Best Restaurants In Multicultural De Pijp

De Pijp is the go-to neighborhood in Amsterdam for those looking to try something new and delicious. From exotic ingredients to traditional dishes, De Pijp is brimming with diverse international cuisine. You’ll find numerous nationalities represented, including French, Italian, Turkish and Tunisian. This neighborhood is truly a multicultural melting pot.

For those in the mood for French, look no further than Le Restaurant or Ciel Bleu. Le Restaurant, for instance, is a one Michelin star restaurant that serves excellent dishes in a romantic setting. Two Michelin star Ciel Bleu in the Okura Hotel, on the other hand, provides a stunning view over Amsterdam.

Scandinavian Embassy focuses on Nordic cuisine, while Bazar serves North African, Iranian and Turkish food. Veggie lovers will not want to miss De Waaghals, an all-vegetarian restaurant, while meat-lovers must absolutely try The Butcher, a burger restaurant. Bakken met Passie is the best place for lunch, as they make their bread from scratch. If you’re looking for a mid-afternoon snack or something sweet, check out the Taart van m'n Tante. It’s a great place to enjoy a slice of pie and cup of coffee. Stop by the College Hotel for a chic cocktail concoction later, perhaps after dinner.


Vegetarians will be absolutely delighted with De Waaghals menu. The restaurant is completely vegetarian, catering to non-meat eaters and veggie lovers alike. The menu is seasonal, rotating every two months, and often uses organic ingredients. Plus, the restaurant really embraces De Pijp's international melting pot scene by choosing a country to focus on every month. If you would like to experiment and try something new, order this featured international dish. Pair your dinner with a beer or glass of organic wine. De Waaghals does accept reservations, which is recommended, but you can also order your food to go, if you want to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: De Waaghals is a vegetarian restaurant that offers a seasonal, often organic, menu.

Jessica's expert tip: Order the international dish of the month

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The Butcher is the place to dine if you are craving a quality, juicy hamburger. One look at the menu, and your mouth will be watering. The foundation of every good burger is the beef. This burger bar uses Aberdeen Angus beef. To top it off, literally, the chef's use the freshest ingredients and a homemade bun. Some of the sublime combinations include The Butcher burger, with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion & gherkin, The Babaganoush, which is a secret recipe containing mashed grilled eggplant blended with tahini and spices and The Daddy, a big 250 gram burger with Edam cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and grilled onion. The Butcher also offers other sandwiches, such as The Butcher's Wife Favorite, which is a chicken sandwich with tomato, grilled onion and rocket leaves or The Codfather, with fresh cod, fries and tartare sauce. Enjoy your choice in the modern, chic interior.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: The Butcher in De Pijp serves juicy hamburgers, using quality meat, fresh toppings and homemade buns.

Jessica's expert tip: You can always add extra toppings or sauces

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Go back to the basics at Café Restaurant Braque. This cozy establishment serves a variety of bistro dishes in an intimate atmosphere. Starters include vitello tonnato, escargot and steak tartar. The classic European menu features main entrees like tournedos, entrecote, fresh fish from the market and ravioli. You can order the bouillabaisse as an appetizer or main course. Pair your meal with a scrumptious side dish, such as salad, vegetables or fries. Note: the steak fries are homemade. You can order the "Early Bird" menu if you come between 6 and 7 p.m. Complement the fine flavors of your choice with a glass of wine or cocktail. If you prefer, you can stop by for just a drink.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: Braque serves a variety of delicious bistro dishes in an intimate atmosphere.

Jessica's expert tip: Order the "Early Bird" menu between 6 and 7 p.m.

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Bakken met Passie, which translates to Baking with Passion in English, provides the chance to eat in a bakery. Indulge your senses. Taste the passion in each bite. Savor every last ounce of love that is poured into making these delicious works of art. The bread is made completely from scratch and baked in a stone oven. Bakken met Passie also uses fair trade chocolate and organic eggs. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try one of the delightful pastries or cakes. All of the bakery's creations are absolutely to die for, whether you're having a sandwich or a sweet treat.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: Bakken met Passie offers the opportunity to eat in a bakery setting.

Jessica's expert tip: If you have a soft spot for sweets, you must try one of the pastries or cakes

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Walk into a world of food at the Bazar. The building, once a church, features high ceilings and is full of color, character and beauty. The restaurant serves North African, Iranian and Turkish food, where you can choose a delicious dish from the main menu or one of the daily specials; either way you cannot go wrong. As the establishment is located in the Albert Cuypstraat, it's a great place to take a break from shopping at the Albert Cuypmarkt and enjoy a fresh mint tea. If you want to have dinner, make sure to reserve a table ahead of time, as the restaurant is quite popular and often busy. Try to get a table on the upper level; it overlooks the bar. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Bazar is sure to please.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: The Bazar is housed in a colorful old church. It is a great place to start or end the day.

Jessica's expert tip: Take a break from shopping at the Albert Cuypmarkt and enjoy a fresh mint tea at the Bazar

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Scandinavian Embassy, nestled in De Pijp right across from the Sarphatipark, is the perfect peaceful place to jumpstart your day. This hole-in-the-wall cafe boasts terrific, flavorful coffee. Nicolas, the 2013 Brewers Cup Champion of Sweden, knows how to do it right. Rikard, the Head Chef who has had an interest in food his entire life, serves incredible Scandinavian fare, focusing on fresh, healthy ingredients. One of his most popular dishes is the gravlax. Grab a seat at the counter and get to know the owners or secure a spot by the window and watch people pass by. Don't forget to say hello to Java the dog. She will give you a warm welcome.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: Scandinavian Embassy specializes in fantastic, fresh Nordic cuisine and flavorful coffee in a rustic, laid-back atmosphere.

Jessica's expert tip: Try the gravlax, one of the restaurant's most popular dishes

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Omelegg's main focus is eggs, specifically omelets. This charming restaurant with a countryside vibe creates a variety of delicious, sometimes creative omelet combinations, everything from slightly sweet to hearty. Do not forget to complement your choice with a warm cup of Catunambu coffee or fresh juice. Stop by with friends and family for brunch, or relax at the large reading table in the back with a good book. Perhaps you want to catch up on emails while you eat; the restaurant also offers free Wi-Fi. Surrounded by green plants and natural wood elements, you will feel right at home. While Omelegg does not accept reservations, tables turn over quite quick so you should not have to wait long. Come hungry and leave full yet satisfied.

Jessica's expert tip: Try the omelet with dates, honey and walnuts.

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Spend the afternoon at the famous Albert Cuypmarkt or peaceful Sarphatipark. Later, head over to Orontes for a wonderful meal. The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine, specializing in Turkish dishes from Hatay and Antakya. Orontes offers both warm and cold starters. Cold starters include the octopus salad and roka, while mussels, sigara börek and oruk are a few of the items from the list of warm appetizers. If they all look good and you cannot decide, order the mezze table, a selection of five cold and three warm starters. If your mouth is not watering already, the main entrees will do the trick: varieties of fish, such as sea bass, salmon and tong, as well as meat dishes such as lamb chops, sac kavurma and karniyarik. Be sure to end on a sweet note, for instance with the baklava or Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: Restaurant Orontes in De Pijp offers a variety of tasty Turkish dishes.

Jessica's expert tip: If all the appetizers sound appealing, order the mezze table, which is a selection of five cold starters and three warm ones

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Le Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Ro Achterberg

Brace yourself for exquisite, elegant evening at Le Restaurant in De Pijp. This cozy, relaxed restaurant serves excellent French cuisine. You can watch the chefs work their magic, as the restaurant has an open kitchen. The tasty dishes are classically prepared but are made complete with a bit of the chef's personal touch. Make sure to ask for a wine recommendation. The restaurant has earned one Michelin star, as well as 16 points from the Gault-Millau guide. The restaurant only accommodates 20 persons, so reservations are recommended. For those that are vegetarian, please note the restaurant does not offer 100 percent vegetarian-friendly menus.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: One Michelin star Le Restaurant serves superb French cuisine in an intimate, romantic atmosphere.

Jessica's expert tip: Reservations are highly recommended, as the restaurant is small

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Enjoy a truly elegant evening at Ciel Bleu. The restaurant, located on the 23rd floor of the gorgeous five-star Okura Hotel, promises a top-notch dinner. Ciel Bleu boasts two Michelin stars, definitely well deserved. The restaurant serves classic French cuisine with a creative twist. The chefs always select the best of the best ingredients and often use local products. The menu, which rotates four times a year, always features the finest flavors of the season. In addition, numerous wines are just waiting to complement your meal. The entire experience is made complete with a beautiful panoramic view of Amsterdam. Make a reservation at Ciel Bleu for an evening of culinary art.

Recommended for De Pijp's Best Restaurants because: Ciel Bleu, a two Michelin star restaurant, serves terrific culinary delights and boasts a beautiful view of Amsterdam.

Jessica's expert tip: Try to reserve a table by the window, so you can overlook the city of Amsterdam

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