10 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam For Good Quality, Delicious Asian Dishes

With an abundance of quality restaurants in Amsterdam, choosing a place to eat can be quite a challenge; the variety is incredible and almost overwhelming. When you have a food craving for anything Asian, Indonesian to Japanese and Chinese to Thai, 10Best has you covered.

While the Indonesian food in the Netherlands has been localised, this type of cuisine is a definite must-try. Puri Mas and Tempo Doeloe, as well as Kantjil en Tijger, are just a few of the many restaurants in the area that will provide you with a delightful meal. Need a recommendation on what to order? Get a rijsttafel (rice table); this way, you’ll receive a little taste of everything.

Amsterdam also has its own China Town. The Dutch love their Chinese food, and the choices indeed reflect this. New King is a Cantonese restaurant in China Town, while Oriental City certainly has the right environment for a Chinese lunch or dinner. Nam Kee, Hoi Tin and Sichuan Food are also enjoyable suggestions.

For Japanese, Yamazato will blow you away. At Tokyo Café, you’ll definitely get your fill; it’s an all-you-can-eat Japanese and sushi place. Therefore, no matter what you’re longing, this 10 Best list will leave you full and content.

Old Center / Red Light District


Calling all Chinese food lovers. Hoi Tin, a restaurant situated in China Town, is ready to welcome you. Come prepared to eat; the main focus is the food. The clientele, locals and Chinese visitors alike, find delight in the large portions of...  Read More



Rakang, a Thai restaurant tucked away in one of the most characteristic areas of the Jordaan, is known for its Thai food – fresh and fun. With a variety of fresh ingredients, as well as dishes cooked with passion, creativity and a dash of...  Read More

Eastern Canal Ring


Tempo Doeloe allows you to break away from the fast-paced lifestyle and share a delicious, stress-free meal with someone special. The restaurant's name translates to "the old days," creating a nostalgic foundation for good-quality food and...  Read More



Looking for authentic Chinese cuisine with a family-influenced flare? Try Nam Kee run by the Chan family. With a few locations scattered around the city – China Town, Nieuwmarkt and Heinekenplein – this restaurant provides you with several...  Read More

Central Canal Ring
Sichuan Food


Sichuan Food is another restaurant in Amsterdam that really shines. The Sichuan style is one of four main cooking preparations in China, internationally known for its hot and spicy tastes. Whether you explicitly have an appetite for the Sichuan...  Read More



The Okura, a five star hotel in de Pijp, is home to several restaurants including three of which that have been awarded Michelin stars. At Yamazato, one of the first Japanese restaurants in Europe to receive a Michelin star, you'll truly be...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District


The second you walk in to Oriental City, a three story Chinese restaurant only a short walk from Centraal Station, the Red Light District and China Town, you'll immediately feel the atmosphere is right for an authentic Chinese meal. Focused on...  Read More



Sushi lovers around the world will rejoice at the mere thought of Tokyo Cafe. Located near the Spui and Kalverstraat, Tokyo Cafe is a delicious all-you-can-eat Japanese and sushi restaurant. Take a break from shopping or sightseeing and stop by...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District


Located in China Town, New King is an Amsterdam favorite. Remember the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? With Restaurant New King, this phrase rings true. While you may not look twice at this restaurant as you pass by, once inside...  Read More

Puri Mas


Puri Mas, an Indonesian restaurant located close to Leidseplein, is self-described as a place where every detail was chosen with care: the name, the food, the design, the service, even the location. Indulge in the incredible Indonesian flavors...  Read More


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