy) experience. The program is varied, always high quality and often features techno or hip-hop music. CSC is like coming home and dancing with all your (new) closest friends. Go ahead. Shake your thing on the dance floor. Please note you must be at least 21 years of age to enter.

Jimmy Woo
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Woo

At Jimmy Woo, a luxurious night club located near Leidseplein, you'll be dazzled by the design and blown away by the sound; the club won the "Dutch Design" prize and was awarded the "best club sound in the Netherlands." Come for one of the themed club nights, dance to the DJ downstairs or relax and have a drink upstairs. Every night is a unique experience at the Woo. The space is intimate and cozy, fitting only 600 or 650 people. Tip: Be sure to arrive early or reserve a table. Dress to impress. As it's a members club, Jimmy Woo is known for its door policy and likes to minimize the guest list. Enter the Woo and embark on a night of fun in style.


Since 1968, Paradiso has been a location for creative talent. Now, the former church has evolved into a concert hall, club and cultural center, attracting people of all ages. Five nights a week, Paradiso is a club, providing an outlet for people to let loose and dance the night away. World famous musicians, such as Al Green and Lady Gaga, have also played in the Main Hall, while several other artists, such as Franz Ferdinand and Kings of Leon, have made their start in the Small Hall. Therefore, Paradiso has the entire music spectrum covered: electric, rock, folk, soul, country, reggae and blues. It's truly a place for everyone to have a good time.


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