Delicious Meals at Jordaan's Best Restaurants

The Jordaan is known for its calm tree-lined streets, peaceful waterways and picturesque historic canal houses. By day, the Jordaan provides the perfect opportunity to sit on a terrace along the water, but by night, this area turns into a cityscape fairytale. The soft glow of the lights reflects off the water, creating a romantic atmosphere for an evening stroll. Moreover, the neighborhood is home to some quality restaurants. Come with the love of your life, your family or your friends. Whether you are a die-hard foodie or just looking for a lovely meal out, this charming neighborhood is sure to please.

Several restaurants use seasonal, and often regional, products. Bordewijk, for instance, incorporates local products, fresh fish and seasonal game into their menu. If you want something international, Divan serves Turkish cuisine, while Toscanini is known for its authentic Italian dishes. La Oliva, on the other hand, has the best pintxos in town. For a laid back atmosphere, try De Reiger, which is one of the oldest pubs in the Jordaan, or Café de Prins, which is popular with both locals and tourists. If you’re looking to enjoy romantic evening with your significant other, head to Proeverij 274. Burgers Patio is the best choice in the summer months, as they have two outdoor seating areas. Want to leave the decision making process to someone else? Visit Café Daalder. This restaurant offers a three, four, five and six-course chef’s menu.


Western Canal Ring

Everyone is welcome at Café de Prins. Located in the Jordaan, with a wonderful view of the Westerkerk and Anne Frank House, Café de Prins is a great place to soak up some sun on the waterside terrace when weather permits or warm up after skating on the canals in the winter months. Whether you're simply looking for a quick Dutch snack, a refreshing beer or fantastic meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner – Cafe de Prins provides a vast selection. The apple pie seems to be popular. Overall, the brown cafe is a perfect place for all ages and any occasion.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: Café de Prins, situated on the Prinsengracht, is popular with both locals and tourists.

Jessica's expert tip: The apple pie seems to be quite popular

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As the name suggests, Burgers Patio has a pleasant outdoor seating area, which is perfect for enjoying the warm, summer months. The space is decorated with elegant vines and lush, green plants. You can also sit on the front terrace, if you prefer. Inside, you can dine in a cozy, comfortable environment. If you plan to order dinner, you're in for a treat. Everything is made in house, including the flavorful fries and delectable desserts. You can choose from a wide variety of French and Italian dishes, including the pasta of the week or the fish of the day. For the veggie lovers or non-meat eaters, there are also vegetarian options. Plus, the menu changes seasonally, ensuring the best ingredients. How did this restaurant get its name, you ask? From Burger, the butcher shop that was previously located in this establishment.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: Burgers Patio provides a pleasant dining atmosphere, both inside and out.

Jessica's expert tip: The restaurant serves a variety of organic wines

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With an open kitchen and cheerful atmosphere, Balthazar's Keuken is the home-like dining room of the Jordaan. Factor in the accommodating staff, and you'll instantly feel at ease. This laid back restaurant offers a tasty three-course menu that changes every week, so you're always in for a surprise. Each dining experience is different, but the cuisine is diverse and always delicious. Visit the website if you want a sneak peek of the menu before you go. Previously, the space was home to a blacksmith's workplace. Today, it is a charming, intimate restaurant that welcomes a diverse crowd. If possible, make a reservation ahead of time.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: Balthazar's Keuken changes its menu weekly, so you're always in for a delicious surprise.

Jessica's expert tip: Make a reservation ahead of time, as the restaurant is small

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Chef Guillaume de Beer offers a terrific three-course menu for 34.50 EUR per person. If you have a larger appetite, would like to try a few more flavors or just want to take your time and enjoy every last bite, you also have the option to order a four-course menu for 41 EUR, five courses for 49.50 EUR or a six-course menu for 55 EUR. Whichever option you choose, you'll be presented with the chef's favorites. The menu changes quite frequently, so every visit promises something new. The specials are written on the mirror, and you can always ask the attentive staff if you have any questions. Pair your meal with a glass of wine. In between courses, be sure to admire the art on the walls.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: Caf-- Daalder offers three, four, five and six-course menus featuring the chef's favorites.

Jessica's expert tip: Reservations are recommended

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If you are looking to share a delicious meal with your significant other in a romantic environment, look no further than Proeverij 274. Situated close to the Westerkerk and Anne Frank House, this cozy restaurant overlooks the picturesque Prinsengracht. Proeverij, which translates to tasting in English, accurately describes the menu. You can enjoy and taste the chef's flavorful creations. Many of the ingredients are even seasonal and organic, often coming from the region. Pair your meal with a glass of wine as you dine by candlelight. When you are finished and absolutely stuffed, sit back and relax in the comfortable chairs.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: Proeverij 274 serves a flavorful menu in a romantic atmosphere.

Jessica's expert tip: Ask about the chef's menu

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After you take a stroll through the Jordaan, have dinner or a drink at one of the oldest pubs in the neighborhood, De Reiger. The building dates back to 1896. While you start with a drink, perhaps a refreshing beer from the tap or a house wine, take in your surroundings: the beautiful Art Deco and Art Nouveau influenced interior. Relax among a diverse crowd and order one of the restaurant's exquisite seasonal options. You'll find a range of Burgundian dishes, created with many organic ingredients, as well as regional products. The menu includes vegetarian options, but De Reiger is known for its ribs. Please note reservations are not possible. Even if you have to wait a little bit, though, De Reiger is well worth it.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: De Reiger, one of the oldest pubs in the Jordaan, is famous for its ribs.

Jessica's expert tip: You cannot make a reservation, but it is worth the wait (if there is one)

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Amsterdam and Turkey have a long relationship, which is one reason you will find so many Turkish food options in the city. It can be hard to choose which restaurant to try. Plus, many of the establishments only offer takeaway, which usually implies there is no option to sit down and dine in. Therefore, if you're looking for good quality, delicious Turkish dishes, head to Divan in the Jordaan. This casual restaurant provides tasty food and great, friendly service. Have a drink at the wooden bar or relax at one of the tables along the wall. The ambient lighting adds to the entire experience. If the weather permits, you can also lounge on the terrace.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: Divan serves quality, affordable Turkish cuisine in a casual atmosphere.

Jessica's expert tip: If the weather permits, ask for a table on the terrace

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Enjoy delicious French cuisine in a contemporary environment. Located near the Noordermarkt, Bordewijk uses regional products, fresh fish and seasonal game. Therefore, the restaurant always produces savory, tasteful dishes. Start with an appetizer. When the time comes to order an entrée, all the options will make your mouth water. You can also choose the chef's daily three, four or five course menu. Be sure to end with something sweet, for instance the sorbet of the season, or ask about their selection of cheeses. Make sure to pair your meal with a glass of wine. Add in the restaurant's warm and welcoming atmosphere, and you'll find all aspects combine to create a perfect evening out.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: Bordewijk, located near the Noordermarkt, uses regional products, fresh fish and seasonal game.

Jessica's expert tip: Try the sorbet of the season for dessert

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Western Canal Ring
La Oliva Pintxos Y Vinos
Photo courtesy of La Oliva

Dining at La Oliva Pintxos Y Vinos in the Jordaan will make you feel as if you've left Amsterdam and traveled to Spain. The restaurant serves the best pintxos in town, as well as other delightful dishes from Northern Spain. Go with a group of people and share several Pintxos plates – this way you can taste a bit of everything. Each bite you take is perfectly complimented with a carefully chosen Spanish wine. Enjoy your lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere paired with great food and friendly service. Call ahead for a reservation, as the restaurant fills up fast.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: La Oliva Pintxos Y Vinos serves the best Pintxos in town.

Jessica's expert tip: Go with a group of people and share several Pintxos plates - this way you can taste a bit of everything

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Western Canal Ring

If you're craving authentic Italian cuisine, head to Toscanini in the Jordaan. This quaint, relaxed restaurant, which has been around since 1985, is sure to satisfy. Savor the wonderful creations, including the homemade breads and pastas. Depending on what you're looking for, choose from the seasonal a la carte menu or the special six-course option. The advantage of the six-course menu is that you have the opportunity to taste a variety of the chef's creations. Either way, you'll enjoy a delicious meal made with love. Don't forget to sip a glass of Italian wine on the side. If you absolutely love your meal, you can purchase the recipe book in the shop. Reservations are recommended.

Recommended for Jordaan's Best Restaurants because: Toscanini has been serving authentic Italian cuisine since 1985.

Jessica's expert tip: If you cannot decide and want a taste of everything, order the chef's six-course option

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