Restaurants with the Best Value in Amsterdam

10 Restaurants in Amsterdam To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

Amsterdam is home to an assortment of establishments, from small family-owned eateries and street-side vendors to elegant brasseries and Michelin star restaurants. Depending on what you like, you have plenty of options to choose from. From traditional flavors and classic cuisine to creative twists and modern flares, the city offers just about every cuisine from around the world.

Looking to share a delicious meal without breaking the bank? 10Best is here to help you discover the best wallet-friendly places in the city to enjoy a tasty meal or snack. If you are looking for something quick and easy, visit one of the butchers or bakeries for a homemade sandwich. Stop at one of the street vendors or fish shops for fresh herring. Make sure you order pickles and onions on the side. Have a euro or two handy? Insert a coin into the wall at the FEBO and grab your food. Kroket and frikandel are two typical Dutch snacks. One of Amsterdam’s open-air markets, such as the Albert Cuypmarkt, is perfect if you want to concoct a meal of your own. You’ll find an assortment of fresh produce, fine meats and cheeses, as well as tasty treats.

However, if you want to have a sit-down meal, there are several budget-friendly restaurants to pick from. The specials, such as “special of the day, week or month,” are usually the most cost effective. Moeders, for instance, offers hearty servings at a reasonable price. Check out the whole list below.


The Stadskantine is a great place to meet with family or friends for a cheap, casual meal. Stop by morning, noon or night. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Start your day with a croissant, boiled egg and fresh juice or yoghurt with homemade granola. For lunch, options include a sandwich with goat cheese and fig mustard chutney or roast beef with old cheese and a mustard mayo. Additionally, the cafe offers a daily special for a very reasonable price: 8.85 EUR. There are always meat, fish and vegetarian options available. Do you have a sweet tooth? Make sure to finish the meal with the cheesecake or brownie.

Recommended for Best Value because: The Stadskantine serves a daily special for only 8.85 EUR. All ingredients are fresh.

Local Expert tip: The Stadskantine does not accept cash, only credit cards and PIN.

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Since 1997, Foodism has been serving healthy, flavorsome cuisine. The menu rotates frequently and often features dishes with a bit of Mediterranean flare. Some of the classics include zucchini stuffed with mushrooms, topped with goat cheese; a crayfish salad; and a Greek salad. For those looking for a good deal, ask your waiter or waitress about the daily special. The special, called "TheCookInLove," is only 8.50 EUR. The restaurant's overall ambiance is extremely pleasant and casual. The restaurant is also home to art exhibitions, enabling you to take the time to admire artist's work while you enjoy your tasty meal.

Recommended for Best Value because: Foodism serves healthy cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant even offers a daily special for only 8.50 EUR.

Local Expert tip: The daily special is called "TheCookInLove."

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Oud Zuid

La Falote offers a three-course special for only 15.50 EUR. The menu can change daily and includes soup, a main course and dessert. The restaurant makes sure to provide the best of the season. For instance, stews are popular in wintertime, while the summer menu often features fresh fish. If for some reason the daily special does not tickle your taste buds, you can always order something off the a la carte menu. You'll find an assortment of meat, fish and vegetarian options. Meet chef Peter and enjoy the ambiance of La Falote. Make sure to visit an ATM ahead of time. The restaurant only accepts cash.

Recommended for Best Value because: La Falote offers a daily three-course special for 15.50 EUR. The menu includes soup, a main course and dessert.

Local Expert tip: The restaurant only accepts cash, so visit an ATM beforehand.

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Eating out should be a delicious and enjoyable experience, but one that does not empty your wallet. At Azmarino, you get the best of both worlds. Azmarino is an East African restaurant, serving Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine. Here, your hands are your eating utensils. All dishes are served with a pancake, called Enjera. This pancake enables you to scoop up the food. Meals run approximately 9.50 EUR. Some of the main courses include seasoned fried lamb or beef and lentils with garlic, onion and Abesijne spices. The braised beef with spiced butter and peppers is a national dish, while the braised chicken is a wedding dish. Both are served with yoghurt. If you cannot decide, order two meat dishes or two vegetarian dishes. Make sure to order an East African beer on the side.

Recommended for Best Value because: Azmarino is an East African restaurant where you can eat traditional dishes with your hands (and the help of a pancake). Prices average 9.50 EUR.

Local Expert tip: You can order a combination of two meat or two vegetarian dishes.

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Old City Centre/Old Side

Guests are in for a pleasant surprise at Van Kerkwijk. The restaurant is located near Dam Square, a great location to stop by for lunch, dinner or a quick snack. You may have no idea what to expect, as the restaurant does not have a fixed menu, but the quality is always good. Find a seat and make yourself comfortable. You'll hear the specials upon arrival. Pair your meal with wine, beer or another drink from the bar. Enjoy a dinner by candlelight, or sit outside on the terrace. Come by with friends or family for a relaxing, affordable evening out.

Recommended for Best Value because: Van Kerkwijk keeps things fresh. The restaurant does not have a fixed menu, but always serves delicious, affordable dishes.

Local Expert tip: If the weather permits, relax outside on the terrace.

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You cannot go wrong with pizza. It's a tasty meal suitable for lunch or dinner. Pair it with a glass of prosecco and you've got a great combination. This is the concept at Pizza Bakkers. The pizza, cooked in a wood oven, has a thin, crunchy crust topped with fresh ingredients. You have many options to choose from, including Salami finocchiona made with tomato, mozzarella and Tuscany fennel salami; Napoletana topped with tomato, mozzarella, black olives, capers and anchovies; Zucchini prepared with tomato, mozzarella, grilled zucchini, sundried tomatoes and taleggio; or Spinaci with tomato, mozzarella, spinach, red balsamic vinegar, goat cheese and pine nuts. If you don't know what to order, try the pizza of the month. The dinner pizza prices start as low as 7.75 EUR. Pizza Bakkers also serves salads and sandwiches. Eat in at one of three locations or order to go.

Recommended for Best Value because: Pizza Bakkers offers a terrific combination: pizza and prosecco. The pizzas are very affordable, and you can dine in or order one to go.

Local Expert tip: If you don't know what to order, try the pizza of the month.

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Old Center / Red Light District

When you need a fun night out and a little home cooking, make your way to Getto. Getto features a wide range of international cuisine. All the options are affordable and absolutely delicious, which can make it hard to choose. Appetizers start at 3.50 EUR and main courses at 10 EUR. Plus, the menu changes seasonally, so you always have something new to try. The chefs often use fresh ingredients and offer vegetarian choices. Getto is famous for its "warm" salad (thyme potatoes, smoked bacon and Gorgonzola dressing) and BBQ Burger. Certain occasions call for a themed menu, such as Easter, Gay Pride, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. Stop by for a bite to eat. Everyone is welcome: gays, lesbians, bisexuals and straights.

Recommended for Best Value because: Getto, a restaurant that serves international, home-style cuisine, is a place for everyone: gays, lesbians, bisexuals and straights.

Local Expert tip: Burger Queens Night is every Wednesday. All burger dinners are 10 EUR.

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Old City Centre/New Side

Cafe 't Gasthuys is one of those places that is perfect for any occasion. Located in the center of Amsterdam on the Grimburgwal, the cozy brown cafe welcomes a wide range of guests, including students, theatergoers and tourists. The menu is varied. Lunch options include the steak, fried egg, Dutch cheese, tomato and ham sandwich for 4.75 EUR; homemade chicken kebabs with peanut sauce, fries and salad for 11.50 EUR; and a warm ham and cheese tosti for 2.75 EUR. When dinnertime rolls around, main courses include steak with mushrooms for 12.50 EUR or fish of the day as from 9 EUR. Plus, there is always a weekly pasta special for only 6.50 EUR. When the weather is nice, sit on the waterside terrace. Both inside and out, the cafe provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy drinks or a casual meal out with friends. Students receive 10 percent off with ID.

Recommended for Best Value because: 't Gasthuys is a casual cafe often frequented by students, theatergoers and tourists. The restaurant offers a varied, reasonably priced menu.

Local Expert tip: Cafe 't Gasthuys offers a new pasta special every week for only 6.50 EUR.

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Central Canal Ring

You will find many appetizing goodies at Goodies. Whether you stop by for lunch or dinner, one look at the menu will make your mouth water. Goodies serves a variety of delicious, cost effective dishes. Plus, all the ingredients are fresh and organic. The lunch menu features sandwiches and bagels, such as the BLT sandwich variations or the grilled mushroom, pepper, eggplant, zucchini and hummus sandwich. The dinner menu boasts tapas dishes, perfect for sharing, as well as pasta and salads. The seafood ravioli with shrimp bisque and rucola for 14.25 EUR and the rigatoni with mushroom sauce, wild spinach and garlic for 14.75 EUR are just two of the choices. For the non-meat eater, there are several vegetarian options available. If you still have room at the end, order a slice of homemade cake. Looking to quench your thirst? Sit on the terrace and order a fruit shake.

Recommended for Best Value because: Goodies offers an assortment of affordable dishes made with fresh, organic ingredients.

Local Expert tip: End the meal with a slice of homemade cake.

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Give your Mom a break from the cooking and the cleaning and take her to Restaurant Moeders. Moeders, which literally translates to "Mothers" in English, is the family restaurant in Amsterdam, especially for Mother's Day or your Mom's birthday. The walls are decoratively adorned with a collage of photos, featuring mothers from all corners of the world; pictures are still being collected. Moeders serves a dish of the day for only 10 EUR. Visitors can also choose from an a la carte or a three-course menu. With typical Dutch cuisine and a friendly, welcoming ambience, Moeders will make you feel right at home.

Recommended for Best Value because: Moeders serves delicious home-style Dutch cuisine. The portion sizes are extremely generous.

Local Expert tip: If your mother or wife has a birthday, Moeders will give her a small present.

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