Best Amsterdam Restaurants With Gluten-Free Options

Traveling with a dietary restriction can be a challenge. It is hard to know which places can cater to your needs. You don’t want to end up at a restaurant with only one gluten free meal on the menu, or worse yet, a restaurant with zero possibilities. Therefore, to help point you in the right direction, 10Best has put together a list of the best restaurants in Amsterdam that offer gluten free options.

Haesjes Claes and Restaurant Lieve, for instance, provide a completely separate gluten free menu. Some restaurants are simply gluten-free friendly, such as Piqniq, a cozy café that offers gluten free sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts, and Seasons, where the menu clearly states which dishes contain gluten and which do not. Places like Omelegg and De Kas, on the other hand, prepare dishes gluten free upon request.

If you plan to cook in one night, there are a few things you’ll need to know before going grocery shopping. “Gluten free” translates to “gluten vrij” in Dutch. Many products will bear a symbol, indicating they, in fact, do not contain gluten. This symbol comes in handy, especially for products such as yoghurt, cereal and biscuits. You can always read the allergy information, “allergie informatie” in Dutch, and look for the word “gluten.” Shop at stores such as Albert Heijn, Bio Mart and Super de Boer.



Walk into a world of food at the Bazar. The building, once a church, features high ceilings and is full of color, character and beauty. The restaurant serves North African, Iranian and Turkish food, where you can choose a delicious dish from the...  Read More



Libero is a true Italian restaurant. The chef, Bruno Morano, was born in Naples and comes from a line of cooks. You'll find the food is top-notch. Those that require their dishes to be gluten free have a wide range of pastas to choose from, such...  Read More



As the name suggests, Omelegg's main focus is eggs, namely omelets. Come in with friends and family for bunch, or relax at the large, cozy reading table with a good book. Perhaps you want to catch up on emails while you eat; the restaurant also...  Read More

Old City Centre/Old Side


In the heart of Amsterdam lies Brasserie Harkema. This contemporary, chic restaurant allows you to dine in style. Come by for a fabulous lunch or dinner. The French cuisine, which is traditionally prepared, always incorporates fresh ingredients....  Read More



If you are craving a noodles dish, make your way to Wagamama. While this restaurant is part of a chain, you will not be disappointed. This tasty place offers gluten free options. Choices include rice noodles and chicken or shrimp in green...  Read More



Piqniq, nestled in the Jordaan, is inspired by an activity we all know and love: the picnic. This cozy caf-- serves lunch just like a picnic. To start, you choose two or three items. The menu consists of sandwiches, various hot items and daily...  Read More

Western Canal Ring
Seasons Restaurant
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'Tis the season for delicious seasonal dishes at Seasons Restaurant. When you dine at this casual Amsterdam eatery, you have the opportunity to compose your own meal consisting of two or three courses. A three-course dinner includes a starter,...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District


Italian cuisine is not often associated with gluten free. Therefore, options are typically limited if you or your partner have a craving. Café Piazza understands this and takes its customers very seriously. The quaint restaurant, situated near...  Read More

Western Canal Ring


You will fall in love with Lieve, a Belgian restaurant situated in the heart of Amsterdam's canal district. The quality restaurant provides three different dining atmospheres, each one with its own personality and decor. Moms Kitchen Table, for...  Read More



Haesjes Claes, situated between Dam Square and the Spui, offers an authentic and seamless blend of history and traditional Dutch food. The restaurant, which still has some of the building's original architectural fixtures preserved, creates a...  Read More


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