10 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam to Experience Dutch Cuisine

Travel provides ample opportunities to try new food and discover local cuisine. Food not only satisfies you after a long day of sightseeing, but one simple bite can also open the door to experiencing a country’s culture. Sometimes you just need to know where to look. 10Best is here to point the way to the best Dutch restaurants in town.

Start your meal with kroketten or bitterballen, best described as a deep-fried roll of mashed potatoes and minced meat. This finger food is absolutely delicious and sure to take the edge off. When you’re ready for the main attraction, there are numerous options. If you’re a meat lover, steak with either pepper or mushroom sauce is a must. Stamppot Andijvie, mashed potatoes with endives, bacon and cheese, or Boerenkool met Worst, mashed potatoes with kale and sausage, are perfect dishes on a cold, winter day. Pannenkoeken (pancakes) are also a popular meal, as Dutch pancakes can be served with a variety of ingredients: bacon, cheese, apples, strawberries and more.

Want to sample a variety of Dutch favorites? Fresh herring, best served with pickles and onions, or kibbeling (fried cod) are both delightful snacks. Order a cheese plate and experience some of the best cheese in the world. Poffertjes (little pancakes with powdered sugar) or stroopwafels (warm, thin waffles with caramel inside) will satisfy any sweet-tooth craving. This list is only a start to all the delicious possibilities, so we invite you to take your pick and let the feast begin.

Old Center / Red Light District


When the decision is too difficult, there is only one way to easily finalise your dinner plans; look into the mirror and ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?" De Silveren Spiegel (translated in English to The Silver...  Read More

Western Canal Ring


Everyone, including locals and tourists alike, is welcome at Caf de Prins. Located in the Jordaan, near the Westerkerk and Anne Frank House, Caf de Prins is a great place to soak up some sun on the waterside terrace when weather permits or...  Read More



Caf Loetje is said to have the best steaks in Amsterdam, possibly the world. No matter how you like your steak – medium, medium rare and well done or with jus, mushrooms and onions – Caf Loetje knows how to serve 'em right. Pair your...  Read More

De Knijp


Spend some time seeing the sights near Museumplein or watch a classical concert at the beautiful Concertgebouw. Finish the day with a fabulous dinner at an Amsterdam favorite: De Knijp. Known for both traditional and modern Dutch dishes, De...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District
D'Vijff Vlieghen


Prepare yourself for a divine culinary experience at d'Vijff Vlieghen. With good food, great wine and a dash of history, d'Vijff Vliegen calls itself a culinary museum. Dishes are always surprising and range from scallops and tartar of veal to...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District


Since 1870, De Poort has been serving traditional Dutch culinary delights. Housed in Hotel Die Port van Cleve, right in the middle of Amsterdam by the Royal Palace, Brasserie De Poort offers a gezellig (best translated to "very nice" or cozy")...  Read More



Behind every successful restaurant is a story. Restaurant Greetje is no exception. The restaurant is based on old-fashioned home cooking methods, traditional tastes and nutritious ingredients – principles the owner's mother used in daily...  Read More



Join the regulars and get your fill of traditional, grandma-style Dutch cooking at Restaurant Hap-Hmm. The menu is arranged a bit differently, where you first select the meat and then choose from approximately eight different types of...  Read More



Restaurant Haesje Claes, situated between Dam Square and the Spui, offers an authentic and seamless blend of history and traditional Dutch food. The restaurant, which still has some of the building's original architectural fixtures preserved,...  Read More



Give your Mom a break from the cooking and the cleaning and take her to Restaurant Moeders. Moeders, which literally translates to "Mothers" in English, is the family restaurant in Amsterdam, especially for Mother's Day or your Mom's birthday....  Read More


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