The 10 Best restaurants for a romantic dinner in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is packed with romantic restaurants. Of course Valentine's Day is the perfect moment to go to one of these romantic venues. But also for every other special moment or date night this list with the 10 best romantic restaurants in Amsterdam will assure that you have a great evening!

Many restaurants in Amsterdam are located in very old canal houses and have these beautiful romantic and old details in the interior. But does that make them romantic? If you're with the right person and it's the right moment every restaurant can be a romantic one. To help the elements a bit we selected our top pick romantic restaurants in different neighborhoods in Amsterdam.

If you're looking for a romantic restaurant in the city center &Samhoud Places is a great one. For a very special night out you can book the Chef's table at the Michelin star restaurant to enjoy a modern and very culinary menu. For a more traditional French evening restaurant Christophe and Chez Georges are great.

Some of the most romantic restaurants in Amsterdam are locates outside the city center. So if you want to discover the hidden gems in Amsterdam go to Amsterdam East where you find restaurant De Kas in a former green house or restaurant Riva that's floating on the water of the river Amstel.






If you're looking for a special restaurant in Amsterdam then &Samhoud Places is a must try. It's the restaurant of Chef Moshik Roth and divided in two sections. One is the upscale 2 Michelin star restaurant where you will experience the most...  Read More



What is more romantic than dining on the waterfront? In Amsterdam there are several places with seating right on the water. Restaurant Riva is definitely one of the best! Riva is located in Amsterdam East close to the Amstel train and subway...  Read More



The most special restaurants in Amsterdam are often not located in the city center. So go to one of the more residential districts and discover the neighborhood gems there! Hugo's Bar & Kitchen is the latest addition to the vibrant scene of...  Read More



If you are looking to share a delicious meal with your significant other in a romantic environment, look no further than Proeverij 274. Situated close to the Westerkerk and Anne Frank House, this cozy restaurant overlooks the picturesque...  Read More

Old City Centre/Old Side
Photo courtesy of Bridges Restaurant


Prepare your taste buds to experience fish at it's finest. By sticking to the basics – only adding a few natural ingredients – and selecting the best fish currently in season, Restaurant Bridges brings out the fish's core character and...  Read More

Further Afield


Restaurant De Kas is located in Amsterdam East at the beautiful recreational Park Frankendael. Fashioned from a circa-1926 greenhouse, this delightful establishment promises airy, romantic dining. Surrounded by its own gardens, De Kas grows many...  Read More

Central Canal Ring
Restaurant RED
Photo courtesy of Restaurant RED Amsterdam


If you love surf and turf, Restaurant Red is one place in Amsterdam you will definitely not want to miss. Rediscover the pleasure of food; Restaurant Red definitely provides a distinct dining experience. You can choose from lobster or beef...  Read More

Further Afield


Chef Michiel Deenik's motto is, "a day without good food is a day lost." You will never lose a day at Visaandeschelde. Order from the a la carte menu or select one of the three, four or five course dinners. The menu fluctuates with the seasons...  Read More

Western Canal Ring


Chez Georges is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves classic French cuisine. The space is a bit on the small side, but the layout of the restaurant creates an intimate and almost private dining experience. The products are always...  Read More

Western Canal Ring


Toscanini is located in the heart of the cosy Jordaan district. Tis Italian restaurant has a spacious dining room, punctuated by skylights and an open kitchen, adds character to this perennially popular restaurant. Frequented by locals and...  Read More