Best Restaurants near the Cruise Port in Amsterdam

Top 10 Restaurants For a Great Meal Near The Amsterdam Cruise Port

Dining out provides the perfect opportunity to receive a taste of the country’s culture. Plus, everyone needs to eat. However, travelers have little time to explore a city when they arrive by cruise ship. Therefore, 10Best has put together a list of the best restaurants near the cruise port, so you do not need to travel far to find a delicious bite to eat. You can taste the fine flavors the city has to offer, relax in a pleasant atmosphere and, depending on which restaurant you choose, enjoy a gorgeous view.

Restaurant Zouthaven, housed in the Muziekgebouw, is located right next to the cruise passenger terminal. Zouthaven serves sustainable seafood and offers an absolutely stunning view of the IJ River. Stop by for lunch on a sunny day or make arrangements for dinner before a concert. If you are searching for a more casual atmosphere, visit Hannekes Boom. Hannekes Boom is situated right along the waterfront and has a huge terrace. You can even request a picnic to go. Restaurant Fifteen, also near the cruise port, serves family-style Italian. The restaurant, which is based on Jamie Oliver’s original concept in London, even trains young adults to be successful hostesses and chefs. Pier 10 is situated directly behind Centraal Station and offers tasty seasonal favorites. Whatever restaurant you settle on, you are certainly in for a treat.



Old City Centre/New Side

Restaurant Tomaz, located near the Spui, is a comfortable restaurant. Inside, lovely lamps and wooden accents welcome you. Outside, the terrace overlooks the Begijnhof gate. Around lunchtime, you'll find sandwiches with cheese, Dutch veal croquettes, hamburgers and pasta Bolognese. For dinner, start with one of the appealing appetizers, such as the soup of the season or the ravioli stuffed with a traditional Dutch mashed potato mixture. When it comes time to choose an entrée, your mouth will water immediately. Choose from delicious dishes like lamb with seasonal vegetables, potato mousseline and a rosemary gravy, risotto with wild mushrooms, tarragon and Parmesan cheese, the catch of the day or the stamppot of the month. For dessert, options include a warm apple pie or Death by Chocolate. You'll surely leave satisfied.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Tomaz, a cozy restaurant located near the Spui, serves a variety of dishes, including Dutch specialties.

Jessica's expert tip: Restaurant Tomaz offers wine tasting.

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Underneath De Appel arts center is a restaurant unlike any other in Amsterdam. The restaurant loves to serve seasonal, local products and even grows its own herbs. The chefs sometimes even experiment with interesting ingredient combinations. The result is tasty international cuisine. The restaurant provides various sized meals, depending on how hungry you are. Are you a vegetarian or do you just love dishes with a lot of veggies? Stop by for Meatless Mondays. The first Monday of every month, MOES puts together a menu without meat or fish. Additionally, you have a few options if you want wine with your meal. You can order by the glass or bottle. If you are unsure how much you want, you can always measure the amount you drink and pay for that quantity. You can also bring your own bottle, if you have a favorite. The opening fee is 10 EUR.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: MOES uses seasonal, local products. The restaurant also offers various options for those that want to drink wine with their meal.

Jessica's expert tip: For all the veggie lovers out there, every first Monday of the month is Meatless Mondays.

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Old City Centre/Old Side

Van Beeren, just a few steps away from Nieuwmarkt, is perfect for a casual meal out. This cozy little restaurant serves delicious food. Van Beeren sets the mood as soon as you walk in. Sit down at one of the wooden tables and dine by candlelight. Order a beer on draft or a glass of wine. The wine list offers a variety, from classic to new world wines and reds to bubbles. The food, which infuses Dutch and Mediterranean flavors, is diverse, ranging from tenderloin with caramelized onions to fresh baked sea bass with a fennel salad. The restaurant even serves ribs and mussels when in season. There is a daily special available for 9.50 EUR, but it can run out fast so get there early. Don't forget to lounge in the courtyard if the weather is nice.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Van Beeren provides a range of Dutch and Mediterranean dishes in a warm, casual atmosphere.

Jessica's expert tip: Van Beeren offers a daily special for 9.50 EUR, but get there early because it can run out fast.

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Old City Centre/Old Side

The Hemelse Modder serves exquisite entrees, each one bursting with fresh, pure and natural ingredients. The restaurant's focus actually revolves around the ingredients. The emphasis is on sustainability, namely where the ingredients originate. For instance, much of the produce is local and the fishes and meats are sustainable. This is reflected in the flavors. One of the numerous appetizers is the homemade croquette with guinea fowl and morel mushrooms. As a main course, there are several options, such as beetroot and oyster mushrooms in puff pastry, Wadden Sea grey mullet or spiced lamb shank. Plus, you cannot skip dessert. The restaurant's name is derived from a Limburg dessert: a dessert comprised of brown and white chocolate mousse with vanilla cream. Depending on your appetite, you can choose between a three (32.50 EUR) or four (37.50 EUR) course menu.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Hemelse Modder focuses on fresh and sustainable products and ingredients.

Jessica's expert tip: The restaurant is named after a Limburg dessert. Therefore, you can't leave before you try the brown and white chocolate mousse with vanilla cream.

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From the outside, Pier 10 doesn't look like much. The restaurant is located directly behind Centraal Station, right on the IJ River. It is easy to miss, as it is surrounded by constant activity. Don't be fooled, though. Inside the atmosphere is very casual and inviting, exuding almost a rustic, romantic feel, and the view is astounding. The menu changes quite frequently, every three months to be exact, and often features seasonal favorites. The restaurant also offers a daily special. For the meat lovers out there, the meat is biological. Therefore, there is always something delicious to try whenever you visit. Be aware the restaurant only accepts cash. If you forgot to bring some with you, there are several ATMs located inside the train station.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Pier 10, located right behind Centraal Station on the IJ River, offers a tasty meal in a casual environment.

Jessica's expert tip: If you're a vegetarian, Pier 10 suggests you call in advance. There are always vegetarian options available, but the restaurant can better cater to your needs if the chefs know ahead of time.

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Head down to the Westerdok for a pleasant meal at Bickers aan de Werf. The restaurant is characterized by its wooden ramps and furniture, creating a rustic yet warm, comfortable atmosphere. Bickers aan de Werf serves a delicious, seasonal menu. Typical starters include mustard soup with sour cream and chives, shrimp croquettes, Tepan Yaki salad with marinated tenderloin and a hand roll of smoked salmon, nori and tapenade. Spareribs "Louisiana Style" cooked in Cajun marinade and served with Cajun spiced thick fries, Vache Noir Camembert with garlic and white wine from the oven and steak with vegetables and potatoes are some of the classic entrees. You can also stop by for high tea or schedule a tapas workshop. Last but not least, don't forget to take in the view of the marina and promenade.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Bickers aan de Werf serves a seasonal menu and offers a comfortable, rustic atmosphere with a nice view of the marina.

Jessica's expert tip: If you are looking for something new or different to do, schedule a tapas workshop.

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If you are looking for a fast yet absolutely fabulous meal, visit Restaurant Fifteen in the Pakhuis. This stylish, comfortable restaurant is based on Jamie Oliver's original Restaurant Fifteen concept in London. The idea is to educate those between the ages of 17 and 25 to become the best in the hospitality and restaurant industry as a hostess or chef. The menu, which changes six times a year and features fresh, local ingredients, offers Italian family-style cooking. Many of the products are grown on the Lindenhoff Farm in Baambrugge. Try to request a table in front of the kitchen, so you can watch the chefs cook their creations. The entire experience is sure to please. If you are arriving by car, you can park underneath the restaurant for 7.50 EUR. Be sure to state this parking deal when you make a reservation.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Restaurant Fifteen, based on Jamie Oliver's original concept in London, offers an Italian family-style menu that features seasonal, local ingredients.

Jessica's expert tip: Request a table in front of the kitchen, so you can watch the chefs work their magic.

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Melt away the stress of the day at Hannekes Boom. Enjoy a cold beer along the peaceful waterfront with friends or family. Make sure to secure a spot on the beautiful terrace. Find a seat at one of the numerous picnic tables or lounge on one of the beanbags. If it's cold, settle into one of the comfortable armchairs inside. Hungry? Grab a bite to eat. The menu changes daily or weekly, so you are in for a surprise. The restaurant is known for its creativity, and the ingredients are always fresh. Listen to the music or maybe dance a little. Just have fun - that's what it's all about at Hannekes. You can arrive by various means of transportation, whatever is easiest for you: foot, bike, boat, train, tram, and car. However, foot, boat or bike is recommended.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Hannekes Boom allows you to enjoy a meal along the water and relax on a sunny terrace.

Jessica's expert tip: Get comfortable in one of the armchairs. There's no better way to relax, drink a beer and eat a meal.

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At Restaurant Nevy, guests can simultaneously enjoy sensational seafood and a superb view. Nevy is located on the Westerdoksdijk, peacefully overlooking the IJ River. The restaurant is bright and airy by day. At night, the soft lighting creates a warm, elegant ambiance. If weather permits, Nevy's large terrace is quite popular during the day to soak up some sun. The restaurant offers a diverse menu, promising the highest quality. Start with something from the raw bar, which proudly displays various fish, crustaceans and shellfish, or order the Nevy salad, featuring fried prawns and lime, drizzled with a truffle dressing. Main courses include salmon risotto with fennel and cucumber and grilled tuna with noodles, bok choy and candied red pepper. Lobster and sea bass are also available. Your taste buds are in for a treat.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Guests can enjoy Restaurant Nevy's splendid view and extraordinary seafood at the same time.

Jessica's expert tip: Nevy hosts a Happy Hour featuring oysters and wine on Fridays from 5 to 7 p.m.

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Zouthaven, located in the Muziekgebouw, is an impressive seafood restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking the IJ River. Chef Martin Keus and his team aim to create delicious dishes using sustainable fish and simple preparation methods. The raw bar presents a wide variety of succulent seafood, including Fines de Claires oysters, prawns, crab and lobster. Lunchtime offers an assortment of options, such as the smoked mackerel fillet sandwich or salad with grilled Albacore tuna, French beans, boiled egg, red onions and an anchovy mayonnaise. For dinner, guests can start with one of the fine appetizers. After, they can continue with a mouthwatering entree, such as the baked fillet of Haddock with an herb crust, sweet potato and carrot mash, tossed spinach and mild Indian curry sauce. Depending on the weather, visitors have two dining possibilities: to enjoy their meal in the restaurant's cozy interior or relax on the outdoor terrace.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Zouthaven, located in the Muziekgebouw with a beautiful view over the IJ River, serves succulent, sustainable seafood.

Jessica's expert tip: If the weather permits, request a table on the terrace. The view is lovely.

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